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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Wonderful World of Witchery ~ magickal resources


  • Rituals:

As with the practice of most spiritual paths, you will highlight certain momentous moments in life with a ritual, be it a birth and baby naming or a burial, and all those celebrations that come in-between.  The following rituals can all be found in my books, and I include them here at my website for those that need a ritual but maybe can't afford a book -- life happens when it happens, and sometimes the universe just calls upon us to put a stamp of recognition on it.  

Circle Casting
Calling the Quarters
Cakes & Wine
Drawing Down the Moon
First Menstruation
Summerland Ritual

Rituals, click  HERE

  • Magickal Correspondences:

When you're putting together a spell, which is simply a ritual (or "prayer", if this makes it easier for you to understand), you're going to want as many "correspondences" as possible that jive with the energy you are choosing to work with, which encompasses your intention, whatever that may be.  When you have as many correspondences as you can get to correlate with your energy and intention, the more successful your spells will be. (Always work with the flow of energy, not against it)

Correspondences will include many things including timing -- moon phases, days of the week; numbers; colors; planets; even the alphabet.

Magickal Correspondences, click  HERE

  • Spells:

This is the stuff everyone expects when they first think of "witchcraft", it's all about casting spells -- it really isn't, but it certainly can be a major component to your craft.

Witches generally tend to keep their spells all gathered together in a special book they call a "grimoire", or a "book of shadows", just like a cook keeps her recipes gathered up for easy access.  Here's links to an online Book of Shadows found at my website, The Witch's Corner:

Banishing Spells

Beauty Spells

Breaking the Spell

Candle Spells

Command & Compel Spells

Court Case Spells

Health & Healing Spells

Hexing, Cursing, Binding Spells

Love Spells

Mojo Bag Spells

Money Spells

Protection Spells

Spells for the Tongue

Spells To Summon


  • Books

Just like we learn anything else, we pick up a book and start to read.  I'm the author of nine books on witchcraft, tarot, and goddess spirituality.  (There's a 10th book in progress that will be added to this repertoire).  Five of these books deal with witchcraft; one with goddess spirituality (and the 10th book will make that two, due out probably in 2023, if not the end of 2022); three of these books deal with tarot (divination, cartomancy, doing readings, learning about the cards, all that good stuff).


The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening @ Amazon
The Gray Witch's Grimoire @ Amazon
Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way @ Amazon
Wicca for Beginners @ Facebook
Green Witchcraft Grimoire @ Amazon

Goddess Spirituality:

The Spiritual Feminist @ Amazon
The Divine Me: Embracing Your Inner Goddess (coming in 2023)


Tarot: A Witch's Journey @ Amazon
The Ultimate Tarot Guide:
for Your Personal Tarot Journey @ Amazon
Tarot for Grownups @ Amazon

  • Videos

I have over 600 videos at my Youtube channel that I've created over the years.  Not all of them are witchcraft related, but I do have Playlists made for my videos, so it's all very organized and it's easy to find videos on topics of interests.  Here's some links:

Witchcraft video playlists:
Tarot video playlists:

  • Magickal Herbs:

We can't forget the main component in a lot of magickal practices, including green witchcraft, and that's the herbs.  People unfamiliar with witchcraft may not realize that there are magickal properties and energies associated with various herbs and flowers.  At the following link to The Witch's Corner, scroll down and you will find a comprehensive list of herbs, along with their energies and uses.

All of my books also contain this type of information in some context or other, but there are a couple books that will be especially helpful to you in this area because of their in-depth look at "the magick of the green".

The Witch's Corner Herbal List:


Your Daily Cards ~ updated @ The Witch's Corner


I Updated “Your Daily Cards”, found in the right side-bar at The Witch’s Corner, if you’re viewing on your phone, you need to click on “view web version”


Welcome, visitors, to The Witch’s Corner. The reading found here is created specifically for this space and for you. If you have stumbled upon this humble little sidebar and this reading, be assured that it was Spirit’s intent that you find it.

The cards: King/swords; The Empress; 4/cups; 9/wands; Temperance (the deck, Vintage Tarot)

Monday, September 19, 2022

Tarot and Spirituality ~ A Question About Curses


I answer questions sent to me by viewers, and this one is really quite common because it coddles personal fears. 

Disclaimer: I look at questions like this from BOTH a mundane aspect as well as a magickal one.


Monday, September 5, 2022

Pink Orchid Publishing ~ This is me!


Pink Orchid Publishing... is me! 

I've been asked frequently about this company, which is listed on the copyright page of four of my books, along with Amazon. I've published four of my own books through Amazon and their KDP system so far, and I love it. I love being in control, I love editing the manuscript and deciding how I want it set up and how I want it to look, I love choosing the type of paper, styles, etc., and I love doing my own cover design. I went all out on my last book... full color, premium paper, heavily illustrated -- a lot of my own photographs, as well as public domain images. 

My other five books are published through traditional publishing companies, and I greatly (greatly!) appreciate the talented editors, artists, and publicists and all the work they have done. I'm proud of the connection I have with these amazing people and these companies, and I'm proud of the books that have come out of this joint effort. 

As far as Pink Orchid Publishing goes, at this time, I am only publishing my own work. If I were younger and had more energy, I probably would take on other authors and projects, but not right now. I whimsically asked my daughter, "I think I created a publishing company?" and she said, "I do believe you did."

The Kindles ~ they're back up and available!


The four books I published with Amazon are once more available in both Print and Kindle, follow the link:  click  HERE

  1. The Ultimate Tarot Guide for Your Personal Tarot Journey
  2. Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way
  3. The Little Handbook of Spiritual Awakening
  4. Tarot: A Witch's Journey