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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'll be damned...

...there's always one rotten apple hiding in the barrel.  No matter what you're trying to accomplish, no matter what you're trying to straighten out, you'll have a troublemaker attempting to throw roadblocks in your direction.  The most you can do is persevere; the best you can do is beat them at their own game; the very best you can do is to beat them magickally, because the Universe will their kick ass like no one else can.

...when someone has you cornered (figuratively speaking), I was told to go with my first instinct because it's usually the right choice.  You also don't want to give up, lessen your efforts, or turn your back; don't give your enemy an advantage.

...the word 'hate'.  Someone was told that "that's a pretty strong word".  Well, yes it is-- that's the point.  The responder replied:  "What's the opposite of love?"......point made.  It's okay to 'hate' someone; it's a good honest, kick in the ass emotion.  Christians can get all fucked up over the use of this word and the reality of this emotion, but damn it, sometimes it fits the bill to a T. gone troublemaker, sez I. *wicked grin*

Okay, now for the positive side of the coin:

...the man who makes you laugh is the man you want to keep. Everything else will fall into place; and if he knows, right from jump street, where to touch your funny bone, he'll learn where all the other important parts of you are as well.

...admire the individual who doesn't give up in the face of adversity; who never backs down from a good fight (especially when it's for "the principle of the thing"); and who can do it on his own, but asks for your help and support anyway.

...soul mates. I was told that it might take a life time to find your soul mate, and if you've been burned in a few bad relationships from the beginning, those relationships were 'learning experiences', so that when you finally hit it right, there would be no comparison-- and no doubt.