Thursday, May 15, 2014

Colors of Me

I am green...I am springtime, that light just birthed green of new buds, sprouts, and baby leaves, fragile and trembly, all new and expectant.

I am red...the velvet red that is rose petals; the rich red of blood and birth.

I am yellow...brilliant and warm, the golden yellow of the sun, the rich yellow of sunflowers, the muted yellow of a sunset, bright and hot with energy and unbridled enthusiasm.

I am black...a cool moonless night, shadowless and still, caught in deep sleep and silence.

I am purple...the regal deep purple of tulips and clematis, dignified and graceful, contained and in control.

I am endless summer sky with no beginning and no end, forever young, frozen in time.

I am brown...the solid rough trunk of a tree, or soil warmed by the sun, full of living things, seeded with infinite possibilities.

I am orange...a large ripe pumpkin, solid and pompous and in your face, self-confident and proud, the deep orange of mums and asters, quietly beautiful, patient and penetrating.
via Show Your MUCHness. I can't explain how  much I love this.

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