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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Happy Beltane ~ aka May Day

  • Traditions: love/sex magic, leaping the bonfire to bring luck, dancing ‘round the Maypole, honoring garden and house spirits, fertility magic

  • Pagan Lore:  The Maypole…in ancient Irish history there was a sacred tree believed to be the forerunner of the maypole. It was thought that dancing around this tree on Beltane would send energy to the womb of the Earth and awaken her.
May Day Baskets…comes from the ancient Beltane Eve tradition of a young man leaving a garland of flowers at the door of a young woman who has caught his eye. This was an invitation, and if accepted, the young couple would steal away for a night together in the forest, awaiting the Beltane sunrise. In modern times, the garland was replaced with a basket of sweets.

Youth and Beauty…it’s said that at sunrise on the morning of Beltane, those women wishing to recapture their youth, as well as all women wishing to retain their beauty, should go out into the grass at the break of dawn, sweep up the morning dew within their hands, and bathe their faces with it.

This holiday is one of the most Pagan. It is a celebration of fertility. To the modern world, it’s more commonly known as May Day. What the Roman Church tried so hard to control, to portray as evil, sinful, or dirty is the very thing celebrated at Beltane…human sexuality. The ancient rites of Beltane celebrate the copulation of the God and the Goddess (the priest and the priestess); and in some Wiccan traditions this celebration of sexuality is honored with a ritual known as The Great Rite.

What was once considered wonderfully human, delightful, a miracle of life, and in some cases a spiritual act, was degraded by the Roman Church, the same church which branded women as evil and with it the emotions of lust and passion.

Modern-day Pagans have reclaimed the celebration of human sexuality and the miracle of fertility that accompanies it. People still dance around the Maypole, a phallic symbol, while they hold brightly colored streamers spilling from the top of this pole, symbolic of the creative force of sex.

(An excerpt from,
by Amythyst Raine, Moon Books)

Correspondences for Beltaine

  • Herbs: cinquefoil, frankincense, marigold, meadowsweet, woodruff

  • Altar Flowers/Herbs: daisy, hawthorn, lilac, primrose, wildflowers, rose

  • Feast Foods: barley cakes, oat cakes, red fruit, elderflower drinks, herbal salads

  • Animals: honey bees, cats, horses, rabbits, white cow

  • Incense: frankincense, lilac, passion flower, rose, vanilla

  • Rituals/Spells: bale fire, fertility magick, sex magick, handfasting, beauty magick, love spells, The Great Rite

by Amythyst Raine , Amazon, Pink Orchid Publishing 2011)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Jesus Dilemma ~ What do you say to them?

First, I want to start off by saying that I respect ALL religions. I want to start off by saying that there is no one true right path. I want to start off by saying that each individual has the right to choose their spiritual path and the beliefs that they adhere to, and they deserve this right to be respected by the world community without coercion, ridicule, or prejudice.

I have nothing against Christianity or Jesus. I have dear family members who follow this spiritual path as well as individuals close to our family circle, and I would not think of interfering with their decision, or degrading their practices, beliefs, and dogmas. Among my own immediate family circle, we are a wide and diverse group. My seven children include, not only Christian practitioners, but Buddhists, agnostics, Wiccans, atheists, and more. Apparently this is something that makes us unique as a group of people that are close knit in spite of our varied and often conflicting spiritual beliefs.

It’s all good.

The ONLY thing that I find offensive about Christianity and the Jesus cult is the hard-core Christians who have a very obnoxious attitude of “My way or the highway”; their incessant domineering insistence that you must believe what they believe; and their often disrespectful attitude and response to people of other spiritual paths. Sometimes this is very over-bearing and “in your face”, and other times it’s very subtle with biting quips and off hand remarks.

How should non-Christians respond when confronted by disrespect regarding our spiritual paths, practices, and deities without being disrespectful to someone else's spirituality?

It’s a conundrum.

A brief note to Christians determined to convert non-Christians ~

  • 1.  Just as grounded and passionate as you are about your Christian faith, we are just as grounded and passionate about our faith.

  • 2. “But the Bible says…” — You are assuming that everyone in the world views the Bible as a divine work from the spirit world. Not so. I can’t speak for other non-Christians, but I view the Bible as a piece of literature written by men, from a male perspective, over the course of centuries, and modified much through various translations since then. (Although the original was bad enough.) There is nothing divine about it to me. As a matter of fact, as a woman I find it very insulting and reflective of the negative attitudes towards women that prevailed back in the day, and even survives to some degree in modern times.  What the Bible says does not impress me.

  • 3. “You need God in your life…” — I’m assuming as in “god” you are referring to a super-natural entity of a high vibration. If this is the case, I call this entity “Goddess”, and She indeed enriches my life and life experiences through my connection with Her and the daily spiritual practices I use to connect with Her energy. I can only speak for myself when I say that I view divinity as a universal consciousness expressed around the world through a variety of pantheons, spiritual practices, mystical stories, and archetypes. However you personally connect with Divinity, it will be a unique and blessed experience. Just because your experience is different from my experience, it does not invalidate my experience, or the higher vibrational entity that I connect with on my spiritual journey.

  • 4. “I’ll pray for you…” — Under certain circumstances, this can be a positive statement to hear. For instance, you’re facing a problem or a decision and close friends or family who are of the Christian faith want good things to happen for you. It’s like saying, I’m on your side, or I’ll add my energy for a positive outcome, or I’m concerned about you and I want to help. But when this comes from the lips of someone who is trying to convert you, someone who has pestered and preached to you about your spirituality, someone who has been at you to try and convince you that you are wrong in your beliefs… Then this statement can be chilling.
  • All thoughts are energy, no matter who they come from or what they consist of. The energy that these people will be sending out into the universe will be very negative and conflicting with your soul and your connection to divinity. Personally, I view this as the ultimate insult.
  • I like to respond without being negative or rude if at all possible. I usually say, “Well, while you’re praying for me, I’ll be casting a spell for you.” This generally brings about a very shocked reaction. Maybe they never considered that you would reciprocate in kind, or that this was even an option.

  • 5. “It’s heaven or hell…” — Actually, this is inaccurate. The non-Christian has so many other options. First, I have to say that the idea of “hell” came from the Bible, the book that was written by controlling domineering males who wanted to intimidate and frighten people, which would make it so much easier to control people. So we can just let hell go all together.
  • Other spiritualities have a variety of beliefs in what happens to us after death. I can only speak for myself. The following perceptions were typed out randomly, as they came to mind, in no specific order:  I believe in life after death; I also believe in reincarnation. I believe that it’s possible for some very enlightened gifted individuals to connect with the spirits of those who have passed and communicate with them. I believe in the Wiccan idea of “The Summerland”, the place newly departed souls go to find rejuvenation and peace. I believe that certain soul connections are so strong and indomitable that they reconnect through many life times. I believe that the soul is set free of the physical body at death. I believe we have spirit guides to help us through major transitions in life, which includes death.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Something for You

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Feathers ~ Magick in the Air

The element of Air…

the wind in our hair, the sun on our lips, the call of birds we hear with our eyes closed, to magnify all the other senses. And with those calls, we feel the magick; we feel the power; we know how to direct the energy of the feathered creatures into our daily lives, to find and keep love, to bring tranquility and healing, to expand knowledge, to protect us, or to inspire us.

Every feather I find is a gift. It’s carefully tucked away in a special box, or gently placed between the pages of a book. It will lay there and pulsate with unused energy, dormant magick, until I feel the need, until I hear the call…then I’ll bring it out. I’ll combine the feather with candles, herbs, incense, and often personal items. I’ll open myself to the spirit of the creature, the energy of Air– and often the other elements as well. I’ll cast a circle to contain my magick and protect me from all the other energies and entities swimming around the universe, or I’ll throw caution to the wind and leave myself open and vulnerable. It’s my call.

At the center of it all is the creature:

Blue Bird/communication & eloquence: the element of Air is mingled with Water– one pure thought, the other emotions and inner mysteries. I choose incense and herbs with receptive (feminine) energy to draw into myself the magick of eloquent communication touched with the right amount of intuition and insight: calamus, jasmine, hibiscus, columbine, pansy, or lilac. I choose incense and herbs that quiver with the energy of Air: lavender, bittersweet, goldenrod, sage, or slippery elm. The candles– one is yellow (Air); one is blue (Water); one is white and carved with personal intentions, goals, and wishes. To the cauldron I add the Blue Bird’s feather and perhaps a slip of paper holding the name of someone who needs to hear me, really hear me, maybe for the first time.

Blue Jay/protective magick: you know when you’re not safe, when you’re vulnerable and unprotected. Sometimes it starts as an uneasy feeling, or dreams in the night that stay with you during the day. You know. The Blue Jay’s raucous, obnoxious, aggressive behavior will cast a spell of protection around you; the bad boy of the bird world, like a strutting gutsy gun-toting bad boy on the streets. With the energy of this bird, your enemies will keep their distance, think twice about attack, think twice about crossing you. The candle is black, the herbs and incense pungent, stinging, obnoxious, even poisonous…cloves, allspice, cayenne pepper, belladonna, hemlock, black cohash, thistle. You will make a mojo bag to keep with you at all times, a bag that will contain at least three of these herbs, the Blue Jay’s feather, and a stone of black onyx.

Cardinal, Goose, Swan/Love:

  • Cardinal: the very color of this bird sparks with the energy of Fire…passion, lust, love, and raw sexuality. It wreaks of sweaty sheets; breathless whispers; the fierce mingling of bodies, the beautiful struggle to get ever deeper, closer; ecstasy so intense it leaves you exhausted. The red feather of the Cardinal carries desire, sexual fantasy, the raw instinct to mate, the pure unadulterated energy of sex. Save this feather for a special occasion, a special someone, because once this energy is released, you will no longer have control.

  • Goose: loyalty, fidelity, passion for a one-and-only love. The Goose mates for life, and this is the energy its feathers will carry. The magic of this bird is a love that will out last time, a love to grow old with, a love that is unquestionable, a love that you can trust– forever, perhaps through more than one lifetime. The magic of the Goose engulfs the mystery of soul mates. It is the energy that draws two people together with a first look, a connection that is keenly felt but can’t be explained.

  • Swan: the Swan is first love, new love, delicate and genteel love. It is the spiritual beauty of a new union. The Swan’s energy encompasses na├»ve enthusiasm, an awakening, a coupling of the mind as well as the body. The energy of theses feathers contain the gallantry of the knight in shining armor, the fair maiden, and happy-ever-after endings. Love magick of the Swan has nothing to do with reality; it embodies the fantasy of what we wish love were like. Beware the magick of the Swan, it can lead you into illusions and a lust to chase forever an unrealistic ideal…but this magick has its place.

Dove/healing rifts: this bird is the epitome of peace, and it’s this energy which can be used to heal rifts; to bring enemies together; to end feuds; to bring a sense of well-being to people, or a space. On a white sheet of paper, write the names of those involved in the dispute; but write them not in a single row, or on opposite ends of the paper– write the names one on top of the other. Lay the Dove’s feather on one edge of this paper and roll it up, tying it with white ribbon, creating a scroll. Either keep this token in a secret place and let the magick bubble and brew and build over a period of time, or unleash its energy in one furious burst by throwing it into the flames of a roaring bonfire.

Owl/wisdom: oh, be gone, the ways of the fool…bring with the feather of the Owl wisdom, the ability to judge truthfully, insight that reaches beyond what we can see or feel, and the means to keep in check all those things in life which can so easily unseat us. The spirit of this bird encompasses wisdom from the universe, the past as well as the present, it wreaks of ancient energy, the ancestors. Guard its magick well…there are those who would not wish wisdom upon you, for with wisdom comes discernment.

Robin/domestic bliss: heal the wounds of domestic strife, or enhance the energy of a happy home with a feather from the Robin. The magick of this bird is centered around hearth and home, family and familial connections. If the energy here is tainted, every other aspect of life will fall into the great abyss. Like the center of a wheel, the energy of the home supports and connects all those who touch it. Sweet Robin, bring with your energy the Mother’s great blessing upon our hearth and the loved ones seated ‘round it.

Sparrow/ambition: be cautious with the energy of this bird, for ambition, once released, can feed upon itself and devour the one who dared to wake it. Temper ambition with common sense; sensitivity to those around you; and a sense of balance above all else. The energy of the Sparrow is frenzied, highly concentrated, and too strong for some; but it may just be the push that’s needed to ignite motivation.

Raven/occult mysteries: the feather of the Raven is sacred to women like me. Within it lay the secrets of magick and manifestation; energies unseen; impossibilities realized. The magick of the Raven is wild and untamed; it carries the energies of the Wild-Woman, the Crone, the Sage, the Wizard, the Witch. The Raven will whisper in your ear, teaching you that which is considered forbidden by some. The Raven will send out it’s call, and if you’re of the right mind, the right spirit, to hear it, there will be no turning back.


This article was originally posted at my blog
Magickal Connections on August 21, 2013. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Time for Reinforcement ~ Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

The following blog post is an excerpt from my book, The Spiritual Feminist. 

 This book was a journey, it was not just a writing process.  This book was self-therapy; it was revolutionizing new thoughts; it was hindsight recorded for my daughters;  it was a journey through my life at so many points.  I suddenly realized that The Spiritual Feminist was a journey through life for so many women with so many common factors, questions, doubts, and fears.

I hope you enjoy; and I hope there’s something here worth taking with you.


The Physical Aspect

This is my body…No one shall touch this body without my express permission. No one shall impose upon my body a physical action, intention, criteria, procedure, or judgment, that I have not expressly approved. This is my body, created by the Mother Goddess in all the glory of her likeness. Whether this body be large or small, fit or weak; whether this body align with the cultural views and norms of my society or not: My body is beautiful and will be respected as such.

Questions for Introspection

The Physical:

1. What is my best feature?
2. What are two things about my body I’d like to change?
3. What would I have to do to make these changes?
4. Realistically, would it be possible for me to do this, and if I could successfully make these changes, who would I be making them for?
5. Am I able to accept my physical body in it’s beautiful natural state; am I able to embrace myself as I am?
6. Is my body healthy?
7. If not, what are my health issues?
8. What do I need to do in order to correct these issues, or just generally improve my health, strength, and endurance?
9. List three things you know are not healthy for you but you do anyway.
10. List three things you do for yourself that contribute to your physical well-being.
11. What do I love most about my body?

The Spiritual Aspect

I will connect with the universe through the Divine Feminine, and through that connection with my ancestors and the root of all that is me…For centuries the Divine Feminine has been ripped from the heart and soul of womanhood, shrouded in stories of evil encompassing snakes and apples, betrayal and guilt. Womanhood needs to wrestle its freedom from this lie, to regain its strength and equilibrium through the power of the Mother Goddess.

Through the youthful exuberance of the Maiden, the fertility of the Mother, and the wisdom of the Crone, we have to pass on to our daughters the beauty of the feminine mystique, impressing upon them the reverence and respect that is its due. While the world still revolves around the decisions of men, it is women who harvest its bounty through their children, their art, their writing, their dreams, and their strong sense of nurturing. It is woman who builds up; and through her spirituality and connection with the Goddess, woman can repair the damage of previous generations, building new futures and opportunities for her children.

With our strong and renewed sense of connection to the Feminine Divine, the most important thing we can do is to impart upon our fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons the strength, beauty, wisdom, and power of womanhood at its most pure. We can lead them back to the Goddess, who is, after all, their Mother too.

Questions for Introspection

The Spiritual

1. Do I feel a strong connection with Feminine Divinity?
2. How has the Goddess touched my life?
3. Do I feel free to embrace Goddess Spirituality openly?
4. If not, what are the obstacles to doing so?
5. Realistically, can these obstacles be overcome?
6. What do I do each day to connect with Spirit?
7. How has my connection to the Goddess and my spiritual practices enhanced my daily life?
8. List three things that you think impede your spiritual growth.
9. List three things that have inspired you during your life.
10. What do you love most about your spirituality right now?
11. Is there a woman you know who would benefit by learning about the Mother Goddess?

The Mental Aspect

I will not allow other people’s opinions to form the image I carry of myself…Whether these opinions are formed and passed on to me by friends, family, or foe. If these opinions are filled with negativity, if these opinions are laced with jealousy, spite, judgmental prejudice, ambiguity, cruelty, or ignorance, I will disregard these opinions. These opinions will be shed as a snake sheds its skin, leaving renewed vitality and beauty beneath, exposing my true nature, in tune with the Goddess and a healthy ego.

Questions for Introspection

The Mental

1. Do I expect too much of myself?
2. Do I feel like I have to be responsible for everyone?
3. Is there a lot of stress in your life right now?
4. If so, what are the main causes of this stress?
5. Realistically, can the circumstances or people causing this stress be resolved or dismissed from your life?
6. If so, what steps must you take to correct the issue?
7. Do you give yourself time to daydream?
8. When you are sad, what makes you happy?
9. What makes you laugh?
10. What makes you cry?
11. What are you afraid of?
12. Do you have someone in your life with whom you can share your deepest thoughts?



order your copy HERE

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Find the Magic ~ In a Cup of Tea

In the spirit of Kitchen Wytchery, let’s find the magick in a cup of tea, and I’m not talking about a special cup of tea that we’re brewing just for some magickal mysterious purpose, but a ready-made tea purchased at the local grocery store. These teas are chockfull of herbs which all contain magickal properties, something the average person is totally unaware of. We’re going through the ingredients to find out just what kind of energies we’re working with:

The tea: “Dream Easy”

The brand: “Hyvee” (a local grocery store chain here in the mid-west, this is their store brand)

The ingredients: chamomile, spearmint, lemon grass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn berries, rosebuds

The Magick:
  • Chamomile: energy/projective (masculine); planet/Sun; element/Water. First, I beg to differ with the source I’m using for this info, but I find the fact that this herb’s energy is masculine (projective) and it’s planetary association (the Sun) is also masculine, yet it’s linked to the feminine element of Water– I get it “sleepy time, relaxing, etc.”; and, Water, as in dreams. But this still doesn’t feel right to me– the sun, the energy, all points to the element of Fire. Just saying.

Magickal energies: for sleep, to promote calmness, but also for luck in money matters; used in issues dealing with god energy– men’s mysteries, men’s health, etc., healing energies in general.

  • Spearmint: energy/receptive (feminine); planet/Venus; element/Water.

Magickal energies: used to promote healing, especially of the lungs (respiratory issues); used to promote love– actually to generate a little lust it’s said, though this herb would not be my first choice in this matter, way too tame to ignite this kind of raw passion, if you ask me, spearmint would lend itself better to something quieter and more deliberate, like sultry seduction; used to sharpen your mental faculties, though the element used for this endeavor would best be left to Air. It’s also said that this is the herb you want to tuck into your pillow, or keep near your bed, as it will protect you at your most vulnerable– when you’re asleep.

  • Lemon grass: energy/projective (masculine); planet/Mercury; element/Air.

Magickal energies: This herb is used to repel snakes– though, unless they were poisonous or dangerous, I don’t know why anyone would deliberately want to repel snakes, unless they had some deep seated phobia. Snakes are beneficial to your garden, and reflective of wisdom and goddess energy. Lemon grass is also used to heighten your psychic awareness, and again, this is another herb used to enhance lust.

  • Tilia flowers: (also known as “linden flowers” or “lime flowers”) energy/receptive (feminine); planet/Venus; element/Water.

Magickal energies: the energies are geared to love, luck, sleep, rest, dreams, weddings, and beauty. What’s not to love about tilia flowers. The energy of the Linden trees are said to be protective, this is also a ‘tree of immortality’, which would lend it’s energy perfectly for magickal spells of eternal youth and beauty; this is a favorite herb for all kinds of love magicks. Make a dream pillow of equal parts lavender and tilia which promotes both restful sleep and prophetic dreams.

  • Blackberry leaves: energy/receptive (feminine); planet/Venus; element/Water. 

Magickal energies: healing, money, and protection.  This herb is sacred to the old Celtic goddess Brighid, renowned for healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She’s most notably celebrated on February 2nd, a holiday called Imbolc.

  • Orange Blossoms: energy/projective (masculine); planet/Sun; element/Fire.

Magickal energies: love (known as “Love Fruit”), divination, luck, and money. The dried peel and seeds are used in a wide array of love magick, whether it be candle magick, mojo bags, or dollies, and this magick is serious– whompom serious– this is magick geared to culminate with a walk down the aisle. (I think it’s a hoot that orange blossoms are tremendously popular in wedding bouquets, but the general public doesn’t have a clue as to why.) Enhance your beauty by adding orange seeds to your bath water, or by drinking orange juice with this intention. This adds a new dimension to the old saying “beautiful inside and out”, no kidding, there are many forms of beauty, and what you are inside is going to show on the outside. (There’s a few specific people I’d like to point this out to but, ahem, we’ll move on.) Orange blossoms are added to love and lust potions, and since the element here is Fire, use with discretion, I imagine these potions carry quite a punch. The divination aspect, specifically for yes/no questions– ask a question, eat an orange, count the seeds– even/yes; odd/no.

  • Hawthorn berries: energy/projective (masculine); planet/ Mars; element/Fire.

Magickal energies: fertility, chastity, fishing luck, happiness. Because of it’s ability to increase fertility, this herb was long used in wedding ceremonies; on the other side of this coin, and it’s quite a flip– the leaves of the Hawthorn tree are said to promote chastity. I would imagine that these leaves, along with nutmeg, could be used in some high-falutin fidelity magick, but this would best be done with extreme caution, or there might be a whole lot of people who are going to find themselves suddenly celibate when this is not the desired outcome. Carry these berries with you on fishing ventures to fill your nets (and your skillet); use these berries to help alleviate depression (magically speaking, mind you); and turn to the Hawthorn for protection from lightening and evil spirits.

The Hawthorn tree does have some weight in the world of the witch– they use to be used to decorate Maypoles for Beltaine, and as far as lore goes, it was believed that Hawthorn trees were actually witches who transformed themselves into the tree (to avoid being burned at the stake, no doubt). Hawthorn trees are sacred to the witch.

  • Rosebuds: energy/receptive (feminine); planet/Venus; element/Water.

Magickal energies: love (and divination for love), psychic powers, healing, protection.

Are you kidding, this is The Ultimate Herb used for all kinds of love magicks, bar none. It is the epitome of love magick, encompassing human coupling on every level imaginable, and many levels you haven’t imagined yet. It’s worn for this purpose, given as a gift for this purpose, used in candle magick, mojo bags, hoodoo dollies, and in any significant way that a practitioner can come up with; it’s been burned, buried, and frozen, all in the name of love. A tea made of rosebuds is drank at bedtime to promote healthy sleep and prophetic dreams– and what do you think the main topic of these dreams will be– you got it. Rosebuds and rose-hips are used in spells to attract fairies to your garden, to heal minor aches and pains, as well as to relieve stress.

Now, drink your tea…

*Note: This statement is not meant to alarm anyone who doesn’t practice witchcraft. By using these teas, you are not inadvertently casting magick spells hither and thither. Remember– everything used and done to cast a spell must be used and done with intention. It’s all in the mind; it’s all in your purpose.

The sources for this article: “Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs” by Scott Cunningham, and my own Book of Shadows



This was originally posted at my blog
Magickal Connections, April 2014

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

This is Magic

Most people only know and expect from magick what they have seen on television and movies, or what they have read in fictional stories. They expect lots of special effects, both visually astounding and sometimes noisy. They expect instantaneous reactions from magickal incantations and would be satisfied with no less. To most people, if magick does not meet the above criteria, it is not magick.

They would be wrong.

Real magick works in its own way and in its own time…no special effects, no drum rolls, no flashes of light, and most of the time no melodrama. It works quietly, pervasively, discreetly, with sometimes surprising and unexpected results.

As an example…

There is a streetlight located in the neighbor’s backyard, far back in the southwest corner. I have hated this light with a passion for years. I like to go outside at night and bask in the moonlight or swim in the darkness of night, feeling the full effects of this magickal time. My children like to take their telescope out on a dark summer’s eve and visit the stars.

All of this is very hard to do when you are under the spotlight of an obnoxious mega watt light-bulb. We have cursed it many a time under our breath.

Last summer I decided to take matters into my own magickal hands and banish this light. The spell was cast, the curse of banishment spoken, the wand and finger pointed, the feet stamped, the candle set alight, the spell burned, the herbs spread, the Goddess invoked.

I felt within me a quiet sense of satisfaction.

The next night…

There was the light in all its inglorious obnoxiousness. I could almost hear it laughing in triumph, "Thought you’d get me, did you!" And it continued to shine upon us and our entire yard for the rest of the summer, into autumn. I began to ponder the situation, wondering what I may have done wrong, or what I may have overlooked in the magickal texts.

Winter came and spring finally broke through and transformed the world.

I stepped out into the backyard one cool spring night, bracing for the bright light to hit my face…but it didn’t. Our yard was full of deep blue darkness and black shadows and puddles of silver moonlight.

Surprised, I turned in the direction of the streetlight to discover that over the winter the old tree in the neighbor’s yard, that had looked so close to death, had experienced a transformation. Its branches had grown incredibly during the winter months and were now lush and full of thick green foliage.

The old storm battered tree had, in fact, grown so much that it overshadowed and hid the streetlight.

This is magick.


Originally posted in my blog,
Magickal Connections
April 2009

How Does a Green Witch Incorporate Her Practice Into Daily Life

This was a question posted at Pagan Mystics, a Ning network, wanting to know just exactly how a Green Witch incorporates her practice in her day to day life. Just what would a day in the life of a Green Witch entail, the author wanted to know. Below you will find my brief reply:

The Green Witch may begin her day with a pot of tea or coffee, each being laced with an herb or herbs appropriate for her intentions…You’re afraid your husband’s eye is straying, if not your husband himself? A pinch of nutmeg in his morning brew will do well to keep infidelity at bay. You’re going to be doing tarot readings on this morning and want to pump up your intuitive energies? A pinch of crushed bay leaves or a bit of ground anise to your tea or java will do just that.

When you cook up wonderful tasty dishes for your family, you keep this kind of herbal magick in mind. Does your family seem a little chaotic, disconnected, or argumentative today? Drop a pinch of rosemary or sage in the stew or mashed potatoes. The general public uses herbs every day in all kinds of mundane ways when they cook, never realizing the magickal potential contained within them. Oh, and be sure to stir your cooking pots full of food deosil (clockwise) only to instill positive energy.

The Green Witch will use herbs when cleaning her house, or scrubbing her floors…a little rosemary wash will clear your living space in a magickal way as you clean away the mundane dirt and grime. Are you having a little problem with mischievous spirits and it’s time for them to go? Light a white candle and a stick of sage or some sandalwood incense; walk deosil around each room, smudging the area.

Are you a busy soccer mom chauffeuring kids from school to various events and practices?  The Green Witch will have within her vehicle a mojo bag for safe travel, within it will be plantain, calamus root, and a stone of tiger eye. If she’s like me, she’ll also have a special stone talisman created specifically to keep her passengers safe, tucked discreetly beneath the seat.

Your child awakens you during the night with bad dreams or fears of shadows and boogie men? Give her a small saucer of salt on her bedside stand and instruct her to take a pinch and toss it at the shadows that frighten her. Not only will this clear away unwanted entities, you have just taught your daughter that she has nothing to fear and that she is the one in control of her living space.

Having trouble winding down at the end of the day to get much needed sleep? Tie a bundle of lavender together and drop it into your bath water. Light a white candle and soak, grounding yourself, clearing your mind and relaxing your body. Finish up the day with a hot cup of chamomile tea just before turning out the lights.

The idea here is that the Green Witch incorporates herbs into her every day activities and chores and uses them with MAGICAL INTENTION.

I suggest Scott Cunningham’s book,“Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs”, for an extremely comprehensive list of herbs, their correspondences, and magickal uses.


This was originally posted in February 2009 in my Myspace blog!

Re-posted April 2010 at Magickal Connections

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Your Daily Tarot Cards ~

I felt a real desire today to pick up a deck of tarot cards.
So I did.  I pulled and interpreted the following cards.

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  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ The Empress

Someone may be experiencing issues with fertility, or blockages when it comes to creative endeavors. You may feel that you are one in a sea of "others", whether it's because your opinion is unique and stands alone, or whether there's something about you or something you do that makes you stand out against a crowd. The cards say to hang on to your determination and resolve and do not let anyone belittle you or sway you from the stance you've chosen.

  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ 5/wands (R)

It's time to disengage from the squabble. Either the stakes are getting too high, or a point has been made and needs to be accepted, or the original reason for the discord has become nonexistent. The cards are telling me if you've reached high ground, stay there. The cost of trying to raise yourself above another fray would be too great. Also, I'm hearing, you made your point, there's no need to gloat.

  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ Queen of Pentacles

What a cool demeanor. On the outside she looks self-confident and assured, cool as a cucumber, like ice on a bitter day, as is her heart. It's an act. If you're a poker player, it's time to raise the anty. I'm also hearing, if anyone is involved in financial negotiations, consider your opponent this Queen, and play accordingly. Ice melts when heat is applied.

  • Your Daily Cards ~ 3/pentacles (R)

A three party situation has come to an end, and rather dramatically for some of you, with a spot light thrown on the whole sordid affair. The cards tell me that one individual will be left standing in the spotlight under extreme scrutiny. This feels a bit unnerving, probably because it's either out of character for a particular individual, or they're just not used to getting caught.

  • Your Daily Cards ~ Knight of Cups

This guy has the patience of a saint. He's not going anywhere. He'll wait for you as long as it takes you to get your shit together, or to make up your mind. He is forever hopeful. This card is telling me that someone is still pining for a lost love, still waiting expectantly for something that ain't gonna' happen. It's actually kind of sad, in that there is an individual who will pass up good things, keeping themselves in an unnecessary state of limbo. Love warps the mind. Time to get over it and move on. Don't play the fool.

  • Your Daily Tarot Cards ~ 10/wands

The load you're carrying now will eventually break you. There will come an opportunity to lay it down. Do that. This card is telling me that someone found themselves burdened with unexpected responsibility very quickly and with little or no warning. Don't allow it to destroy you. The idea of self-preservation comes to mind.

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