Wednesday, October 25, 2017

UPDated ~ Free Reading/Pick-a-Card

Today’s Free Reading: Pick a Card
Today’s deck: PAGANS WAY TAROT
by Anna Franklin
Here’s your choices for today’s cards, posted on
Your FREE Pick-a-Card video is below, with Time Stamps. Either choose one card to catch your destiny, or listen to all three cards for a more in-depth reading. It’s up to you! I do have to say that I’m amazed some months how all three cards seem to come together with a story of their own.
Have Fun, and Enjoy!
Your free Pick-a-Card reading is coming to you
in Video Format this month!
Here are your card choices, with their Time Stamps:
Card #1 ~ 0:18
Card #2 ~ 2:41
Card #3 ~ 4:40
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