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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Now Available in Kindle! ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

I’m excited to announce that the Kindle edition of Green Witchcraft Grimoire is on sale today!

I’m thrilled that people will finally be able to start reading the book, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. Leaving a review is one of the BEST ways you can support my book and help others decide if Green Witchcraft Grimoire is what they’re looking for. If you’ve purchased the ebook and have started reading, please write an honest review.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Magical Teas to Brew ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

Leaf Not Your Power: Magical Teas to Brew… in this chapter you’ll find a recipe for a number of magical teas, as well as information and correspondences on black, green, and white tea. My favorite section is Elemental Teas, recipes to draw the energy for earth, air, fire, and water.

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of this book, please do so now at: 

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July 14th ~ Counting Down!

16 days until the release of Green Witchcraft Grimoire! If you've already ordered a copy, it will begin shipping on that date. If you haven't ordered a copy yet, you can do that right now at this link: 


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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Meet the Goddess ~ And Find Yourself

  • Maiden

I suddenly come alive within my body in wonder and acknowledgment of it’s miracle. I feel it as I am, it is, I am…I am…I am, I keep telling myself in amazement. I’m here, on the inside, looking out, listening, learning, watching, absorbing. No one knows this, the people around me seem unaware of it, the world seems unaware of it, but it’s true. I wave my hands wildly, my spirit trying desperately to be acknowledged, to be recognized. I’m like a sponge ready to absorb all that life has to offer me, all that I can grasp with eager hands, an eager soul, an eager body, an eager mind. What will I feel? What will I learn? How will I grow? How do I begin this journey in earnest, really, how do I push off and begin to move forward? And how will I know when I’ve reached my destination?

Color for the Maiden: white
Moon Phase: waxing
Her Influence: new beginnings

  • Mother

They all turn to me– the children, the husband, the community, the world. I am the center of the wheel. The universe is spinning around me as I create, build, grow, come alive with new ideas, and immerse myself in new projects. The spokes of the wheel come to me, racing through space and time from all directions, and me solitary and still at the center, taking the blows of life full-force. I am in the middle of life, going at a hundred miles an hour, watching the world around me race by in a blur of color and shapes. This is my time, my time to succeed, my time to taste the glory of life, my time to fill all the empty spaces. I feel that all the world, all the wild things in it, all the green things in it, are growing from something within the center of me. I was, I am, I will be. How can I keep from being absorbed by all the frenetic scattered energy and activity around me? How can I maintain my own identity without losing it amongst the myriad roles that I play in this life?

Color for the Mother: red
Moon Phase: full
Her Influence: ongoing projects, birth

  • Crone

Sometimes I’m tired, tired of the physical struggles of life. I’m tired of cleaning this house, I’m tired of trying to pull everything together for everyone around me. I’m tired of carrying life’s responsibilities on my shoulders for so long, through so much, through good times and through crises. I’m tired; I’m old and I’m tired. I would just like to sit in a chair, beneath a tree, with my hand on a cat and listen…listen to the wind in the leaves, listen to the earth beneath my feet, listen to the cat beneath my hand, listen to the birds and voice of nature. I want to be still, if even for a moment, and listen to the whisper in my ear, the voice of the goddess. She’s calling to me now, her voice laced with a sense of urgency. She’s waiting for my answer. Have I learned enough? Have I done enough? Have I finished my tasks? What is left to do?

Color for the Crone: black
Moon Phase: waning
Her Influence: death and rebirth

Explore the Goddess @

This blog post is an excerpt from my book,
The Spiritual Feminist

To order your copy, follow this link:
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Tattoo Tarot ~ The Rose Spread (video)

The Tarot Parlour 

I did this reading 2 years ago, June 2018.  The really odd thing about tarot is that it is timeless.  Lessons can always be learned, warnings taken to heart, outcomes pondered upon, no matter when a reading was done  As I watched this video again, it struck a definite chord with me for my life, and the life of those around me.  It smacked of familiarity and recognition, of reconciliation, and smug satisfaction.

Tarot is timeless.

This is a beautiful tarot spread with it's own mat that is included in the box of Tattoo Tarot.   This deck can be purchased at Next Millennium... http://www.magicalomaha.com

Friday, June 26, 2020

A Peek Inside With the Author

I was so excited today to make this video!  It's a peek inside my new book, Green Witchcraft Grimoire, with my commentary.  There's so much more to read and experience, so many things to explore and learn and try... recipes for seasonal celebrations and rituals, magical recipes for oils and potions and balms, as well as spells galore to help us navigate daily life.

Be sure to order your copy of Green Witchcraft Grimoire here:

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Divination Tools and Spirit Contact ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

I love this quote from my new book Green Witchcraft Grimoire: "Crystal balls are a gateway to the Spirit world, which makes them the perfect divination tool for connecting with a loved one who has passed.“

It reminds me of the first time a deceased spirit came through a tarot reading:

I was reading for an elderly man, and the reading was going along normally, when I suddenly said to him, "Okay, there’s a red-headed woman who’s just jabbering away trying to get my attention. Does this mean anything to you?”

He went pale and told me that it sounded like his wife who passed away just a few months ago. 

I said, “She’s very animated and chatty, isn’t she?” 

He said, “Yes!” 

It was at this moment I realized that divination tools can be used successfully to communicate with deceased loved ones. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

You can find more here: https://amzn.to/2X7DGbk

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Learning Something from this "Princess"

The deck used for this blog post:

I’ve been reading tarot for quite some time, and I began reading just for myself and my family. Needless to say, over the years, every court card in the deck became a family member to me, filled with both positive and negative traits.

And I have to say here, just so we’re clear, that not every family member or individual will mirror all the negative personality traits associated with the card, or all the positive traits.  Most people are a healthy mixture of each. It’s those few who go to extremes that make it really interesting, but not always pleasant. 

The court cards are interesting for me in that they are a psychological profile for a variety of personalities, and once you become familiar with these characters, you will notice that when you meet someone, you will automatically associate them with one of the tarot court cards, at least this is my experience.

The Princess of Swords:  First, the following is an excerpt from my book, Tarot for Grownups, and in this book I very clearly state the positive and negative aspects of this character from both extremes.

  • First, the negative side (ouch):

This Page is a bitch in the making. He/she is a younger version of the King or Queen of swords. It’s already difficult carrying on a conversation with this Page, because everything is all about them.  It’s the only topic they care to discuss, just saying, there's a bit of narcissism going on here. They’re conversation is blunt, verging on rude. Vanity is already at work here, and because of their youth and immaturity, it can actually get to the point of ridiculous. They have a skewered view of how attractive they are, or how accomplished, how smart, etc. Even now, and very sadly, they are setting a solitary path for themselves by alienating people who may actually love them. They treat people like shit, and then act all puzzled when friends and acquaintances disappear.

  • Now, the softer side:

Like all the personalities of this suit, this Page is the most intelligent and usually has a very high IQ. They tend to have a sort of tunnel vision when they are engrossed in the study of something in particular, or are involved in a hobby. This Page shares all the swords outwardly cool mannerisms, which so often masks a sensitivity they try to hide. This individual will often latch onto relationships with pets in order to protect themselves from the possibility of being hurt in human relationships. It’s a survival mechanism.

As you can see above, I’ve listed the extremes. Individuals that I know, who are connected to this card, have in reality run a happy medium. They’re smart, so smart it’s scary sometimes, and they love academics. The person this card stands for in my world will be a life-time student... learning, writing, reading, teaching.  This will be part of their existence for as long as they live. The softer side also shows up for them, in that they love animals and have, over the years, acquired their own little menagerie. And I do believe that the reason they have this deep connection with animals is that it’s easier for them to relate. Animals (pets) love you for who you are, just the way you are, it’s a kind of unconditional love that most human beings are not capable of.

Now the fun part, this is where you get to add your two cents, as it were. It might be a good idea to grab a notebook and pen so you can jot down answers and impressions as they come to you:

  • 1) What color on this card catches your eye first?

For me it's Blue. 

My interpretation of this color:  The element of Water, pointing to dreams, visions, psychism, intuition, and emotions. I feel this card is awash in human emotions, some smooth and tranquil and others roiling and churning. Blue is also the color connected to the throat chakra, and this tells me that issues of communication are being raised, perhaps new lines of communication need to be opened. I also connect the color blue to the goddess (and the Virgin Mary).  Perhaps this is from my years in a Catholic Parochial school passing the life-size statue of Mary in the hallway wearing beautiful sky blue robes.

  • 2) What element is the court card connected with?

The suit of swords is connected to the element of Air.

Also emphasizing once more communication.  Now I’m really paying attention. Whenever an issue like this surfaces more than once, or keeps resurfacing, a red flag should be going up. Along with communication, creativity and mental endeavors are highlighted.  But it’s this communication issue that I’m focused on. So what’s the deal? Who’s not talking to whom? What relationship in this individual’s life is breaking down?  How can we get the lines of communication cleared and running again? Your mind should already be spinning with the reading of this card.

  • 3) What image, or images, on this card jump out at you?

I’m just going to let my mind roam here, and you should do the same thing.

Yellow halos around the characters head and the sword: 

Catholic saints come to mind, the idea of sainthood, medieval artwork, purity of mind and intentions; but also illusions and delusions. Has communication broken down because of a misinterpretation somewhere along the line? Also, Excalibur, and with this image comes all the pomp and integrity of ancient knights and the fight for truth and justice.  The message I'm getting here is, "Let's get to the bottom of this."

 Her bare feet planted solidly on the stones: 

Stubbornness; digging in for the long haul; not wanting to be the first to back down. But also, someone who tends to be very level headed, maybe even extremely conventional; someone who’s solidly grounded, not easily swayed; someone who has a game plan and generally sticks to it. 

The bird in flight behind the Princess: 

An idea taking flight, an expression of freedom or a desire for freedom, something that this individual maybe hasn’t thought of yet, but something that will come to them in time.  Also, with this bird, comes a stronger connection to the element of Air and all that it entails.  This is telling me to pay attention.  It’s once more reinforcing the idea of communication as a central theme to the reading of this card. 

The flowers: 

To me they are indicative of spring. I’m so often asked for a specific time-line when it comes to readings, but very rarely does this come to me; and when it does, it generally comes to me through the idea of seasons or moon phases. When I looked at the flowers on this card, that little voice in the back of my head, the one that’s only a light whisper, barely audible, it said, “Spring!”. This would indicate to me that this season is important to this individual for some reason, or it means that the events surrounding this reading are going to culminate around springtime.

We’ve answered three questions in connection with this card, and look at all the information that was revealed in these three questions. Always look beyond what you have written down as your own answers. If necessary, pick apart each interpretation to take it to a deeper level.  For instance, I mentioned my association with the color blue to the Virgin Mary. I could take this one step deeper and list all the associations that I have for this deity. 

Do you see what I mean? You can keep going ever deeper, from one impression to the next, bringing out unexpected results. Mind you, this type of individual card analyses doesn’t have to be done as part of a reading for a client or friend, though it could be.  Personally, I mostly use this practice as a private meditation, in which you will uncover layers of your own psyche.

At any rate, just because I choose to stop now, you don’t have to.  Keep going.  If you have other questions for this card, new things to uncover about it or yourself, keep writing.

Bright Blessings,

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A place to write your magical notes ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

The Green Witchcraft Grimoire is special because you can make it your own. In addition to the spells, rituals, and recipes, the grimoire includes sections you can fill in based on your own practice, experience, and preferences. Here’s a look at how I personalized my own copy of the Green Witchcraft Grimoire in the section on magical teas. I am so proud of this book and how it will enable you to deepen your practice. Please support me by pre-ordering your copy here:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Lot'a Drama 'Bout Nothing

“I Offered the Wrong Fruit to This God!”"I set up my altar wrong!”…”My Life is Falling Apart!”, they wail.

I love this! (In a warped and twisted way.) People, mostly youngish people that I’m finding (mostly), have gone over-the-top insanely fixated on practicing their paganism from a strictly Historically Accurate context. We all know that this is impossible, those of us old ‘uns who’ve been around a while and tread the path from various perspectives and dimensions.

I sit back in quiet amazement watching the high-drama…”I’ve insulted Zeus and Cerridwen !”(Greek god; Celtic goddess, for those who don’t know, and that’s ok). They either set an altar up “WRONG”, or put the wrong offering out, or put the opposing altar with the opposing deities from opposing pantheons and cultures up too close together, or on the wrong day, or with the wrong intention…on and on and on and on.

These kiddos make me tired, just watching them. They must be expending an enormous amount of energy on the how and why, the “historical accuracy” of an ancient deity, the who and when, how much, how often, worrying about repercussions from the G’awds above if something isn’t done the way it was a bazillion years ago.

And in doing so, they are missing the point completely.

They are missing the blessing of any divine insight because they are so wrapped up in our physical world and fanatical practices, and totally consumed with worry about DOING IT WRONG.

How can Divinity get a message through all the dramatic over-the top cadder-walling going on, both verbally and in their mind. You have to be still, and preferably calm and peaceful, to connect with that inner voice, the voice that most often winds up to be the spiritual world trying to reassure us, or give us a message, or direct us in some way. You can’t hear that voice when you’re all hot and angry under the collar because you are trying to reconstruct an ancient practice that has left no witnesses, and you’re all mad that no one understands what you’re trying to do, and you’re even more angry that some people are telling you it’s not only impossible, it’s unnecessary.

How can anyone connect with the Divine through all that?

The biggest negative to come out of all this, that I can see, is that these people are blaming everything that goes wrong in their life on the fact that they might be worshipping a deity incorrectly, and it’s the mad wrath of the god or goddess coming down on them.


You’re not that important in the big scheme of ancient deities.

Your life is falling apart, if indeed it is, by the decisions you make, your own personal choices; the people you choose to associate with; the life-style that you choose to live. Your life is falling apart because of personal fears, personal weaknesses, personal demons.

Your life is falling apart because of all these things and maybe more.

It’s time for you to grow some kahoonas and take responsibility for the mess your life is in instead of blaming some ancient deity for your personal predicament.

You can’t fix it, repair it, or rebuild it by going bat-shit fixated crazy trying to worship some ancient god or goddess in an “historically accurate” way; and then getting yourself all messed up because you feel you’ve failed in this endeavor.

And then there are those people who just LOVE DRAMA, and they’ve found the perfect foible with which to feed this appetite. I’ve seen desperate posts by people simply hungry for attention, with all kinds of crazy stories about how they did something to bring down the wrath of the gods upon them.

And, you know, they generally get the attention they seek.

Again, I’m amazed.

They get patted on the back, blessings sent, hugs and kisses, because some big-ass old god is angry that they set up an altar the WRONG WAY, and now they are VICTIMS. Of course, the people who respond to such nonsense in this way are enabling this victim mentality, and it will go on and on and on and on. This won’t stop. It feeds too many emotional, psychological, and mental needs on such a wide variety of levels, both for the “victim” and the enabler. Nope, it's not going to go away, it's an addictive high for some people.

The saddest thing is that under these conditions a true Divine Connection will never be made, experienced, enjoyed, or accepted for what it is.  So, how can we make that connection, and make that connection in a realistic way?...

Be still.

Find peace.

Sit with the sun on your face.

Stand with the moist earth beneath your bare feet.

Listen to birds.

Pet cats.

Pick a bouquet of wild flowers.

Watch a sunrise, or a sunset…

And know that you’ve just Done It Right.

Monday, June 15, 2020

BOOK GIVE-AWAY ~ Enter now to win a FREE copy of Green Witchcraft Grimoire

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Astrology Flirts with Tarot ~ Find the Reading for Your Sun Sign

Note: This post was originally published in July 2017.  Do these cards resonate with you now?  Do these cards correlate with your life and the time they were first drawn?

  • Aquarius ~ 10/Swords (reversed)

There’s nothing worse than being nailed to the wall, other than being pinned down and cornered to do something you were hoping to get out of, or being called out on the rug to explain yourself or your actions– and this last one is going to be a spine tingling adrenalin rush experience for some of you Aquarians. This is always a difficult card when it rears it’s ugly head, and for many of you, you didn’t see this coming (until now). The best thing about this card is that it’s reversed. Many of you are going to claw your way out of an unpleasant confrontation, or situation, and find solid footing once more. Kiss the ground when you get there, and make sure this doesn’t happen again, do what you have to do, change what you have to change.

  • Capricorn ~ King/Swords (reversed)

Something is left unsaid. Communication is not happening, and it has to be resolved before it’s too late. There are reasons and ways in which things that need to be said, may never be heard. Make sure you have no regrets. Don’t be afraid of sounding silly, don’t be afraid to face disagreement, don’t be afraid to be wrong, don’t gloat if you are right. The words lay like a choking parcel of food caught in the throat. Don’t swallow them. Open your mouth and set them free, along with your conscience, your soul, and your peace of mind.

  • Pisces ~ 3/Swords

Some of you may face heartbreak or disappointment. Lessons are learned, wounds will heal. Life will pick you back up and carry you forward on your path, mercilessly marching you towards new horizons and experiences and awakenings. What we learn from heartbreak, pain, and sorrow is that it’s not the end, but only a pivotal point on our journey. Be strong, ride the waves, wait out the storm. Calm seas and peace await once the clouds have parted.

  • Aries ~ The Tower

Many of you are going to be called upon to endure great changes and disruptions in your life. For some it may be connected to relationships and family, for others it could be jobs and careers, and for still others it will be something unique to you and your personal experience, earth-shattering, life-changing. Oh, how we fight major life transitions, kicking and screaming our way through the storm, even when we know that things will be better when we reach the other side. Many of you Aries will be put to the test, stretched beyond your limits, tried by fire, tempered like steel. This is where you find out how strong you really are.

  • Taurus ~ Temperance (reversed)

This card is all about balance in our lives, and since it’s standing on it’s head for you, there’s a problem in this area. Many of you may find yourselves feeling up in the air, either overwhelmed with work, or not getting enough hours; some of you may be experiencing unexpected upsets with health issues, which so often kicks our lives out of balance on a variety of levels. You’re like a cat right now, Taurus, in free-fall. You’re going to have to figure out what you have to do to turn yourself around so that you land on your feet.

  • Gemini ~ Knight/Cups (reversed)

For some Gemini, the Knight-in-Shining Armor fairytale is going to remain a myth. For some of you this may mean that you have unrealistic expectations, and if you don’t lower the bar to a more human level, no one is going to pass the test, no one is going to be quite good enough. Developing a successful relationship with someone means that you learn to accept their very human flaws (This doesn’t mean that we “settle” for losers, which is the flip side of this coin.). It means that human beings aren’t perfect, and everyone has their own little quirks; and if we meet someone and fall in love, you learn to accept the WHOLE person, quirks included.

  • Cancer ~ 7/Cups (reversed)

Many of you Cancers will be making very important decisions during this period, and some of you will not be facing all the facts and may even be colorizing your choices and decisions with rosy glasses and less than a solid grip on reality. Be sure to honestly look at all the questions in order to find all the answers. Study the choices and brutally asses whether you can make them work in the real world. In order to have a successful game plan, you have to have a logical and realistic course of action. Now, go for it, Cancer!

  • Leo ~ 4/Pentacles (reversed)

Many of you Leos may have issues coming up that you’ll find rather challenging during this period, and some of these issues will involve relinquishing control (a horror scenario for strong and independent Leo). You may also be faced with unexpected financial circumstances that require substantial payments, which means breaking into savings, which means parting with your dearly beloved and precious golden coins. I know, Leo, you lovingly tend your growing nest egg and having to slice it open and remove a chunk is going to be difficult and unpleasant. Never fear, once this issue is resolved, life will resume as before.

  • Virgo ~ The Moon (reversed)

You will find yourself surrounded by deception. Either someone isn’t being honest with you, or you are not being honest with yourself. Some Virgos might feel that they’ve entered the twilight zone. There’s a very thin line between reality and fantasy, and when you find yourself in an extremely stressful unpleasant situation, it can make recognizing this line very difficult, which can make it dangerous on a variety of levels. During this time, seek out individuals, spiritual practices, or professionals to help you find the answers you need. It’s not a sign of weakness to seek help making right decisions, or getting through traumatic or challenging circumstances.

  • Libra ~ Princess/Pentacles

Messages and answers to financial issues will be forthcoming in a very timely manner. Some of you Libras will discover previously unknown facts, or knowledge, that will benefit upcoming decisions and will also shed light on circumstances, or people, surrounding you. Knowledge is power, the more you have, the stronger you’ll be. There’s s solitary flair about many of you Libras, intent on personal self-discovery, with a renewed interest in old and unfinished projects. Make your own kind of magic during this period.

  • Scorpio ~ 6/Pentacles

“The more the merrier” will be your mantra at this time, Scorpio. Where before there was not enough, now you will have a surplus. However, don’t let your guard down, don’t waste precious time or opportunities that come your way. Continue this forward progression with right action, solid common sense, determination, and a strong work ethic. It’s time for many Scorpios to climb the ladder to success. We so often talk about setting goals, but we so seldom stop and relish the accomplishment of meeting those goals. Do this, Scorpio.

  • Sagittarius ~ Knight/Pentacles

For some of you Sagittarians bouncing merrily through this year, you’re going to find yourself stopped short by the need for quiet practicality. Solid common sense, thorough and slow thought processes to work through an issue, are going to assure your happiness continues through 2017. Don’t be rushed into making any decisions. Remember, the show can’t go on until you say it does. The wonderful grounding aspect of this Knight will bode you well, reconnecting you to Earth energy and the solidity you need at this time.

I hope you have enjoyed your daily tarot/astrology
advice and insight.

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TAROT DECK REVIEW ~ Tarocchi Sola Busca

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The Word is Out! ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

As of this posting, this book is four weeks from its release date!  The next four weeks are going to consist of an intensive focus to get the word out about this new pagan book encompassing a beloved pagan path... green witchcraft.  You are encouraged to PRE-ORDER this book, which will be ready to ship July 14th.  Pre-ordering will grab Amazon's attention and highlight this book to the public.  A big thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered, wrote an endorsement or review, and to those who've passed this book on by word-of-mouth and a sharing of links!  This author greatly appreciates your support!

My long time friend and fellow witch, Onyx Moon Blackstone, just shared her thoughts about my new book Green Witchcraft Grimoire ~

"Finally someone gets it! From novice to expert, this wonderful Grimoire will demystify the perceived complications of walking your unique path no matter your affinity. Its simple, clear and soulful use of your spiritual time, with solid information on the foundations of spiritual crafting, is a combination not to be missed. My new “Go to” for my magical path. Bravo Amythyst Raine.“

Thank you, Onyx, for your support and kind words! I can’t wait to hear what the rest of you think too.

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

For the Seasoned Witch, or the New Practitioner ~ Here's a book for you!

Image may contain: plant

Writing a book is something an author does mostly on their own, so now that Green Witchcraft Grimoire is available for pre-order it’s so meaningful for me to share it with you, my online community. I’m proud of how the book turned out, especially how it will help new pagans who have just discovered green witchcraft as well as the seasoned green witch who may discover a tip, or recipe, or spell or two that brings a smile to her face.  By pre-ordering your copy of Green Witchcraft Grimoire you’re supporting me and helping get the message out to other readers.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Green Witchcraft Grimoire ~ What does this bring to mind for you?

This quote from Green Witchcraft Grimoire says a lot about green witchcraft and the green witch: "Not all of us face daunting danger every day, but sometimes we all face something that scares us. It's okay to be scared but it's not okay to flee in the face of something we need to confront. When something is coming up in life and you're going to need a little extra courage to stand up to it, you can cast this spell..." ~ What does this bring to mind for you?

Please support me by pre-ordering a copy of this book at Amazon:

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Hanged Man ~ A Study in Martyrdom

12 The Hanged Man

  • Keywords: self-sacrifice; martyrdom; selflessness; sainthood

  • Archetypes: Jesus; Mother Theresa; Princess Diana; Mary Magdalene; Saints

  • Correspondences:

  1. Number/3
  2. Planet/Neptune
  3. Element/Water
  4. Astrological Sun Sign/Pisces

  • Upright Interpretation: 

This guy is almost too good to be true, they usually are, and the ones who honestly meet this criteria never seem to stay around. Their life is just one episode after another of seeking out a way to enlighten themselves and move up the spiritual ladder. This character is the guy that got away, the one that was too good looking, too accomplished, too self-righteous to be real (but he probably was), you’ll just never know for sure because he’s off chasing causes.

  • Reversed Interpretation:

 “Get off your Self-Righteous high horse already!”, you want to tell The Hanged Man when he’s standing on his head. This is the character who isn’t going to do any good deeds unless he’s sure that someone will see him in action. He wants to get credit for all of his Goodness, and he relishes hearing the multitudes sing his praises. He wants you to think he’s spectacular and special, so you won’t ever see the Other Side of him. Vanity and Ego are his brothers.

  • Study Questions:

1. What is your first impression of this card?

2. What does this card mean to You?

3. Are there details on this card that especially stand out for you? If so, write them down and explain.

The answers to the next three questions are all about your own personal interpretation of what you see on the card, and how the card makes you feel:

4. How does this card define relationships?

5. How does this card define financial circumstances?

6. How is this card relevant to health issues?

  • Affirmations for Meditation:

1. Self-sacrifice has its place.

2. I will do the best I can without sacrificing my own health & security.

3. I will know when to give, and when to withhold.

4. I will learn from past mistakes.

5. I will not judge myself by the standards of others.

A Tarot Reading for The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man ~ The Hierophant; The Moon ®; 8/cups ®

Hanged Man, how did you ever wind up in that tree; how did you ever get to the point of such burdensome self-sacrifice? And now that you’re there, that you’ve found yourself at this point, how do you get out of it?

One reason you’re stuck in this precarious position, dear Hanged Man, is that you tried too hard to conform. You let everyone around you– family, society, friends, peers– lay out the rules of life, the boundaries, the white areas and the black shadows. The only tremendous problem with this, one you apparently didn’t think about, is that Their boundaries may not be Your boundaries. You’ve wound up avoiding all the black areas that would have embraced and taught you, and you’ve stood too long in the white areas that didn’t apply to you and your life, resulting in a terrific burn, as though you were standing under the brilliance of the sun too long. This experience has left you voiceless, tied to standards that you don’t know how to drop at this point. It’s left you with no confidence in yourself, or your ability to break free and think on your own, act on your own. It left you unable to embrace Yourself.

The beautiful Moon, so brilliant in her spiritual aspects, has turned the face of deception upon you. The wonder of it is that this deception, so cunningly placed here by The Moon, works both ways. Since your self-esteem has been eroded, you have come to follow a pattern of submission, and you believe and accept almost everything other people tell you, though their reality and their truth are so often patterned after themselves, or harbor a wickedness that comes with the face of a liar. The other harsh truth of The Moon, dear Hanged Man, is that she often points a beautiful shining accusing finger at the victim of self-deception.

Why are you bound to that tree, Hanged Man? Why can’t you just step down?…You didn’t know when to quit, you didn’t know when to stop trying, or stop Sacrificing Yourself and leave behind poisonous situations and people, leave behind something that was harmful to your spirit. It’s that Hierophant with his hand on all this, the one who demands conformity. And you lost all sense of your own instincts, of your own inner voice. You ignored your spirit guide, or your guardian angel, and you tried to follow the path of least resistance through life, so as not to make any waves, to cause any disruptions, to receive any criticism.

To release yourself from that tree Hanged Man…you need to reclaim Yourself.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Astrological & Celestial Connections ~ Green Witchcraft Grimoire

One of the most important aspects of green witchcraft is its esoteric connection with astrology. Because of the strong association to the natural earth and its energies, the green witch’s connection to celestial energies is often overlooked. That’s why I included this helpful information in chapter five (Celestial Spells) of my new book Green Witchcraft Grimoire.

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Tarot ~ Do you ever follow up on past readings?

Do you ever follow up on past readings?  I recently did just that.  I believe that this may have been the last tarot readings I taped outside at my house in Nebraska, in November 2018.   I'm a Libra, and boy, did this reading hit head on for me!  Now, after a year and a half, I can look back on it in amazement.

As predicted, I made a magical connection the month after this reading, December 2018, with the man who swept me off my feet!  And today, many big decisions later, as the reading stated, we are living here in Arizona.

It might pay to follow up on past tarot readings you've had when possible, whether they were readings with me or someone else, whether written emailed readings, or videos.  It will validate decisions you've made, consequences you've faced, or actions that you took.  It's almost more inspiring than hearing the reading the first time, because the predicted events had not yet transpired.

Zodiac Tarot Readings
Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

taped 11-20-2018

Time Stamps:
Libra/00:43; Scorpio/3:15; Sagittarius/6:17; Capricorn/9:22

I open these readings with an Outtake... I'm outside, but the temps are falling fast, it's dusk, and my back yard is being taken over by stray cats.  Also, check out the middle of Sagittarius, it's uncut.

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Money, Money, Come to Me

When it comes to money spells, it’s become common place to equate these magickal endeavors with such sanctimonious cliques as "I’m only doing this spell for necessities", "Money spells are not done to make you rich", "Only ask for what you need"... blah, blah, blah. Ya, right – and who believes this. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t love casting a money spell, only to wake up the next morning filthy rich. If I could, I would, and so would a lot of people.  They just won’t admit it.

But what we view as the successful manifestation of these spells, and what the universe views as successful manifestation of these spells are often two very different things.

This was brought home to me one fine summer day.

One of my daughters and I were going to take a walk together. When they were younger, I would love doing this on an individual basis in order to have one on one time with each child. This was also the day I was casting a money spell, and I was just finishing up this little ritual, and kind of hurrying through the end of it, as my daughter was calling to me, ready to go for her walk.

The green candle was still perking along, flaming in magickal anticipation, as we started off down the road together.

We had gone quite a ways when we decided to turn onto a dead-end gravel road. The end of this road stopped at a wire fence, staunchly held in place with large square posts. Beyond the fence was a wide grassy pasture, where a beautiful horse was lazily grazing and swatting at flies with its thick tail. Surprisingly, the horse came when we called, and we were enthralled to be able to touch this beautiful animal and to look into its big brown eyes.

We were leaning on one of the large square posts supporting the fence, and I just happened to glance down to see a very small square object partially buried in the dirt.

“What’s that?”, I ask my daughter.

She bends down to retrieve it, and brings up a very dirty piece of paper, folded several times into a tight square. She begins unfolding it, and unfolding it, and unfolding it, until it is fanned out in her hands.

Her eyes open wide in astonished amazement…it is a $10.00 bill.

This is magic.

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