Friday, August 30, 2013

Memoir: The Electrical Storm

(Sunday, July 27th, 1997)

Very early this morning we had a terrific electrical storm.  When the electricity in the house went out, I grabbed my flashlight and went downstairs to help Anne and John come upstairs (it was pitch dark down there).  They were pretty frightened.  The storm was pretty impressive.

I put them on the floor with pillows in Beth and Laura's room.  All 5 of us (me & the kids) were in there.

At one point the lightening triggered a battery operated toy in the hallway, which played a little tune...then silence.  I could feel the hair on my arms beginning to stand on end (weird sensation).  There was another hiss of thunder-- and it really "hissed", like something hot or angry.  A brilliant bolt of lightening triggered the smoke detector, which gave a few surprised little beeps.

In the darkness, punctuated by bright white streaks of lightening, I heard Beth's little voice speaking to Anne:  "I sure am g'wad you're laying beside me, or I'd be scared."

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