Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Is Where We're Sitting Right Now

This year has been a hoot-- you have no idea.  It began with Joe and the wild-boy untamed energy that he brought to the table, which culminated in our unexpected elopement on a whirlwind Friday afternoon, June 7th.  It started with a 'to-do' list for the day.  Things like 1) stop by the insurance office 2) pick up marriage license 3) pick up Joe's wedding band at Zales 4) stop at Next Millennium...there were two or three other 'things-to-do' that I can't remember now, but I do remember that Joe had to go to work that day at 3pm, and we were on a tight time schedule.

We were finally through the stuff to be done in Fremont and had picked up Joe's ring at Oakview Mall in Omaha, when we looked at each other-- we had the rings, we had the license, I knew that Charlie (the owner of Next Millennium) was legally ordained to do weddings.  We were laughing most of the time, stopped at a gas station for some energy drinks, and then said, why not-- we headed to NM to see if Charlie would be able to perform an impromptu ceremony.

"Charlie," we asked, "How short is the short version of a wedding and would you be able to do it now?"

We were standing nonchalantly in front of the store counter, laughing and talking with Charlie and Nikki and a customer.  Charlie asked us several times if we were marrying of our own free will...yes, we assured him...and he would ask again, two or three times.  Finally he said, "Okay, you're married!"

I clapped my hands to my face in utter surprise and said, "Are you serious?!"

Yup, he was.  And that's how easy that was.  Nikki and the female customer were our two witnesses.


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  1. I'm working on "Where We're Sitting Right Now: Part 2"...