Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Utility Bills...a modern-day cancer

I hate the utility bill.  It's like some cancer that you almost cure one month, only to find out that it has resurfaced the next.  I use to love these huge old houses; and I actually wanted another (older) bigger old house.  I'm having second thoughts on this.

We have (had) such a clean record with our utility bill that we were eligible for the monthly plan-- whatever they call it-- that means a constant consistent amount due each month.  Every year this would be re-evaluated and any extra money that was paid (like during the quiet spring and autumn months, when you're not using heat or air conditioning)  would be applied to your budget.  I've had a couple people talk about this with glowing recommendations, claiming that they even came out ahead with a "free" month.

Then came our re-evaluation this April.


Our monthly payment plan was raised by $40.

I think the cancer is back, and this time it looks like radiation might be required-- she says with more than a trace of sarcasm.

But wait, maybe there are more unique and creative options...the acquisition of a much smaller energy-efficient house; or a move to the Alaska Outback, where we can live in a log cabin "off-the-grid"; or a Little-Grass-Hut in Hawaii-- I haven't met "Aunty Patsy" yet (Joe's family, on the Hawaiian side).

I'm kind of swinging toward the last one. :)

Yes!  Exactly!...this is My Dream House.  No, really, it is.

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