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Monday, May 31, 2021

Money Spells ~ show me the money

(1) Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences

  • Day: Thursday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Moon Phase: waxing/to bring money; waning/to banish poverty or debt
  • Color: green
  • Herbs: basil, cloves, mint– money; nutmeg– prosperity; dill– for financial matters regarding children
  • Oil: Prosperity Oil or patchouli
  • Incense: patchouli
  • Stone: aventurine
  • Number: 3
  • Letters: C, L, U
  • Symbols: the rune ‘fehu’ (material wealth/;possessions); triple ring, triformis

*Note: It’s advantageous to use "Drawing Powder" in money spells. I do.

Using the correspondences above, set up your space to do a candle spell, decorating an altar with handfuls of coins; paper money; tokens of prosperity; images of deities that draw abundance; symbols listed above; and anything else that represents “money” and “prosperity” to you. Get your patchouli incense going, and then take a green candle, anoint it with the appropriate oil and roll it in crushed herbs. (Of the herbs listed, mint is the main one I use for money spells.) Write your intentions on a slip of paper and burn it in the flame of the candle. Dispose of the remnants in a manner most fitting to your situation.

You can also use the correspondences above to create a money mojo bag– and be sure to add to this bag coins and paper money. (Like attracts like, remember.)

(2) Money Bottle

Witches’ Bottles are a popular old magic. A bottle is filled with herbs and a variety of other objects connected to an intention. Witches’ bottles are, in essence, a spell sealed within a glass container. In order to bring this magic into fruition, you can do several things with the bottles– some may be buried on your property, depending upon what kind of spell is involved; they can be sat in a conspicuous spot inside your house, like by the front door, and given a gentle little ‘shake’ every now and then to keep the energy alive; or they can be hidden in your home, in a secret spot, so only you know that magic is afoot.

We’re going to create a witches’ bottle here that will send positive energy our way for wealth and prosperity.

Items needed:

  1. A nice sized bottle with a lid
  2. A pinch or handful of rice, dill, and/or poppy seeds– along with a nice batch of mint
  3. A stone of aventurine
  4. Patchouli oil
  5. Coins & a dollar bill

Upon the dollar bill, write in green ink:

“Magic build within this glass, 
Riches flow and come to pass; 
Money magic work for me, 
As I do will, So mote it be.”

After you deposit all of the ingredients in your bottle, screw on the lid and seal it with green wax from your charged candle. Recite this chant as you shake up the bottle and its contents.

Your money bottle can be kept somewhere in your home where it’s close by and handy and you can shake it up every once in a while to re-activate and ignite the energy within; or you can bury your money bottle somewhere on your property, to work in secret.

(3) Keep It Flowing

This is another spell based on hoodoo tradition– gotta’ love it. It’s one of those money spells that won’t make you filthy rich, but it will protect you from running out of money for life’s essentials. (One of these days I’ll come up with a spell to make us filthy rich, until then, this will have to do.)

Items needed:

  1. A small bowl or a decorative container that resonates with your own energy
  2. Salt
  3. Drawing powder
  4. Rice
  5. Crushed mint leaves
  6. An open safety pin– for this spell I could also suggest, in place of a safety pin, a brooch that you will leave open, unclasped. This could be something that resonates with the idea of money, or in my case– I used my grandmother’s brooch, a deceased family member who loved me and who would want me to have all that I needed, a family member who would help me in life any way that she could, and who will help me from the spirit world.

Fill your bowl or open container with a handful or pinch of each of the ingredients listed above, depending on the size of your receptacle, usually an equal amount of every ingredient used. Within the center, place the unclasped safety pin or brooch. If you’ve used a brooch that belonged to a family member, it would be a good idea to include an invocation to this spirit, as well as a thank you for their help.

Keep this bowl in an open place within your home, and when you feel it needs it, refresh the ingredients; perhaps at regular intervals, such as every third full moon.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Court Case Spells ~ beware casting if guilty, justice will prevail

(1) Basic Candle Spell & Correspondences

  • Day: Thursday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Moon Phase: waxing to bring something to you; waning to send something away
  • Color: purple (power), brown (justice), green (for money issues)
  • Herbs: for the energy of Jupiter– cinnamon, nutmeg, sage; for legal affairs– marigolds; for justice– bay; to fight false accusations and testimony– slippery elm
  • Oil: Commanding Oil, or court case oils
  • Powders: Drawing Powder– to draw something to you; Banishing Powder, to send something away
  • Incense: sandalwood; for more aggressive magic– patchouli
  • Stone: tiger eye
  • Number: 8
  • Letters: H, Q, ZSymbols: The rune ‘thurisa’– neutralizes your enemies and protects; Earth– protects the person whose name you write within; Odin’s Cross

The most basic court case candle spell is as follows:
  1. Get yourself the appropriately colored candle for your situation. Hold this candle in your hands and charge it with your intentions– and this is one of those times you might want to be extremely specific.
  2. Carve upon this candle those symbols, names, amounts, or dates that may be pertinent to your case. Dress this candle with the oil you feel will do you the most good– and it may not be just those listed here, and then roll the candle in a combination of the crushed herbs.
  3. You can write out your desires for the type of outcome you’re looking for on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of this candle. Allow this candle to burn itself out and then bury the remains of this spell off your property to send something away; bury it on your property to bring something to you.

(2) Magical Options for Legal Spells

If money is your issue, make sure you use money in your spells, whether you feel compelled to burn it, bury it, or throw it in a stream of running water.

If someone’s negativity or bad behavior is playing a large part in your legal situation, pull out the big guns and bind them– with knot magic, poppets, Commanding Oil and spells, or anything else it takes to put you in charge and help you regain control.

If the judge in your case is the one making the final call, target him/her, going right to the heart of the matter to manipulate the outcome.

(3) Beef Tongue Court Case Spell

This quaint little spell is steeped in hoodoo tradition, and if you are squeamish, it could be a bit of a challenge. I have actually had the pleasure of using this delightful twisted magical gun when I was going through the legal proceedings of a nasty divorce and had reached the point where I’d had enough. Of course, right in the midst of the best part of the spell, our neighbor lady knocked on the backdoor. My girls practically bowled her over to keep her out of the house so I could finish the job. This spell will work for you, I can tell you this from personal experience, so stick with it and see it through– make the gray witch proud.

Items needed:
  • A raw beef tongue (You should be able to find this in the meat department of your local grocery store.)
  • Several slips of paper and a pen
  • Pins and needle and thread
  • A strip of red flannel cloth large enough to wrap up the tongue
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Four Thieves Vinegar

Make sure you have a decent place to work where you’ll have plenty of room to spread things out and get comfortable, this may take a while.

The method:

  1. Begin by writing the names of the judge, the attorneys, adversaries, witnesses, anyone connected to your case who may have a negative impact or influence upon it or you on these small slips of paper– one name per slip!
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut small slits into the beef tongue– a slit for each slip of paper.
  3.  Insert one name paper into each slit.
  4. Sprinkle the tongue with cayenne pepper and Four Thieves Vinegar
  5. Close the slits in the tongue with straight pins, or do what I did– sew the slits shut with needle and thread.
  6. Wrap the tongue in red flannel and place it in your freezer while the court case is in progress. When you’ve reached the end of this ordeal and all is said and done, remove the tongue from your freezer and bury it in the earth.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Rituals ~ Wiccaning

A wiccaning is a ritual to present a child before the Goddess. You might say that it is an initiation into life, much like an initiation into witchcraft. The child is presented before divinity, blessed with the four elements and introduced to the powers that be; that these powers may recognize this child, acknowledge the child’s humanity and connection to the ancestors, and protect this child on his/her journey through life.

Items needed:

  • White pillar wiccaning candle
  • Elemental candles for the quarters-- green, yellow, red, & blue... I know these items fall under the title of "general ritual tools" and would be included as a matter of course, but these candles have a special significance for this ritual and so I’ve listed them.
  • Small bowl of salt, placed at the north gate
  • Incense, placed at the east gate
  • Small bowl of water, placed at the west gate

The altar for a wiccaning can be decorated uniquely for each child and his/her family. This may include vintage photos of great-grandparents; family photos; flowers or herbs that have special familial associations; perhaps a stuffed animal or special doll or other toy passed down through the generations; a glass bowl filled with small strips of paper on which have been written special blessings and well-wishes for the child by friends and relatives. The ideas are endless.

The one item you want to have especially for the altar is a candle that you’ve chosen for this child. It should be white, and a nice pillar candle is recommended. Carve the child’s name into this candle. A ribbon could be tied around the candle and other decorations added to it; a sticker can be placed on the bottom with the date of the wiccaning and other pertinent facts recorded here. The candle will become a keepsake.

As a preparation for this ritual, the parents should give the child a spiritually cleansing bath, which means ‘bathing the child with intent’.

  • 1. Cast the circle and call the quarters, but don’t light the elemental candles yet.

  • 2. Light your incense and the altar candle, ‘The Mother Candle’.

  • 3. Have the parents bring the child to the altar. Hold your hands over the child, saying:

“Upon this day we stand with this child, (name), before the Goddess, our ancestors, friends and family. We welcome this individual into the world and into this circle.”

  • 4. Prepare to present the child to the Watchtowers at the four quarters. The Priestess and the parents, with the child, will stand before the north gate, the gate of Earth. Light the green elemental candle, and with your hand/wand/athame draw an invoking pentagram of Earth above it, saying:

“Watchtowers of the gate of Earth, we stand before you now to present to you this child, (name). By the power of Earth, bless (name) with physical health and material prosperity.”

Place a tiny pinch of salt upon the child’s tongue.

Move to the east gate, the gate of Air. Light the yellow elemental candle, and with your hand/wand/athame draw an invoking pentagram of Air above it, saying:

“Watchtowers of the gate of Air, we stand before you now to present to you this child, (name). By the power of Air, bless (name) with wisdom, the agility of clear communication, and mental fortitude.”

Smudge the child with incense that is waiting at this gate and lit with the elemental candle.

Move to the south gate, the gate of Fire. Light the red elemental candle, and with your hand/wand/athame draw an invoking pentagram of Fire above it, saying:

“Watchtowers of the gate of Fire, we stand before you now to present to you this child, (name). By the power of Fire, bless (name) with a passion for justice and a lust for life.”

Carefully circle the child with the elemental candle.

Move to the west gate, the gate of Water. Light the blue elemental candle, and with your hand/wand/athame draw an invoking pentagram of Water above it, saying:

“Watchtowers of the gate of Water, we stand before you now to present to you this child, (name). By the power of Water, bless this child with intuition and an abundance of love in this life."

Dip your fingers into the small bowl of water waiting for you at this gate and lightly sprinkle the child.

  • 5. The Priestess and the parents, with the child, will move back before the altar.

The Priestess shall turn to the parents, saying:

“Who brings this child before the altar of the Goddess?”

The parents respond:

“We do.”

The parents will move forward to the altar and light the Wiccaning candle, saying:

“It is our wish to bring (name) before the altar of the Goddess, that he/she may learn the Old Ways and walk the ancient Path.”

At this time, each parent, one after the other, may lay a token upon the altar that they’ve brought especially for this child-- a pendent, a ring, a stone, an item that resonates with them, the child, and their family’s energy. And while doing so, they may state-- in their own words-- a special blessing or wish for their child.

This is the perfect time to allow other family members present to become actively involved in the ritual by contributing a blessing, placing a token upon the altar, anointing the child’s forehead with oil, or performing some other gesture of recognition and welcome. This could include grandparents, the child’s siblings, aunts and uncles, etc.

  • 6. The Priestess will step back before the altar. Raising her arms, she’ll say:

“This child, (name), has been acknowledged and blessed by the elements. We stand before the Goddess now and rejoice in the birth of this individual and the long journey of life to come. Goddess touch this child with your loving light. The ritual is done. So mote it be.”

  • 8. Celebrate this child’s first footfall on life’s journey.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Today's Tarot Cards ~ Is this your story?


  • A card for today ~ 6/swords (reversed)... 

You left something behind, now you want to go back and pick it up. Going back and expecting life to pick up where you so abruptly left off is unrealistic. It's kind of like Pet Cemetery, when you attempt to bring something back to life, it's never quite the same, and it's usually f**ked up.

  • A card for today ~ 3/wands...

Waiting for your ship to come in? How long do you plan to stand in this stagnant state and wait? How long? I feel that someone has mistakenly put all their eggs in one basket, and it's not working out the way you expected. Now what? Do you have an alternate plan? Did you even consider that you'd need one?

  • A card for today ~ Queen/wands (reversed)...

You're slipping. You thought you had a handle on it. You thought you had maintained the control you need to feel secure. But you're losing your grip. For some of us, this card heralds a new phase of life that might take us by surprise more than once, but this won't necessarily be a bad thing. For others, it's all about the control, without it, you lose your identity.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Candle Spells ~ my favorite kind of magic

1. To Promote Fidelity
2. To Catch a Thief
3. To Gain Employment
4. The Wish Spell
5. To Regain Balance in Your Life
6. To Summon Someone from Your Past
7. Blessings for a Happy Home
8. Reaching a Decision
9. Achieving Victory
10. Banishing Nightmares

(1) To Promote Fidelity

Monogamy is a highly regarded practice in our culture. Society, under the strong influence of Christianity, favors a single monogamous relationship between one woman and one man for their lifetime.

Now let’s take a look at reality.

The majority of human beings are not naturally monogamous. They will have several sexual encounters and partners in a long life. There are people who will favor sexual partners of the same sex, people who favor sexual partners of the opposite sex, or even people who will seek both types of contact.

Some may live a polyamorous lifestyle openly and with the blessing and even participation of their partners; while others may try in vain to live up to the strict moral codes of a particular religion or society by adhering to a monogamous lifestyle. More often than not, these people will wind up having secret affairs, lying to their partners, and concealing their activity. It’s this type of situation and these people to whom this spell is aimed.

For this particular spell we need the energy of the two of cups—the couples card; which emphasizes partners, pairs, and doubles.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
  • Day: Friday
  • Planet: Venus
  • Colors: two red figure candles of the appropriate sex for your situation and one black votive candle
  • Herbs: nutmeg, cumin, rhubarb, skullcap, licorice—the root, not the candy, clover, chickweed
  • Stones: selenite
  • Oil: sex oil
  • Incense: rose
  • Tarot Card: two of cups
Just a note before we begin:

Of all the herbs listed above, the one herb that must be added to this spell is nutmeg. I’ve found nutmeg to be the strongest of all the herbs for promoting fidelity. As to the stones listed for candle spells, place them upon your altar to lend their energy to your spell crafting.

What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light your incense.
  3. Anoint the black votive candle with sex oil and roll it in a mixture of the herbs. But don’t light it yet.
  4. Carve your name on one of the red figure candles and your partner’s name on the other candle.
  5. Anoint both red figure candles with the sex oil—slowly, languidly, with intention, emotion, and passion. Take as long as you need at this task in order to raise emotion and energy for the spell.
  6. Line the candles up on you altar, with the small black votive candle between the two figure candles.
  7. Write the following spell on the two of cups tarot card, and recite it aloud three times:
“As these candles burn in flames of three, 
my partner shall be faithful,
Only unto me."
  • Burn the tarot card, using the flame of the black candle to ignite it. Be sure to have a fireproof receptacle close by to drop it in.
  • Allow the candles to burn themselves out.
  • Gather the ashes of the tarot card, the remnants of the spell candles, and the stones. To these items add personal effects belonging to you and your target. Personal effects include such things as locks of hair, fingernail clippings, a piece of cloth with body secretions upon it, a signature, photo, etc. Place all of these things together in a red bag and keep it in a secret place where it will not be discovered.

(2) To Catch a Thief

How frustrating to be the victim of theft. We’re going to call upon the energy of the seven of swords for this spell, a card that has often revealed the presence of a thief.

Using the magic of this spell, we will bring the culprit to justice one way or another. The results may be loud and obvious, with bells ringing; or the results may be more subtle. Perhaps someone in your community will be apprehended for theft, though there will be no evidence to directly link them to your personal experience. Karma has ways of exacting justice.

  • Moon Phase: waxing moon
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Planet: Mars
  • Colors: an orange or white pillar candle
  • Herbs: dragon’s blood, wormwood, nettles, cayenne pepper, *nightshade (poisonous!)
  • Stones: black onyx
  • Oil: mars astrological oil
  • Incense: dragon’s blood or patchouli
  • Tarot Card: seven of swords
Just a note before we begin:

This pillar candle is going to be rolled in a mixture of the herbs you choose to use, and it shall be burned a few hours every evening until it has burned itself down. This may take several days.

Also, be aware that the herbs on these spell candles will eventually ignite, and when they do, these candles can burn up very quickly in an impressive ball of flame. Never leave them unattended. Make sure there are no flammable materials close to them. It’s also a good idea to sit them in a fireproof container. Personally, I use my cast iron cauldron.

What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light the incense.
  3. Sit within the center of your circle and ground yourself, finding that quiet still place inside of you.
  4. You might set upon your altar, not only the stone, but also a picture of the item/s that have been stolen, or a written list.
  5. Roll the pillar candle in a mixture of the herbs. Set it in the center of your altar and light it.
  6. Write the following spell on the seven of swords tarot card:
“As this candle burns outside of time, 
it exposes the one who committed the crime.
As this flame grows ever bright, 
the guilty one steps into the light.”
  • Burn this candle every evening until it has burned itself out.
  • Gather the remnants of the candle, the ashes of the tarot card, and the stone, as well as a photo of the stolen item/s or a written list.
  • Place these things in a black bag, or wrap them up in a black cloth. 
  • Keep them in a secret place to keep the energy of this spell working. Wherever the thief may be, he will feel the affects of this spell.
 (3) To Gain Employment

This spell is beneficial when you are actively seeking a job. We’re going to use the energy of the eight of pentacles—the apprentice, the employee, deep in concentration, intent on completing the tasks before him. Remember that spells such as this are more often successful when you combine both magic and mundane actions to achieve the desired outcome.

Carefully casting a spell for employment and then sitting back and doing nothing is counter-productive. It tends to magnify negative energy and defeat the purpose of the spell. So cast this spell and then continue filling out job applications and going for interviews.

The magic will be with you, you’ll stand out.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full
  • Day: Sunday
  • Planet: Sun
  • Colors: orange, white, or yellow
  • Herbs: frankincense, St. John’s wort, mint
  • Stones: malachite
  • Oil: prosperity oil
  • Incense: patchouli
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light your incense.
  3. With a pen and paper, spend some time writing down your hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations, as far as new employment is concerned. Be detailed and don’t be afraid to reach high—the skies the limit.
  4. Place your letter on the altar, sitting the malachite stone on top if it.
  5. Anoint the candle with the oil and roll it in the herbs. Light it.
  6. Upon the eight of pentacles tarot card, write the following spell:
“Work and wages lay before me.  
Honest labor is my destiny.  
By the awful awesome Power 
of three times three, 
so mote it be.”
  • Burn the tarot card in the flames of your spell candle, and allow the candle to burn itself out.
  • Gather the ashes of the card and the remnants of your candle, along with your written letter and the stone, and place them in a green or gold bag. Keep this bag in a safe and secret spot.
(4) The Wish Spell

To this spell we’re going to add the energy of the nine of cups, often referred to as ‘the wish card’. We all harbor secret wishes and desires. With the help of this spell and this tarot card, we will work at manifesting these wishes into the real world of taste and touch, sight and smell, and sound.

It must be said here that this spell is aimed at wishes of a positive nature, wishes that will cause harm to no one but will bring numerous benefits, joy, and expansion. Wishes birthed in negativity, hatred, ill-will, envy, jealousy, etc., may very well manifest, but with unpredictable, scattered, and often dangerous results. I would not advise anyone to tread here.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
  • Day: Monday/psychism, intuition, dreams; Wednesday/communication and intellectual pursuits; Thursday/wealth and material possessions; Friday/love and passion
  • Planet: Moon/psychism, dreams, intuition; Mercury/communication and intellectual pursuits; Jupiter/wealth and material possessions; Venus/love and passion
  • Colors: blue/psychism, dreams, intuition; yellow/communication and intellectual pursuits; green/wealth and material possessions; red/love and passion
  • Herbs: marigolds or anise/psychism, dreams, intuition; rosemary or eyebright/communication and intellectual pursuits; patchouli/wealth and material possessions; rose petals/love and passion
  • Stones: moonstone/psychism, dreams, intuition; agate or mottled jasper/communication, intellectual pursuits; adventurine/wealth and material possessions; rose quartz/love and passion
  • Oil: witches’ oil
  • Incense: Choose a scent that you favor, personally my favorite is Nag Champa.
  • Tarot Card: nine of cups
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light your incense.
  3. Take some time to ground yourself, still your inner voice, and then think about what you’re wishing for. How will it change your life? What effects will it have on the people around you? Don’t be afraid to look deep within and ask yourself “Where is this wish coming from?”
  4. When it becomes clear to you, write your wish on the nine of cups tarot card. Lay it upon your altar, placing the stone on top of it.
  5. Anoint your candle with witches’ oil and roll it in the herbs. Light it.
  6. Burn the nine of cups tarot card, igniting it with the candle’s flame, and allow the candle to burn itself out.
  7. The remnants from this spell will, of course, be kept safely tucked in a small bag until your wish has manifested, at which time, you will take the contents of the bag and scatter it to the wind, preferably at a crossroads.
  8. Leave a silver coin at this site, as an offering to the spirits of the crossroads for their generosity.
(5) To Regain Balance in Your Life

For this spell we’re going to use the energy of the two of pentacles. This card has often showed up in readings when my querent was not well grounded, when aspects of his/her life were unstable, when a renewed sense of equilibrium was needed.

The pentacles of the tarot are tied to the element of Earth, and with the energy of Earth we will rediscover how to ground ourselves. By doing so, we will bring back to our lives solidity and stability on all levels, often in surprising and unexpected ways.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
  • Day: Choose a day desirable for you, when you will be uninterrupted and able to spend some quiet time alone.
  • Planet: Earth
  • Colors: green or brown
  • Herbs: sage
  • Stones: mossy agate
  • Oils: uncrossing oil
  • Incense: patchouli
  • Tarot Card: two of pentacles
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light the incense.
  3. Have assembled on your altar all the items you will need—your candle, herbs, oil, etc., and with this include two sheets of paper and a pen, as well as the two of pentacles tarot card.
  4. Seat yourself in the center of the circle and get comfortable. You’ll be here for a while. Perhaps bring a soft cushion or two with you.
  5. As you sit within your circle, light your spell candle. Take three cleansing breaths, clear your mind and center yourself. After a few minutes of quiet time, take both sheets of paper and write upon one of them those thing in your life that feel balanced and ‘right’. On the second sheet of paper, list those things in your life that feel unbalanced or ‘wrong’ in some way, where the energy is ‘off’, but maybe you can’t quite put your finger on why. List even those small things you may not think are important. Take both sheets of paper and burn them in the spell candle.
  6. Now we’re going to begin grounding ourselves by deliberately relaxing each part of our body. Before we begin, get comfortable with your cushions…
Start with your toes, your feet, your ankles, concentrate and consciously relax the muscles in each area. Next, move up to your calves, your knees, and then your thighs. As you do, feel the sense of relief and release as the muscles loose their tension. Notice the pleasant sensation that envelops your body as you climb higher.

Next, relax your pelvis, release the tension, loosen your grip, feel the muscles relax and the pleasant spreading sensations this brings.
Keep climbing…your tummy, your solar plexus region, your back—your spine. Allow these muscles to go limp, to sigh with relief, to relax.

We are to your shoulders now, your neck—concentrate here, deliberately loosen the tensed muscles, feel the wave of relaxation enter this area of your body.

Go back to your shoulders, let that tightness go, release it, allow the warmth and the pleasant sensation of relaxation to slowly spread down your arms to your elbows, to your forearms, to your wrists, and finally, feel it flow down to the ends of your fingertips.

Come back to your head now. Relax your brow. Feel the sensation of relaxation in your neck spread up to your jaws, your mouth, your eyes—up to your brow, until you feel it flow up to your scalp through your hair, and puddle out around your crown chakra.
  • When you have rested as long as you feel comfortable doing so, slowly sit up. You might feel a bit light-headed, or even physically light and ‘floaty’. Take some time to adjust.  Then…
  1. Open the circle and eat something.
  2. Later, gather together the remnants of the spell, especially the ashes from those sheets of paper. Take these items to a favorite outdoor spot and scatter them to the wind.
(6) To Summon Someone from Your Past

We’re going to use the six of cups tarot card for this spell. This is the card that brings to the forefront people, places, and memories from our past.

As you prepare to cast this spell, concentrate on the identity of the person you wish to summon. Allow memories to roll through your mind. Visualize their face, up-close and personal; hear their voice in your head, and their laugh.

Once you have opened yourself fully to the memories of this person, it’s time to summon them.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
  • Day: Friday
  • Planet: Venus
  • Colors: red (romantic love), pink (friendship, platonic love)
  • Herbs: hibiscus, lilac, cardamom, catnip, aster, geranium
  • Stones: rose quartz
  • Oil: command & compel oil
  • Incense: rose
  • Tarot Card: six of cups
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle
  2. Light the incense.
  3. Upon your altar, if you have access to these items, place a photo of the person you’re summoning, as well as personal effects, such as a lock of their hair, a piece of their clothing, a letter written by them, an object that belonged to them, etc. Also, have a name paper prepared—this is just a slip of paper with their name written across it.
  4. Prepare the spell candle by anointing it with the oil and rolling it in a combination of at least two of the herbs listed. Light the candle.
  5. Write this spell on the six of cups tarot card:
“From the past, I call you to me.  
Through the mists of time, 
we shall be together.”
  • Burn the tarot card and the name paper in the spell candle. Allow the candle to burn itself out.
  • Gather the remnants from this spell—the candle wax and the ashes. Place them in a small bag and keep it with you as much as possible…in your purse, your pocket, sleep with it beneath your pillow, etc.
(7) Blessings for a Happy Home

The tarot card for this spell is the ten of cups; of course, the very card which speaks of blissful domesticity. Whether your home is a reflection of this card, or it’s an environment that you’re aspiring to, this spell will place upon your home the blessings of positive energy.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon, with the full moon being most beneficial
  • Day: Monday
  • Planet: Moon—for Goddess energy
  • Colors: blue, white, silver
  • Herbs: moonwort, myrrh, jasmine, lily, lavender, sandalwood
  • Stones: moonstone or clear quartz crystal
  • Oil: witches’ oil
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Tarot Card: ten of cups
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Light the incense.
  3. Anoint your candle with the oil and roll it in at least one of the herbs listed. Light it.
  4. On the ten of cups tarot card, write the following spell:
“The spirit of happiness shall shine 
upon this home of mine.  
Blessings shall descend from the moon above, 
filling this home with an abundance of love."
  • Burn the tarot card in the spell candle, and allow the candle to burn itself out.
  • Gather the remnants of the spell and, along with one of the stones listed, place them in a small bag. Hang this bag above the front door of your home, or as near to it as possible.
(8) Reaching a Decision

This spell will require the energy of the seven of cups tarot card—the card of decisions, decisions, decisions.

When you find yourself facing a life changing all important decision and you are having trouble reaching it, this is the spell for you. It’s also beneficial if you are faced with a multitude of decisions and must choose the best one.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
  • Day: Friday
  • Planet: Venus—a planet that deals not only with relationships, but with decisions as well
  • Colors: green or white
  • Herbs: sandalwood, lilac, sage, Solomon‘s Seal Root
  • Oil: psychic oil
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Tarot Card: seven of cups
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2.  Light the incense.
  3. Use white and green candles, as many as you need for the number of choices you have to decide upon. Anoint them with the oil, and roll them in a mixture of the herbs you’ve chosen from those listed, and then sit these candles upon your altar.
  4. On small slips of white paper, write down each individual choice involved with the decision or decisions you must make. There will be one small slip of paper for each choice. Place one slip of paper beneath each candle.
  5. Sit the seven of cups tarot card upon your altar, among the candles, where you can see it and meditate upon it, or if you wish, you can hold it.
  6. Light the candles.
  7. As the spell candles are burning themselves out observe them. Which candle is burning itself out first? Which flames are you drawn to? After the candles have finished burning themselves out, scry the wax. What shapes do you see in the remnants of the wax? Which one catches your eye?
  8. Gather the remains of this spell, including the slips of paper you placed beneath the candles, whether they have burned to ashes or not, and place these items in a small bag, along with the clear quartz crystal and the seven of cups tarot card. Sleep with this bag beneath your pillow until you reach a decision.  This task should be easier now.
(9) Achieving Victory

This is a spell to magically boost your ability to win, whether this victory involves business ventures, legal issues, love, etc.

For this spell we will be using the energy of the six of wands, the tarot card that epitomizes ‘victory’. And with this energy comes determination, strength, self-confidence, power, positive energy, self-acknowledgement, and purpose.

With this spell, and this tarot card, you will manifest your desires, goals, and aspirations.

  • Moon Phase: waxing to full moon, with the full moon being most advantageous
  • Day/Planet/Colors/Herbs:
Monday, Moon, blue/silver/white, moonwort/lily…for issues dealing with psychism, clairvoyance, goddess energy, occult powers and knowledge, female issues

Tuesday, Mars, orange, basil/patchouli…for issues of matrimony, war, conflicts, self-defense

Wednesday, Mercury, gray/violet, marjoram/slippery elm…for issues of communication, educational pursuits, creative endeavors—writing, composing

Thursday, Jupiter, blue/purple/green, patchouli/sage…for issues of money, legal actions, business endeavors

Friday, Venus, pink/green/white, catnip/myrrh/rose…for issues of love, relationships, beauty, poetry, art

Saturday, Saturn, black, garlic/pepper/nettles…for issues of protection, self-discipline, addictions, obsessions

Sunday, Sun, yellow, marigold/rosemary…for healing, spirituality, male issues
  • Oil: witches’ oil
  • Incense: nag champa
  • Tarot Card: six of wands
What to do:
  1. Cast a circle.
  2. Anoint a candle of the appropriate color with the oil and roll it in the herbs that correspond with your intentions. Light it.
  3. Upon your altar place the clear quartz crystal and several small objects related to your intentions, or a slip of paper with your intentions clearly stated upon it.
  4. On the six of wands tarot card, write on one side exactly what it is you wish to be victorious at; on the other side, write this spell:
“I call upon the energy of the six of wands, 
that my desires, goals, and wishes 
shall be victorious unto me.  
By the awful awesome power
 of three times three, 
so mote it be.”
  • After the candle has burned itself down, its remains, as well as the crystal, the six of wands tarot card, the slip of paper on which you wrote exactly what you wish to be victorious at and any items that pertain to your intentions, should be placed in a white bag.
  • Keep this bag in a safe and secret place until your spell has manifested, at which time you will take the bag from its resting place and bury it on your property.
(10) Banishing Nightmares

There are many of us who find our peaceful night’s sleep punctuated by nightmares. These may be brought on by the stress of our day, by sub-consciously suppressed memories/events/emotions from our past, and even occasionally by mischievous or harmful spirits.

This ‘spell’ is going to use the energy of the nine of swords tarot card to ‘dispel’ your nightmares.

  • Moon Phase: waning moon to the dark moon
  • Day: Monday
  • Planet: Moon
  • Colors: blue, silver, white
  • Herbs: cloves, frankincense, garlic, sage, rosemary, sandalwood
  • Stones: moonstone or clear quartz crystal
  • Oil: banishing oil
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Tarot Card: nine of swords
What to do:
  1. First, prepare yourself a hot cup of tea containing chamomile and valerian. You can usually find this type of tea ready-made in the grocery store, often advertised as ‘calming tea’, ‘sleepy-time tea’, ‘bed-time tea’, etc. If you’re not successful locating it at your local store, add a pinch of the herbs chamomile and valerian to a decaffeinated tea…make sure the valerian is a small pinch! You don’t want to add too much of this herb.
  2. Cast your circle.
  3. Light the incense.
  4. Anoint your candle with the oil, roll it in a combination of two or three of the herbs listed, and light it.
  5. On the nine of swords tarot card, write the following spell:
“As this card burns within this fire, 
all my nightmares shall retire, 
leaving me with pleasant dreams and restful sleep, 
unending nights of peace to keep.”
  • Burn the tarot card in the flames of your spell candle. Take some time then to sit and sip your tea, relaxing as you watch the flame of your spell candle, allowing your mind to wander where it will for a while.
  • Take the remnants of this spell and place them in a small black bag. The next day go for a drive and find a spot to dispose of the bag; perhaps a dumpster at the park, or an isolated grove of trees. You might want to dismantle the bag at this time and sprinkle the contents upon the spot you’ve chosen.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Drawing Down the Moon ~ yes, you can


Drawing Down the Moon

The energy of the moon has long been connected with the radiant energy and power of the Goddess. The witch-- the priestess-- has developed methods to harness this energy, to draw this power within herself and use it for personal growth and enlightenment.

The following ritual will allow you to re-connect with the Goddess and rediscover the magic and mystique of the feminine divine.

  • 1. To connect with moon energy, you must place yourself beneath its light, allowing your body to bathe within its silver sheen. As you do so, ground and center yourself.

  • 2. Bless yourself, saying:

“Bless my feet that walk the way of witch.
Bless my knees that kneel before the Goddess.
Bless my breasts that nurture.
and my lips that speak the truth.
Before the Goddess,
I am blessed.”

  • 3. Stand with your feet slightly parted; raise your arms to the sky, hands open and receptive. Say:

“I stand before You now, Mother of the Earth,
To draw within myself the energy of re-birth.

The magic of the moon,
The energy of goddess power,
I draw down into myself,
Upon this shining hour.”

  • 4. Stand for a few minutes where you are. You may feel physical sensations that are unique to this ritual and goddess energy, or you may feel sensations that are common during the movement of energy and the acquisition of power. Don’t be disappointed, however, if you have no physical sensations at all; not everyone is sensitive enough to pick this up. This does not mean that energy has not been moved or power acquired.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Beauty Spell ~ because vanity is only human


(1) Shed Your Skin Spell

This spell takes advantage of the energy of three creatures who change or freshen their appearance by literally coming out in a new skin: the cicada, the moth or butterfly, and the snake. And you’re going to be using in this spell one of three things: the shed skin of a snake, the open and empty cocoon of a moth or butterfly, or the abandoned skin of a cicada.

Shudder now and get over the ‘ick’ factor– real magic requires girding up your loins and getting your hands dirty once in a while– as the gray witch will tell you.

  • Day: Friday– associated with Venus, beauty, and love
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Venus
  • Moon Phase: waxing to full
  • Color: pink, white, silver,
  • Herbs: for beauty– ginseng, lilac, rose; for youth– catnip, valerian
  • Oil: rose oil
  • Stone: rose quartz
  • Number: 6
  • Letters: F, O, X– (no pun intended)
  • Symbols: The symbol for Venus
  • Deities: Venus/Aphrodite or Hathor
Items needed:

1. The dried shell of a cicada, a snakeskin, or abandoned cocoon
2. A fireproof bowl
3. A bottle of rose oil
4. A pink or white candle
5. A red flannel bag

This spell works on the refreshing metamorphic energy of the creatures listed here. It also works on the mind and what you see, or what you think you see. This spell is not an instant face-lift, but rather, it changes the perception of how others view you and how you view yourself. It will give you the illusion of beauty and youth.

After the basic preparations are in place, the candles lit, the incense going, place upon your altar the fireproof bowl. Drop within it the insect skin, cocoon, or the snake shed and light it afire– you may need a bit of a flammable oil sprinkled on the top to get it going.

When the fire has gone out and the remains have cooled off a bit, using your pestle, crush what’s left into a pulp, adding a few drops of rose oil and drippings from your pink or white candle until you get a good consistency with a nice scent. Now take it in your hands– yes, in your hands– and roll it into a ball…drop this treasure in the red flannel bag.

Keep this bag in a secret spot, and on the evening of a full moon bring it out when you are alone in a darkened candle-lit room. Stand before a mirror, calling to the changing energy of the creature whose remains are in the bag. Wave the bag in a gentle back and forth motion before your face, saying:

“By the power of the creature here, 
May youth and beauty shine pure and clear.  
By the power of the creature within,  
May I shed what’s old 
to reveal fresh young skin.”

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch ~ because you can



Note: Read the entire initiation ritual through and become familiar with it before you perform it. Make sure you have gathered all of the required items; the oil, and candles, and such, and that you feel prepared to step across the threshold of this mundane world.

Items needed:

  • 1. Loose fitting robe
  • 2. Silver pendent, usually a pentacle
  • 3. White pillar initiation candle
  • 4. Witches’ oil
  • 5. Incense

The time has come, the day is here, to cement your devotion and commitment to the path of witch. You will have prepared the area of your sacred space for this ritual the day before, not only cleansing it mundanely, but reiving it of negative energy. You will decorate the altar and this space with those flowers, herbs, stones, statuary, and articles that ring with your vibrations and your personal inspirations.

The morning of your special day you will bathe with intent, cleansing not only your body, but your mind and your spirit as well; paving the way for purity of intent and application of personal power.

You will wear a long loose robe, one that can be easily shifted aside to expose those areas of the body to be anointed; or you will perform this ritual skyclad (naked). You will have purchased a silver pendent necklace as a symbol of your new position in life. This pendent may be a pentacle, or it may be a symbol that resonates more closely with your own energy.

When you have bathed and dressed yourself, and after you have taken some time to ground and center yourself, you will begin.

  • 1. Cast your circle.

  • 2. Call the Quarters.

  • 3. Light the tall white pillar candle upon your altar. This candle is representative of the Goddess, often called ‘The Mother Candle’. Light your incense as well, representing the God. Your initiation pendent will lay upon the altar until you’re ready for it.

  • 4. Light the special candle that you’ve chosen as your initiation candle, saying:

“I, (name), have entered this circle in perfect love and perfect trust. I am ready to commit myself to the way of witch. I place myself now before the altar of the Goddess and the God, before the altar of the Ancient Ones, before the altar of the Powers that Be.”

  • 5. Stand before the altar now and prepare to anoint yourself. Taking the bottle of oil from the altar, put some oil on your fingers and touch them to the tops of your feet, saying:

“Bless these feet,
created to walk the way of witch.”

Apply the oil to your knees, saying:

“Bless these knees,
created to kneel before the altar of the Goddess.”

Apply the oil to your genitals, saying:

“Bless this womb, the gateway to life.”

(Note: If the initiate is a male, say: “Bless this phallus, Creator of life.”)

Apply the oil to your breasts, saying:

“Bless these breasts and the heart beneath,
that my motives be pure
and my will be strong.”

Touch the oil to your forehead, tracing a pentagram upon it, and set the bottle of oil back upon your altar.

  • 6. Take up your initiation pendent, holding it aloft, stand before the altar, saying:

“I, (name), do solemnly swear upon the blood of my ancestors to devote the rest of my days to living the way of witch.

I swear loyalty to the Ancient Ones, the gods and goddesses who always were, are now, and shall forever be.

I swear loyalty to my fellow witches; my sister-witches of the past, as well as those who touch my life today, and those I have yet to meet. I vow to keep their secrets, to learn from them as well as teach, to respect our differences, and to celebrate our journey together upon this sacred path.

I freely take upon myself the life of witch. As I turn the corner to live my destiny, I declare to the Powers present here that my magical name is (craft name).”

  • 7. With your pendent in your hands, go now and stand before the gate of Earth. Raise your pendent aloft, saying:

“By the powers of Earth,
May I flourish in the physical realm.
Guardians of the Gateway of Earth,
know me,
I am (craft name)!”

Go now and stand before the gate of Air. Raise your pendent aloft, saying:

“By the powers of Air,
May I grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Guardians of the Gateway of Air,
know me,
I am (craft name)!”

Go now and stand before the gate of Fire. Raise your pendent aloft, saying:

“By the powers of Fire,
May I grow in passion and strength of will.

Guardians of the Gateway of Fire,
know me,
I am (craft name)!”

Go now and stand before the gate of Water. Raise your pendent aloft, saying:

“By the powers of Water,
May I grow in intuition and second sight.

Guardians of the Gateway of Water,
know me,
I am (craft name)!”

  • 8. Return now to the altar. Hold aloft your pendent, saying:

”By Earth and Air, Fire and Water,
Upon this day, a witch is born--
(craft name)!
So Mote It Be.”

  • 9. Put on your pendent necklace.

  • 10. The ritual is finished. Take your time within the circle to ground and center, to reflect, to absorb the experience. When you are ready, dismiss the quarters, dismantle the circle. Go and eat something to replenish your energy. And celebrate.

There's been a lot of hoop-lah over the decades with the great debate of whether a solitary witch can initiate herself.  On one side of the fence are the die-hard traditionalists, usually from established covens, who claim "it takes a witch to make a witch"... Hmmm, so where did the first witch come from?  Kind of like the conundrum of "the chicken, or the egg".  And then there are the Free Spirits.

There is certainly no disrespect meant to the pagans who belong to a traditionalist path, perhaps a coven created by the neo-pagans in the 20th century who set off this revivalist movement of modern witchcraft.  If you're comfortable belonging to a group with set rules, timelines for milestones within the group, and a structure to your practice (devised by someone else), that's all well and good.  And if it works for you, go for it, sez I.

However, not all of us are comfortable with the idea of someone else, whether lauded and idealized as knowledgeable and all that or not, to tell us how to practice our spirituality.  Quite frankly, I had enough of this mindset with the mundane patriarchal path I came from, and I suspect so have other free-spirited pagans and witches.

I guess you can clearly see my viewpoint on all this.  Also, there's just no place on my spiritual path for hoity-toity ego driven personalities.  Pagans are only human, after all, and you'll find your share of "High Priestess Syndrome" out there.

How do I describe myself?  I am a third-degree self-initiated witch.

Yes, you can do this.  

I took it upon myself to devote three years of my life to a deep-seated study of the craft, and every "year and a day", I would self-initiate myself to the next level.

I believe that when someone embraces a spiritual path, it will be a very personal journey.  This ritual, and my books, are meant to help you upon your path, not build it for you.  With that said, go forward Witchlings, and embrace the being you are, connect with Spirit in your own way, and always... enjoy the process.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Psychometry ~ the lady and the ring

Photo of the actual ring

Fifty-two years ago, my god-father visited my grandmother's house for morning coffee.  As she was busy at the kitchen counter, I sat beside him at the kitchen table.  He reached inside his pocket and brought out a ring, a small plain gold band.  He nonchalantly tossed it on the table, where it rolled to the center and then stood spinning in place for several seconds before tipping over.

He said, "Do you want this?" (speaking to my grandmother).

She turned to look over her shoulder and said, "No, there's no stone."

I said, hopefully, in an innocent 12-year-old way, "Can I have it?"

He said, "Yes."

He told us that he had "found this ring in an abandoned farm house near Ethan, South Dakota", and for the next 52 years this is what I believed.  I always wondered about the farm wife who had lost her ring.  I wondered about her life, how hard she had worked (the ring was bent here and there and slightly misshapen as though it had been worn and never taken off, even when the owner was doing manual labor).  I wondered if she was happy.  I wondered what happened to her.  I wondered so many things.  She remained an enigmatic mystery all these decades.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I retrieved the ring from my jewelry box to wear it for a while, as I've done numerous times over the years.  This time, as I held the ring, it was different.  I thought silently to myself in a rash moment, "Who were you? I need to know. I demand to know now!"

In a split second flash, accompanied by a sickening physical sensation, I knew.

My god-father had lied.  This ring was not "found" in an abandoned farm house.  This ring belonged to his first wife, Ester.  Ester died in 1943, at 29 years of age, when she fell down a flight of stairs, in Ethan, South Dakota.  She left behind a 3-year-old son.

As is usually the case in small secluded communities, where nothing ever happens, such an unforeseen dramatically traumatic death was accompanied for years with gossip, speculation, and a myriad of stories and tales.

I had been aware that my god-father had lost a first wife who died, but until this psychic revelation hit me like a ton of bricks, I did not know any details, including her name.  I looked this up later.

The ring is Ester's wedding ring.

There are still questions in my mind:  Why did he want to get rid of the ring?  Why was his attitude about it so cavalier, if not down-right cold?  What really happened to Ester the day that she died, so many decades ago, in another century?


  • First, what exactly is psychometry?

According to Wikepedia:

Psychometry (from Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, "spirit, soul" and μέτρον, metron, "measure"),[1] also known as token-object reading,[2] or psychoscopy,[3] is a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.[4] Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object's history.[4]

There is no scientific evidence that psychometry exists and the concept has been widely criticized.[4][5]

You can continue reading this article at THIS LINK

  • Second, a psychometry session.  

My experience with this ring quite out-does any of the following steps for a psychometry session, but I believe my experience was unique and involved close connections with both the people involved with this object and the object itself.  If you've never tried using psychometry to get impressions from an object, here's a good way to begin:

  • 1. Set up a space where you can think clearly. If you think it will help you, feel free to light a candle, play music, or close the shades.
  • 2. Relax. Many psychics who specialize in psychometry believe that when you relax, you enter a higher state of consciousness (almost like a trance). This will help you connect to the object you’re trying to read.
  • 3. Hold or touch the object. Close your eyes and pick up the object you want to scry. Alternatively, have someone else place it in your hand.
  • 4. Explore what you are sensing or feeling. Allow yourself to start picking up on the energy of the object. Your first thoughts and feelings are usually right. You may even find that you see full images and experience intense emotions.
  • 5. Say everything you think. Things that seem trivial or meaningless to you may be really significant to the person who owns the object you’re reading.
For more information and insights on psychometry, finish reading this article at THIS LINK

  • Third, if you want to learn more about psychometry, just like anything else you want to learn about... Read, Read, Read!  

THIS LINK will take you to Amazon where you will find this book, of which I own a copy, and where you will be able to explore the wonderful world and possibilities of your psychic self, including psychometry.

Intuition and spiritual growth are inherently linked, according to professional psychic and therapist Sherrie Dillard. This groundbreaking guide offers a personalized approach to spiritual development, introducing four different psychic types and revealing how to develop the unique talents of each. Designed for both beginning intuitives and advanced psychics, this book presents a simple, step-by-step plan:

  • Take the insightful quiz to learn whether you are a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual intuitive
  • Discover more about each type's nature, personality, strengths, and potential challenges
  • Develop your psychic abilities with the meditations and exercises designed for your specific intuitive style

Throughout the book, Dillard shares remarkable stories from her professional practice to illustrate the incredible power of intuition and its connection to the spirit world, inner wisdom, and your higher self.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cakes and Wine ~ May you eat the bread of life


The idea of sharing a communion with deity by partaking of food and drink is an ancient custom and practice, not defined by, nor exclusive to, the Judeo/Christian religions of today. It’s generally referred to as “cakes & wine” or “cakes & ale”. This ritual is viewed as a celebration of the union of the god-- represented by the athame, and the goddess-- represented by the chalice.

A cakes and wine ritual may be incorporated into any other ritual. It will highlight the celebration with a special connection to divinity.

Items needed:

  • 1. Wine-- or if preferred, a nonalcoholic beverage, such as grape juice
  • 2. Bread/cookies/pastry, etc. If this is made especially for the ritual, you could add a pinch of an herb connected with a particular god/goddess, or an herb associated with the type of ritual you’ll be celebrating when you have cakes & wine.
  • 3. A plate to hold the bread or pastry
  • 4. Chalice
  • 5. Athame

The basic ritual:

  • 1. The Priestess stands at the altar and acknowledges the sacredness of god and goddess, saying:

“We gather here to draw strength and magic from the god…Father Sky, the power of the sun, who sends His energy out to us, that we may project magic and manifestation.”

“We gather here to draw strength and magic from the goddess…Mother Earth, the power of the moon, who sends her energy inward to us, that we may receive magic and manifestation.”

  • 2. The Priestess will take up her athame, holding it high above the chalice of wine with both hands. While slowly lowering the tip of the blade into the chalice of wine, she will say:

“As the God finds joy and fulfillment in union with the Goddess, so shall the earth be fruitful and blessed.”

  • 3. The Priestess shall then hold the athame in her hand, touching the tip of the blade to the bread, saying:

“As the Goddess finds joy and fulfillment in union with the God, so shall the earth be fruitful and blessed.”

  • 4. All present shall share of the bread and wine, saving a small amount of each to pour out upon the earth as a libation.

The source for these rituals, my book:

Health & Healing Spells ~ Please read the disclaimer

(1) Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences

  • Day: Thursday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Moon Phase: waxing/full, to bring good health; waning/dark, to banish illness
  • Color: green
  • Herbs: health– rosemary, sage, St. John’s Wort; healing– garlic, fennel, thyme
  • Oil: Health & Healing oil
  • Incense: lavender or sandalwood
  • Stone: green jasper, jade, mossy agate, blue-lace agate
  • Number: 3
  • Letters: C, L, U
  • Symbols: rune ‘sigil’, for healing; rune ‘uruz’, for physical health; triple ring
  • Deities: Horus

When your sacred space is created and secure, your candle anointed and rolled in the appropriate herbs, write this spell upon a piece of parchment paper. Recite it three times, and burn it in the flame of your spell candle– scattering the ashes to the wind to dispose of it.

“I cast now a healing spell for (name), 
That there shall be unto thee, 
Blessings of good health and healing, 
By the power of three times three, 
So mote it be.”

(2) To Cure an Illness (knot magic)

Traditionally knot magic is done with a nine foot long red cord or ribbon. But for this healing spell, we’re going to use the healing energy of the color green. Make sure that you mark nine points on your green cord or ribbon, where nine knots will be tied.

The idea behind knot magic is that we tie up our intentions, as well as the energy that can manifest those intentions, within the knot. For this spell, we’re going to grab the energy to banish illness on the night of the dark moon, or within three nights afterwards. We’ll cast the spell, tie the knots, and lay this cord aside to let the magic ferment. As the energy of the moon grows and builds towards the full moon, so does the energy contained within the knots. On the night of the full moon, we will untie each knot, unleashing the magic and manifestation.

Items needed:

  1. A nine foot long green cord/ribbon
  2. Three votive candles– two black, one green
  3. White pillar altar candle
  4. Health & Healing oil
  5. A blue lace agate stone
  6. A red flannel bag

Assuming your space is prepared, your circle cast and quarters called, you will carve the name of the target on the green candle and anoint it with the Health & Healing Oil. Line the three votive candles up on your altar, the green candle being in the center. Light all your altar candles and incense, and get yourself seated and comfortable to work on your knots.

As you tie the knots, keep an image of the target before you on your altar, preferably a photograph, or an image visualized in your mind, if you don‘t have a picture.

Tie each knot to the following chant, and as you work from knot to knot, keep the chant going continuously. Take your time. Eventually the chant may run together in a whispered frenzy. It also may become very mesmerizing, and you may feel ‘floaty’ and spacey by the time you reach the end of the ribbon. This is good, it means that you’ve put yourself in an alpha state, where magic is possible.

The Chant:

“Illness leave, go away, 
Good health I bid you come to stay.”

When the knots are tied, the chanting stopped, and the candle has burned down; add the ribbon, the blue-lace agate, and the remains of the candle wax to the red flannel bag. You can keep this bag on your altar till the full moon, if possible, if not– make sure you put it in a safe place till the time is ripe.

Unleashing the magic:

On the night of a full moon, you will seat yourself within a cast circle, and by the light of a white altar candle, you will begin to slowly untie the knots, releasing the magic. As you do so, chant the chant:

“I open now the healing gates; 
Good health upon the one who waits, (name).”

All the remnants of this spell– the ribbon, bag, stone, candle wax, can be disposed of by either burying it in the earth, or burning everything and scattering the ashes to the wind.

(3) Healing Crystal

I love the energy of crystals and stones, and I work with them often. I surround myself, my home, and my very person with this special magic. One very positive thing you can do to generate a warm and healing atmosphere in your home is to choose a crystal that resonates with you, bless it for healing and peace, and place it in an auspicious location in your house or apartment.

First, you’ll have to choose a crystal– and this can be a delightful adventure and project in itself. Browse shops, taking your time. Look at as many as you need to. Hold them, handle them, until a particular crystal seems to call to you. After finding this treasure and purchasing it, you will take it home and bless it: holding the crystal in your hands, you will imbue it with your energy and intentions, feeling it warm as the energy is absorbed. Take your time during this process and enjoy.

You can use an altar to bless this crystal, making the process as ritualistic and detailed as you wish, or you can simply continue with just you and the stone.

If you have a patron god or goddess, call upon their energy to bless this stone, along with the vibrational tone from your own environment and the energy of your body, coupled with the will of your intentions. State aloud and clearly exactly what type of energy you wish this crystal to emanate, focusing on this type of energy, visualizing it moving through your body, your arms, down to your hands and into the crystal itself.

This crystal will sit in a special place, where its energy can spread and radiate throughout your living quarters. Every once in a while, if you feel the need, you can recharge this crystal, or you can cleanse it by holding it beneath running water, leaving it briefly in a bowl of sea salt, letting it sit beneath the moonlight– or in the sunlight– depending upon which energy you wish to work with.

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