Sunday, February 15, 2015

Confessions of a Pagan Mom~ Confession #6

Here I am again, wracking my brain, and I've come up with two subjects for this post:

Things I Have Not Done:

1.  I've never had a credit card (yet).
2.  I've never gotten drunk.
3.  I've never seen the ocean.
4.  I've never cooked a soufflé.
5.  I've never eaten raw eggs.
6.  I've never planned a surprise party.
7.  I've never driven a motorcycle.
8.  I've never been to New England.
9.  I've never been abroad (and I'm not sure, with the world the way it is right now, that I would want to do this just yet).
10.  I've never met Oprah.

Things I Want To Do:

1.  I want to start my own (brick & mortar) business.
2.  I want to taste champagne.
3.  I want to visit both coasts and stand on a beach at each end.
4.  I want to hire a chef (no more cooking for me).
5.  I want to have steak in an Old Market restaurant at least once a week.
6.  I want to have horses again.
7.  I want to visit Maine and California (and the Pacific NW, as long as I'm in that direction anyway).
8.  I want to visit Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
9.  I want to meet Marylyn Manson just to see what he's like in real life (I'm kind of hoping it's a polar opposite of his stage persona, and that's the way it usually is).
10.  I want to meet Oprah when she interviews me for a New York Times best selling book (as long as this is my wish list, I'm wishing big).


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