Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Witch's Desk ~ Interview: Sex & Witchcraft

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From The Witch's Desk: An Interview ~ Sex & Witchcraft

No, this will not be a running theme on my blog, it’s purely coincidental that my last blog post also dealt with this topic (but on a different level).  The following questions were put to me by a journalist for a magazine interview.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get these questions filled out in time to meet the magazine’s deadline. (My bad, I’m usually very prompt with such things).  However, between adjusting to a full-time “real” job outside the home, and the fact that at my age I had to get myself all revved up and in the mood to answer questions on this topic, it took me a few days to embrace the subject.

Anyway, I’ve decided that these questions and this interview, were just too good to waste, so I’m posting it here on Editorial Wednesday morning from The Witch’s Desk. 

Find out how I answered these questions:

 1. When did you start practicing witchcraft? What drew you to it?
 2. Does your witchcraft and practice factor into your sex life? If so, how? Has it changed or influenced your ideas about sex?
 3. Has your witchcraft taught you anything about sex, or your personal sexuality?
 4. Have you ever cast a sex spell or created a love potion? If so, can you explain a little about the process?
 5. Is there anything related to your practice that a non-practitioner may be able to incorporate into their sex life? What lessons can they learn from witchcraft about sex and sexuality?

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