Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What do you do in Fremont, Nebraska?

This is what we did today, some of my girls and I. 

First, we piled into one very small car:

The Backseat Girls
(Kind of sounds like The Backstreet Boys)

The Designated Driver
(and the owner of the small car we were smooshed into)

My Gaga Girl & My Preppy Girl

My Goth Girl
We live in kind of a semi-rural housing development where we still have gravel streets.  Two blocks from our house are open fields and shelter belts.  So on our way "Into Town", as we call our journey, we stopped to take some very pretty "Country Winter Photos". Stopping the car along the way, Laura (with her phone camera) and me (with my $75 35millimeter Wal-Mart treasure), would hop out and slog along the ditches shooting snow and trees, and more snow, and more trees (watching all the time for oncoming vehicles).

This is a house at the very-- very-- end of our street.
They have Lots-of-Trees.

Lots of Evergreen Trees...and snow

A Drive-Way-Through-the-Trees
This is an entrance to our Dr.s House.  He's somewhere in there, amongst 40 acres and lots and lots of trees.  We have no idea what his house looks like; but he's a very nice man who told us to wander the shelterbelts and take pictures to our hearts content.  So he's okay in my book.

A Regular Tree & Evergreen Trees
(It must feel kind of naked & embarrassed amongst all those hoary evergreen trees.)

More Trees...and snow

Yep, another tree...and more snow

A Bunch of Trees
(I think they call this a grove.)
On our journey 'Into Town", we took the back way, past the golf course, and we had to stop for a train.  The two ladies in the two cars ahead of us looked at me like I'd lost my mind when I got out of the car to snap a picture.  They do the "I'm going to look straight ahead and pretend I don't see you thing", as they purse their lips.  I don't know why people "purse their lips" when they disapprove of something, but I'll bet other orifices and sphincter muscles are just as tightly puckered.  (she says with a malicious smile).

The Train
(I actually got a kick out of jogging up the road to
photograph the train, I felt all "Photo Journalist".)
Once we crossed the invisible line between "out-of-town" and "in-town", our route took us down 23rd Street.  Pretty much anything that you will ever need while living in Fremont, Nebraska, will be found on 23rd. Street.  There is a very small "old-market" kind of area on South Maine St., but that's not where we were headed today.  So 23rd Street it is (which is really Highway 30 in drag).

23rd Street-- West End
(Almost right around the corner from the train.)

McDonalds Just Ahead!
(We've spent many blissful hours here clogging our arteries.)

Stoplight at the Corner of 23rd. & Clarkson
(There is a Scooters at this corner-- yummy yogurt bar!)

First Stop!...the infamous "Kwik Shop".  These places are the hub of activity in small communities (seriously). 

Okay, everyone out!

My Cappuccino Girls

My Iced-Slurpy Girls

Okay, everybody, back in the car!

My Gaga Girl & Mum
(I'm clutching a: White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino)
The man who owns the white pickup paused while we snapped this picture before stepping off the curb to get in his vehicle.  He was giving us sort of an odd, "I wonder what they're doing" look, so I said to him, "We're hard-pressed for entertainment here in Fremont, Nebraska...he laughed. (It's nice to hear someone laugh, a genuine "this-is-really-funny" chuckle.)

Where to next?

Well-- if you've got coffee, you need pastries. (I'm sure this must be a written rule somewhere.)

Yep...23rd. Street
(Right down the road from the Kwik Shop on Bell Street.)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The Flower Shop @ Hy-vee's Entrance
(The End)
And this answers the original question: 
What do you do in Fremont, Nebraska?

You can click on the pictures to make them BIG!


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