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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How does a 58-year-old Witch get a job in Fremont, Nebraska?

Remember this: http://everycathasatale.blogspot.com/2015/06/i-can-handle-ordinary.html

It's been a while since I put that application in, and I stopped by Dollar Tree here in Fremont to do a "follow-up" on this application with this company.  I talked directly to the manager, explaining all this, standing before her out on the store floor in my little-black-business-suit-coat. 

Me:  "So, are these positions filled, or do you still have openings?"

Manager:  As she looked at me-- no, as she looked at the wall to the right of me, she responded, "I'm good."

We were standing close to the check-out lanes, which were busy at the time, and I saw with my peripheral vision at least three heads snap around to look at her in surprise.  I was thinking to myself, I must not be the only one who found her reply and/or demeanor unusual.

I cannot get a job in Fremont, Nebraska.  And I state this in all seriousness.  This has gone on so long, encompassing so many businesses, employment agencies, and individuals, that several people have told me they think something "out-of-the-ordinary" is going on.  And we're talking all kinds of jobs.  I gave up long ago on clerical jobs (I have a Business Degree).  I have tried and failed to get a call-back from even the most simple jobs (kitchen jobs, motel housekeeping), jobs with the only requirements being 1) you have to be over 18; 2) you have to speak English; 3) you have to have a high school diploma.  I've also NEVER received any job propositions from either of the employment agencies in town that I signed up with-- nothing, nada, zip.

Is there the smell of Discrimination in the air?...Religious Discrimination?  Sex Discrimination?  Age Discrimination? All three?

What is the solution?


Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Witch's Diary: Home Alone (video)

Warning:  I am easily entertained.

Just a note ~ For the past 2 cell phone updates, encompassing 4 or 5 years, I was bummed because I didn't think I could tape a video on these phones. I thought, "Upgrade?!-- Ha!" Well, I just figured it out and am deliriously taping anything and everything. (Will I be using the cell phone to tape videos on a regular basis?-- probably not. It's really hard to hold it steady.)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

At Tumblr ~ My Week in Review

I’ve been trying to post diligently a weekly “catch-up/review” post at my Tumblr page.  This is a good way to gather all the Stuff I’ve been doing all over the internet all week into one spot.  (I also enjoy playing with Tumblr).  Here’s this week’s post, and I’m betting that I’ve got a few things up my sleeve in this internet world that you might not have been aware of, because just like me, you can’t be everywhere at once. :)

And how was YOUR week?!

Tumblr ~ Week in Review

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Can Handle Ordinary

One Page Application,
all filled out & ready to go!

Today I filled out an application for employment at our local "Dollar Tree".  This is a store where every piece of merchandise actually costs $1.00 or less, really.  I know, the first time I shopped in one of these stores, I couldn't believe it either.  We love it-- your purchase comes to $20?  This means that you have 20 items (or more) in your bag!  With our depressed community and ample population of individuals living under the poverty line, this store is invaluable.

Anyway, the deal is that this is the 3rd time in two years I've applied for work at this place.  When I took my app back this afternoon, I talked to an (assistant) manager, rather than hand my application over to a cashier at the front line.  The conversation was probably less than 5 minutes long.  The points I wanted to make were easy:

1.  This is the 3rd application I've filled out for this company.
2.  No, I cannot lift 50lbs.  (Yes, I made a note of that)
3.  My job history is unusual and out of the ordinary, but that does not mean that I can't handle ordinary.

We'll see what happens.

I could've added (but didn't) that we only have one vehicle, and if I get this job, I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to get there.  We'll think of something, I have no doubt.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More Book-Hoopla (Yes! I Must)


Okay, it’s been over a month now since the release of my 4th book (The Spiritual Feminist) and most of the initial hoopla has died down– but there might be one or two tricks I’m pulling out of my hat in the next few weeks/months, we’ll see, and I want to surprise you. (And I can hang on to some pretty big surprises, as you might know if you’ve kept up with my blogs.)

Here’s the deal–

To all Amazon Readers ~ I would be delighted, I owe-you-my-firstborn-child grateful if you would kindly leave a review of this book, or at least give it a star rating with a sentence or two about why you, personally, liked the book. Just like ear-rings, you can never have too many positive reviews!

To all of my readers ~ I would be absolutely I owe-you-a-winning-lottery-ticket grateful to anyone who’s read the book and enjoyed it if you would PASS IT ON to another reader. Either lend them your copy, or send them a link to buy their own, seriously, this is how a book’s popularity grows, through you, THE READERS, and word-of-mouth.

To radio hosts ~ I’m not finished talking about “The Spiritual Feminist”; and I will NEVER be finished discussing goddess spirituality, paganism, witchcraft, or feminism…ever. If you’d like to schedule an interview, email me ( witch_of_endore@yahoo.com ), or FB private message me.

With all that said, it’s been a hell-of-a-spring! Thank you to everyone who has assailed me with congratulations; thank you to everyone who has purchased the book; thank you to reviewers and radio hosts for all the terrific reviews and memorable shows!

Cover Artist (right) ~ Anne Turrell

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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Witch's Diary ~ Pagan Date Night (video)

This weekend something happened that’s unusual at our house– all of the kids had some place to be, right down to the youngest one.  Yippity-Skippity.  My husband Joe declared DATE NIGHT…and we answered the “Call of the Wild”.

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