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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Prairie Land Pagan Radio (guest appearance)

Prairie Land Pagan Radio– I’ll be a guest on Sunday, January 4th, at 3pm CST. The link is www.unitedpaganradio.net and people can use the call in number on the site to call in with questions and participate. They can also email directly with questions to post as well.

Happy New Year~ 2015 Resolutions

When I got up on this New Year's Eve day and let the dog out, I was greeted with a blast of air so frigid it's brittle.  This will be the first New Year's Eve in over 7 years that I have not done tarot readings at Ameristar Casino (in Council Bluffs IA); so this will be the first time in forever that I will be home on this night with my husband and kids.

I am relieved to say good-by to 2014.  It's been a hell of a rough year for the entire world.  "It's not just me", I think, as I read over the FB postings of friends, family, and fans.  There was something funky about 2014, and it's time to jump the bridge and leave all those weird vibes and energies behind.

I've said, for weeks now, that I strongly believe 2015 is going to be an amazing year of incredible opportunities and adventures; doors are going to open and new experiences are going to unfold!

So...looking to the future, what does everyone wish for 2015?  What kind of New Year's resolutions are we formulating? 

Here's a few suggestions to get you started:

Relationship Resolutions--

Be more understanding of my partner’s faults.
Have more/better sex.
Find happiness outside of my relationship.
Increase my gratitude for my partner.
Be a better listener.
Show more interest in my partner’s life, work and interests.
Institute a date night.

Health Resolutions--

Eat, but Don't Pig Out
Jump Outside the Box (Consider medicinal alternatives, like holistic methods)
Guard Against the Bone Thief (osteoporosis)
Move Center Stage (It's okay to put yourself first--take care of you!)

Financial Resolutions--

Know What You Want
Prioritize Your Debts
Open an IRA
Enroll in an Automatic Savings Plan
Close Unnecessary Accounts
Make Money Doing What You Love
Collect Your Change
Give Money (What you send out, comes back-- karma)
Begin Using Personal Finance Software
Read a Financial Book Each Month


There's lots more reading and in-depth information and dialogue on these resolutions at the following links...

Relationship Resolutions

Health Resolutions

Financial Resolutions

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Witch's Diary: With Amythyst & Joe

Bristolwicks Live Chat, 12-26-2014..."Unconventional" and "Off the Cuff" are putting it mildly. This week I was joined in the kitchen during our live chat with my husband Joe. It was a slow day at the Outer Circle, but it was livened up by the antics at our house. This is a good "get acquainted" video.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


I belong to the Old-Married-Lady Club. In spite of this fact, which I very prominently display on all and every internet site that might include interaction with strangers, I will receive messages from men who have apparently not bothered to read one iota of information about me, including the fact that I am not single, and I'm not available-- just ask my husband.

Anyway, as an old-married-lady I feel I can give bachelors (young and not so young) a fair word of worldly advice about communicating with women.  One very strange phenomena that I've noticed on a world-wide global level among men is a penchant for sending one-word messages to Females Who Catch Their Eye.  And that message is:


That's it, just "Hey".  No "Hello, you look so lovely, I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time to discuss poetry; books; the state of modern romance and courting; favorite movies; hobbies and past times; journey's; bucket lists; animals; families; children...etc."

Nope, nothing like that.  Just:


There is also no attempt to uncover any details about the Object of their message; and they apparently are not going to take the time to actually Read any of the information about this individual; but you'd think that they'd want to get to know the woman that they're contacting. You would think they'd realize this is a multi-dimensional human being with lots of layers to them, not just a still image on a computer screen.  So you'd think these men would ask questions like:  "What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day; have you ever rode a horse; toilet paper-- over or under; your favorite-- drink, book, movie, etc.; your opinion on [fill in the blank]; what do you think about the world at large; global warming; the price of rice in China?

Nope, nothing even remotely like that.  Just:

Guys...this ain't gonna' work, but...hey.

Edit:  Okay, all you bachelors out there, get your mental muscles revved up, watch a few notoriously emotional and romantic chick-flicks (for inspiration), and go find your True Love.  Another Very-Big-Piece-Of-Advice I'm going to give you is read the "about" section of your target's page!  Do not waste your time and energy on women who are "married", "just here for networking" or "friends".

Remember, if you can't take 2 minutes of your time to really look at a woman's profile, she isn't going to take 2 minutes of her time to respond to your message. 

 Good luck!

New Video Blog

Wow! So much is covered. Topics include: Radio-- I'm thinking of starting my own BlogTalk Radio Show (thoughts); Radio-- Attention!...Radio Hosts, I want to schedule some interviews about my next book; Writing-- the process & what went into my latest project; Tarot Deck-- Attention!...Artists, I want to create a tarot deck & I'm looking for an artist whose interested in working with me. Google Hangouts-- Yep, I'm thinking of starting a couple, who's doing it, how easy is it (thoughts). You'll also find lots of personal chit chat on this video-- Lots!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Success: How do you know when you've reached it?

1.  How do you measure success?

2.  Whose yardstick of measurement do you use?

4.  Does "success" boil down to nothing more than "satisfaction"?

5.  Why are some people satisfied with where they are in life, and other people are never satisfied?

6.  Is success a matter of ambition?...luck?...destiny?

7.  Is being successful linked with being competitive?

8.  Are most people who are "satisfied" with their lives considered "successful?  Why, or why not?

9.  Would this mean that people who are never "satisfied" with their lives and achievements are never "successful"?

10.  What makes you successful?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Witch's Diary: Fan Mail

The topics include prophetic dreams; dejavu; mediumship; spirits; mirrors; the moon...I chose two pieces of fan-mail from two young ladies to answer in a video message. I love your emails, and I enjoy sharing magickal experiences! You're all awesome!...Blessed Be

Monday, December 15, 2014

"The Spiritual Feminist" -- Cover/Release Date!!

Big BOOK NEWS!!!....Here's the cover for my next book, "The Spiritual Feminist"!!! I love it!! Thank you to all the talented editors & artists at Moon Books! (You guys are awesome!)

The artist who did the Apple Heart sculpture for the cover is my daughter Anne!  This piece is inspired by the Adam & Eve myth and is part of her Broken Hearts  collection.  I'm just thrilled to death that her art made the cover!  It feels like an amazing and unique mother/daughter collaboration.

Ladies!!!...This Book Is For You!

   RELEASE DATE: April 24, 2015
A Review:
"Part devotional, part grimoire and part empowerment manual, The Spiritual Feminist offers readers her-stories, anecdotes and correspondences for dozens of goddesses. A wise, accessible and often irreverent guide, author Amythyst Raine-Hatayama reveals the Goddess in us all, showing women of all ages how to honor, embody and invoke Her many facets. Once I began reading The Spiritual Feminist, I couldn’t stop. The feeling of understanding, and being understood, forged an intimate connection to the Goddess—riveting me to the page—stirring spiritual yearnings and opening new ways of seeing Her…almost as if for the first time."

~Janet Boyer, Amazon.com Hall of Fame Reviewer, PaganSquare Sacred Symbols blogger and author of Back in Time Tarot, Naked Tarot, 365 Tarot: Daily Meditations and other titles


Monday, December 8, 2014

An epitaph?...maybe, maybe not

My 1989 Suburban, The She-Sub, my infamous much-beloved vehicle, appears to be at the end of her life. Two or three weeks ago my daughters borrowed it to use in a moving-to-the-city-hauling-furniture-and-stuff venture. On the way home that night, it began leaking “something”, and it died. We had to make a middle-of-the-night dash to go get the vehicle (and my daughter), both sitting on the crest of a dark hill along the highway, to bring them home, towing the Suburban.

Last week my husband thought he figured out what was wrong with it, and we thought he had it fixed. But it was not to be. It's perplexing. At this point, we don't have a clue, and we can't afford to take her to the Doctor...ummm, I mean mechanic.

Joe is in the process of talking to individuals knowledgeable on the subject of mechanical automotive topics, and he's going to see if he can perform a miracle. He honestly thinks it's “fixable”; he just has to figure out what “it” is.

This story is a work-in-progress.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Can't Wash the Dishes

1) It dries out my itty-bitty lady hands.

2) My morning pot of coffee just got done brewing, and I have to have a cup.

3) I haven't checked my emails yet.

4) I'm letting the dog out.

5) I'm letting the dog in.

6) It's time for bed.

7) Constantine (or Grimm, or reruns of Charmed, or...) is going to start.

8) Joe is home, and we're going to watch movies.

9) Joe is at work, and I'm going to watch movies.

10) I'm writing.

1950s Propaganda...Little did my mother, grandmother,
& great-grandmother know that this was a Trap!

*Edit:  Look Fast!...I finally got the dishes caught up one evening and decided that I wanted proof.  Surprisingly, when I got up the next morning, the counter tops were still clear, there were just a few guilty little plates and cups in the sink.