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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Woman's Magickal Milestones ~ Birthdays

Another year passes.  With the first birthdays, in the Maiden stage, each one becomes a celebratory milestone, but after a woman reaches 30 in our culture, we begin to associate a feeling of trepidation with the passing of another year. Why?  What’s not to celebrate?  Forget that our society foolishly worships youth and suffers from a chronic case of Peter Pan Syndrome; instead, celebrate, be joyful, embrace each year, embrace each change within yourself.  You are not aging, you are growing.  This is the difference, this is what our culture, our society, doesn’t see, or tries to deny.  With time women grow wiser, more assertive, more complete within themselves.  They Bloom!
Grow, Sweet Woman, grow in time, grow in wisdom, grow in laughter, grow in strength, grow in love, grow in power, grow in creativity, grow in magick.


The 10th Year
The Threshold:  Childhood…Maidenhood
I still have one foot in the world of my childhood, but I can see through the open threshold before me.  The view is hazy yet.  It’s still so early, and I am still so young.  I see a shadow of the woman I will become.

The 20th Year
The Threshold:  Adolcescence…Adulthood
I’m taking baby steps, trying out my adult legs, finding my center.  Which direction will I go?  Where will I establish my roots?…roots of career and relationships.  The foundation I build now will determine the stability of my future.  Is it really all just a roll of the dice, or does destiny lay in my young and inexperienced hands?

The 30th Year
The Threshold:  Maidenhood…Motherhood
I step through a doorway to find myself standing in the mad rush of Life.  I am careening along at full speed, swerving to avoid potholes, watching the clock, knowing that I have a destination and a dead line to meet, knowing I have an appointment with Responsibility.

The 40th Year
The Threshold:  Motherhood…Middleage
I’m at a crossroads, no longer young, but not yet old.  The world around me appears to lose focus as boundaries and expectations are blurred.  What once was perfectly clear is now laced with questions.  The Universe is giving me a choice.  I watch in alarmed fascination as new paths open before me, each yellow brick road beckoning me,  “Come this way!”

The 50th Year
The Threshold:  Middleage…The Crone
I suddenly realize who I am, I mean the “me” that I must have lost along the way.  I suddenly realize that the only opinion that counts is my own.  I suddenly realize who my friends are and who they aren’t.  I suddenly realize that I am not afraid to face the world alone.  I suddenly realize that I have reached a plateau enabling me to scrutinize my past and glimpse my future.  I suddenly realize…I have arrived.

The 60th Year
The Threshold:  The Crone…The Golden Age
I’m at a crossroads, no longer middle-aged, but not yet old, not really, I say with defiance.  My body speaks to me now, still proud of its strength, its endurance.  My body speaks to me with relish, embracing the last blazing autumn of life.

The 70th Year
The Threshold:  The Golden Age…Old Age
I will reap what I have sown, whether this be children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or the golden glow of accomplishments.  I will stop to smell the roses.  I will stop to watch the sunset.  I will stop to pet a dog, or hold a cat.  I will stop to speak to an old friend.  I will stop to say, “I love you.”; “Hello”; “Good-by”; and “I’m sorry.”

The 80th Year
The Threshold:  The Crone Glorified
I am elevated.  From this vantage point I stand in the stillness of dawn.  I stand in the midst of gentle rain on black earth.  I stand in the warmth of a loved one’s hand on my arm.  I stand, not in the shadow of The Crone, but shoulder to shoulder with her.  I am one with the goddess.

The 90th Year
The Threshold:  Rebirth
I look at the world and see it as hazy images in a crystal ball.  The images are people I’ve loved, places I’ve been, things I’ve done.  And as I stare at the images within this universal sphere, I can see that they are fading, getting dimmer, and soon they will disappear.  I know that as these images and this world are fading, there is another beautiful glorious crystal ball, and within it I can see the sunrise bursting over the horizon, lighting the way for a new journey…in the next Life.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's All About Creating Your Magickal Space ~ Wedding Showers

Do you realize, as a wedding shower guest, the amazing amount of input you have in helping a new couple build their home?  You are actually helping them create their sacred space.  Follow the link for some incredible eye-opening ideas for shower gifts, filled with magick and positive energy.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Unleashing Magick n' Mayhem @ The Fremont Craft Show (photo blog!)

We turned this craft show into a Craft show.  It was a hoot.  Yes, I'm guilty-- I love to "poke the bear"; and I was fully aware that my "services" (tarot reading) and my wares (occult merchandise) would raise a few eyebrows at the yearly Christiansen Field Craft show here in Fremont, Nebraska .  We did manage to connect with some amazing people, honestly curious people, friendly people, people who stood and talked and talked and talked. 

Like the lady who stood leaning over my table to confide in a hushed whisper about her lifelong ability to see the dead and her haunting experiences with premonitions.  Her story was amazing, and the fact that only her sisters were aware of her experiences brought home how secretive this woman felt she had to be about her gifts, how (for so much of her life) she was afraid she was crazy, how haunted she was, and how much she needed validation.  The longer we talked, the more her story unfolded, and finally (I knew it!) we got down to the fact that her grandmother and her great-grandmother shared these abilities.  Lovely lady, we exchanged phone numbers and a promise to go for coffee sometime.

The little girl (15) who came to my table and was shyly curious.  She was a student getting ready to compete in a debate team and wanted to know if there was anything she could use to relieve her anxiety, or enhance her performance.  I gifted her a small bottle of the Queen's Oil (swords), with instructions for a yellow candle.  Her mother had a table near ours and this girl and one of mine made a connection.  For the rest of the day, they were inseparable.

I handed out business cards to people who wanted them, and sometimes to people who didn't.  I loved it!  I'm usually not an extroverted person, but in this scenario, it was like something took over.  I didn't even mind, and actually found amusing, some of the shocked or disapproving looks from some of the passers by.  And what was even more funny was to watch (and realize from looking at their face) people who were honestly curious about the items on my table but were with a group, and they didn't want the group they were with to see that they were interested.  This made me so glad that I'm an independent soul, and that I dance to the tune of my own drummer.  I love my drummer, and I love my dance!

(click on the photos to make them Bigger)
Voodoo Dollies, in the big basket, and pet poppets in the foreground, along with
magick wands, uncrossing oil, and candles, candles candles!!

Anne's beautiful jewelry (Creations by Isabella) to the left, and my books,
to the right, along with business cards and an invitation for a tarot reading.

The tarot deck I had with me that day (no, I don't remember the name of this one),
and nope, not a single person stopped for a reading.

Me and three of my girls.

Me and my hubby, Joe.  We have to talk to Joe about the concept of craft shows (lol)!
I made $10 on this day; Anne made $10; and Joe spent $35!  It was a hoot!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Astrologcial Tarot Readings for December are Here!

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December’s Astrological Tarot Readings are up!  Although posted for the Sun Signs, if you know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign, more than one of these videos may be relevant to you.  Included are links to free calculators to help you find your Moon and Rising Signs.

Rising Sign Calculator:  http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/calcu…

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