Friday, March 18, 2016

Show Me the Money (video!)

Once more, a very witchy blog post for this supposed-to-be mundane blog spot.  For the muggles waiting for more un-witchy Real Life, it's coming, I promise you, maybe sooner than you think.  And for the witchy readers, you'll find way more posts on witchcraft and the tarot at my Other Blog, Magickal Connections.

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Introducing a new service @ The Witch’s Corner ~ Candle Altar Service ~ “Setting the Lights”

One of the first candles going up on the candle altar is a very special spell candle for Prosperity. In honor of launching this new service at The Witch’s Corner (and as a tutorial for dressing this type of candle), I decided to video the process.  *Notice– when writing the petition paper, part of this was cut from the video to maintain the integrity of my client’s privacy. This candle was dressed for very particular intentions.

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