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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tarot Readings: Get a Personal Tarot Reading With Me! (video)

This is another one of those "magickal" blog posts that slipped through the mundane crack.  If you've never had a tarot reading, I'm here to tell you that there's nothing to be afraid of.  Tarot readings are enlightening, entertaining, sometimes surprising, and always Fun!
Amythyst Raine is an author and psychic/clairvoyant. The tarot is her tool of choice, which she uses as a key to tap into universal knowledge. Amythyst is dedicated to helping others live better lives through self-examination, as well as through psychic revelations, spirit contact, and spiritual guidance.
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  • Saturday, August 22, 2015

    Want to Keep Up With Me? ~ Better Subscribe

    Good morning, World! It's a beautiful dark morning here in Nebraska, no rain yet, but it's in the clouds right above me. As some of you know, I have joined the ranks of the "employed", and I now have a regular job with regular hours. This means that I won't have all the time I use to for so much daily posting. It also means that I probably will not spend as much time posting links to new blog posts, new youtube videos, tumblr updates, etc. If you want to follow me, I would advise that you subscribe to my blog, youtube channel, tumblr, twitter, etc. to receive an automatic notice when I post...Morning Blessings, Amythyst


    Monday, August 17, 2015

    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    The Witch's Diary ~ Come Fly With Me (video)

    We snatched up two of our daughters and headed to the Butterfly (& Insect) Pavilion at Henry Doorly Zoo. (I convinced my girlies not to be so camera shy this time.) Photo credits ~ the photos in this video are *unedited* photos taken by me (Amythyst Raine Hatayama), and they are all completely unedited, even the one of myself that I chose for the cover and credits.

    I guarantee that you will be relaxed and recharged after walking with us through this magickal pavilion. And you actually will feel as though you're walking through with us, because I added the photos in the order that I took them. Yes, I know, I'm intrigued with the magickal tree in the middle of it all-- the entrance to the tree seemed like a large fairy door to me. Enjoy-- and if you find my videos interesting and fun, and you like watching them, subscribe to my Youtube channel for automatic updates.

    What is the meaning of the butterfly? This animal totem is primarily associated with symbolism of change and transformation.

    •Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, personality
    •Moving through different life cycles
    •Renewal, rebirth
    •Lightness of being, playfulness
    •Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual
    •The world of the soul, the psyche

    A secondary meaning of the butterfly is about finding joy in life and lightness of being.
    You’ll find more information at this link:

    Sunday, August 2, 2015

    Tumblr ~ Week-in-Review

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    *This Link Has Been Fixed
                          My dried basket of botanicals: plantain, hibiscus, marigold