Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Mother's Day...wherever you are

Everyone who knows me knows the story, so I don't want to bore anyone with repetition...cutting to the chase, my mother wasn't in my life most of my life, or if she was it was as a beautiful shadow person, an elusive enigma. Come my 40s, and 'voila' mother shows up unexpectedly on my door step as a permanent fixture, or so I thought.  Long story short, the magical reunion didn't last, but petered out rather like a bad high school friendship.  Alas, she's once more that elusive, shadowy, enigmatic figure out there 'somewhere', living life as usual-- coffee in the morning, shopping rounds, sight seeing, cooking good things to eat, opinionizing 'round-the-kitchen-table'-- somewhere-- by early morning candle light with makeup done and jewelry in place.

It's okay, really.  Personalities are what they are, and we are either compatible or not; mostly it winds up being 'or not', but that's life.

I thought about her on Mother's Day, though, and I decided that it's best to respect her desire to be 'incognito', since this seems to be what she wants and is apparently what makes her comfortable and makes her life run smoothly (lord knows we wouldn't want to create any wrinkles)...however, I still thought about her on Mother's Day, and this is something she can neither take away nor control.

I would like to wish my mother a belated "Happy Mother's Day", wherever you are. 

Free Spirits who sing the same song will generally wind up in the same place at some point, and I believe this to be true for my mother and me.


  1. Is this your birth mom or did she raise you
    If you don't mind me asking -Moe

  2. Hi, Moe...this is my birth mother.

  3. Moe...I have to say, your energy feels familiar. :)