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Friday, August 27, 2021

Desert Reading ~ 1) Narcissist, or Dreamer? 2) Family Decisions, Time Out


There are two readings in one today for your Desert Reading.

  • 1) Someone has had a dream for a long time without acting upon it. You might find yourself at the "now or never" stage of life.
  • 2) There's a family or group out there with some pretty heavy duty decisions to make. Not everyone may be on the same page.
*Note: if this video seems a little rambling, which it may be, but it still makes sense... it's because it was a last minute decision to tape with a short window of time, amidst a family emergency for my SO, and a telephone call in the middle of it all.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Emotional Deprivation Disorder ~ and the inability to maintain healthy relationships

Maybe in the past you brushed it off as a bad spell or put it down to the fact that you keep choosing the wrong partners. But as time goes on, and you keep falling into the same "trap", it gets harder to pass off these relationships as simply bad luck. Perhaps you’ve started to realize that the common denominator in all of this might actually be… you.

Not everyone we enter into a relationship with is going to end up being our life partner. And breakups and failed relationships are part and parcel of the human experience. In fact, although they might not feel like it at the time, breakups can be healthy experiences, teaching us something about ourselves so we get clearer on what we’re looking for next time around.

But if you find yourself constantly entering into relationships that are very intense or dramatic and with a lot of conflict, then it’s good that you’re here digging a bit deeper. You could be playing more of a role than you think.

We rarely set out to self-sabotage. Whilst we might express it in different ways, some more obvious than others, most of us crave love and intimacy above everything else. But past experiences can sometimes set us off on the wrong foot.

Let’s take a closer look at some of reasons you might be having difficulty maintaining a healthy relationship.

  • You grew up in a dysfunctional family

Our relationships in adult life are usually tied closely to our relationships from the past. In other words, we go with what we know. Our relationship with our primary caregiver/s growing up is what generally sets the tone for our understanding of what intimacy looks and feels like. That’s all well and good if it’s a happy one, but we run into trouble if something is amiss.

Dysfunctional might sound like an extreme word, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as growing up in an environment where our needs or feelings were not met. This might cause issues with low self-esteem and self-worth, where we grow up believing that our needs are somehow not as important as other people’s, or perhaps we become defeatist in the sense that we believe they will never be met (remember: you reap what you sow).

Below are some of the ways a dysfunctional family might present:

  • 1. Growing up with a single parent who over-relied on you
  • 2.  Overbearing, intrusive or controlling parents who didn’t respect your privacy
  • 3.  Supporting or acting as caregiver to a parent with chronic illness e.g. A depressed, needy mother who sought emotional support from you
  • 4.  There was preferential treatment in your household – whether it was you, or one of your siblings
  • 5.  One or both of your parents were either physically or emotionally absent

When we feel like the rug could be pulled from under our feet at every turn as a child, it puts us in a state of high alert. We’re going to grow up lacking a sense of trust, whether that be in others, the world, or worse... ourselves. This might give us issues with our identity (shape-shifting), cause us anxiety or paranoia, and a lack of self-worth.

  • You struggle to communicate your feelings

Lots of people struggle with expressing their feelings.  Society has taught us that expressing our feelings makes us appear weak or vulnerable, but if we are unable to communicate what we need or how we truly feel, any relationship we enter into is going to be doomed from the offset. Good communication is an essential component of a healthy relationship.

If talking about your feelings is something you try to avoid at all costs, therapy is a good place to start accessing your emotions and working with them. Over time, you’ll start to feel much more comfortable experiencing and constructively expressing your emotions. Both your relationships and your physical and emotional self will thank you for it.

  • 3. You self-sabotage and are addicted to drama

When we’ve had a string of failed relationships, we might find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle. When we’re used to the feeling of intense and toxic relationships, a normal, healthy relationship is going to feel unfamiliar. So when that lovely and stable partner does come around, you might end up subconsciously sabotaging it by picking arguments or causing drama. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with the odd disagreement, if this becomes your default way of communicating, alarm bells should start ringing.

  • 4. Trauma or abuse

Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in childhood can have a heavy impact on how we relate in later life. Sometimes abuse is obvious, but other times it’s less clear-cut. Emotional abuse, for instance, might not appear as anything to an outsider, but these kinds of wounds run deep and frequently carry through into adult life.

Suffering abuse at a young age can cause someone to respond, or cope, in different ways. At one extreme, a person might end up subconsciously keeping the cycle alive, entering into a string of abusive relationships. On the other, someone might shutdown completely and struggle to let anyone in at all. Either way, the impact of abuse can be devastating to the way we learn to trust, attach, and choose our personal relationships.

If you suffered abuse growing up, whether it  was physical, sexual or emotional abuse, it’s really important to acknowledge what happened to you and also to seek the right support. You can heal and recover. We all can.

  • 5. You have unrelenting standards

Having standards and boundaries are a good thing. The alternative is a dangerous place to be. But there’s a difference between knowing what’s good for you and being rigid and unrelenting in your standards. We all need to have a bit of leeway and give people the benefit of the doubt from time to time. If you’re constantly cutting people out of your life because you think they don’t live up to your standards, you might want to make sure you’re not subconsciously putting up barriers.

Dating used to be more of a long-term game. With so much choice at our fingertips, it’s now easy to flit from one partner to the next in the belief that there’s always someone better out there. Take a moment to check-in and make sure you’re not cutting ties as a means of distraction, or chasing an unachievable idea of perfection.

  • 6. Mental illness

Experiencing a dip in your mental health can takes its toll on your relationships. If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, the waves of emotion you experience are challenging enough to move through by yourself, let alone having to explain them to a partner. This can put a strain on any relationship. In these cases, open communication is key. However difficult it may seem, try expressing how you feel, rather than bottling it all up.

Sometimes an inability to maintain healthy stable relationships indicates something more ingrained. One of the key indicators for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is relationship difficulties. It is much more than everyday difficulties with intimacy though, it is a persistent personality trait that can cause a great deal of distress.

When it comes to relationships, BPD is marked by a seesawing between love and hate. You can idolize your partner one moment, but this can just as easily switch to hate the next moment, when things go wrong or if you sense impending rejection. There tends to be very little middle ground. This is because someone with BPD struggles with their sense of identity, meaning they shape-shift according to the person they’re with or who they love.

There are a lot of misconceptions about BPD, but really what rests at the heart of it is empathy. Extremes in behavior are often based around an anxiety stemming from traumatic experiences in childhood, such as abandonment. Because of this, someone with BPD becomes extremely sensitive to the emotional cues from others, often sensing and trying to predict when they might be about to experience rejection. This can lead to them cutting a relationship short when there was little to worry about in the first place.

How to form healthy relationships

We might think we can leave our childhood problems where they belong... firmly in the past. But unfortunately, most of us will end up playing out familiar feelings and relationship patterns long after we move into adulthood.

If you think there’s a chance that you are self-sabotaging your relationships, the first important thing to remember is this: don’t be hard on yourself. How can you be expected to create a feeling, or a dynamic, that you have never experienced?

Also, it takes two to tango. Digging a bit deeper, you might well find that both you and your past partners have been playing out your own patterns on each other.

Just remember that no experience is wasted if you've learned something. Accept the negative experiences as part of the journey, and resolve now at this moment to move into a new and healthier way of relating to a future partner.

The one thing that all of the above points have in common is this: they all come down to you

Breaking a pattern can take time, so don’t be discouraged if you slip up along the way. It’s about identifying past pain and feeling all the feelings that come along with them, while understanding that although your coping mechanisms might have protected you when you were young, they are hindering you now. 

It is time to choose a new and healthier way of interacting with your partner, or future partners. Only when you identify the source of what happened and where things went amiss, can you set about creating something that is right... mainly a successful, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Desert Reading ~ your life, your choices


This is just a short little three-card reading with one clarifying card. Basically, you might be getting ready to make some changes in your life through personal choices and decisions, and you might be surprised when you're called out by friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. The whole theme to this mini-reading is that you have to live your own life, often making choices and decisions that will not be popular, that you may be called out to defend... Remember, live your life so that you feel satisfied with your decisions and happy, that's what counts. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Desert Reading ~ on a dark and stormy morning


This is a quick four-card reading which reveals several issues with communication, or miscommunication, for some of you. It also opened many questions: Why aren't you talking? Why are you hesitant to open up communication? Why are you defensive? Why are they defensive? Is it time to take down some boundaries... is it safe to do this?

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Motherpeace Tarot Deck ~ Suit of Cups


Through the Motherpeace Tarot Deck, the feminine is highlighted, ancient mysteries revealed, and the wisdom of the Mother Goddess is imparted to us on our own spiritual, psychic, and astral quest for knowledge.


  • Element: water
  • Energy: receptive
  • Direction: west

  • Ace: 

The character on this card is taking a swan dive into a huge fountain of water. Sitting complacently before this fountain are two swans. Aces are all about beginnings, and this Ace is all about relationships. This card reminds us that you never know what you’re going to find, what it’s going to be like, when you enter into a new relationship with someone, whether this be a romantic relationship or a friendship. We trust on faith, and this card tells us that’s okay. Don’t hang back from beginning a new friendship or relationship just because you’ve been hurt in the past; don’t let your bad experiences rob you of something beautiful in your future. That’s what this card is telling us.

  • Two: 

Partnership, pairing, and sharing. As much as our individuality is respected and held sacred, so is our ability to share our lives, our world, our bodies, and our selves with another human being. Whether we are mated to someone through romantic love, creative endeavors, ideas, familial connections, or simply choice– this is a sacred union because what is part of us is touching another individual, adding to the experience of their life in ways we might not even realize. The fluidity of relationships is highlighted with this card, represented by the ocean and a pair of dolphins interacting on a blue horizon. Partnerships are not stagnant and are constantly metamorphosing to encompass change, changes within the partnership itself and changes to the individual. Because of its fluidity, partnerships, friendships, and special connections may not always be forever, but may touch our lives at a moment when it is most needed, when this connection will be most beneficial.

  • Three: 

Let’s celebrate, says the three of cups. As women, let’s celebrate our wisdom, our knowledge, our humanity, our beauty, our similarities, our differences, our strengths, and our weaknesses. Let’s celebrate with music and dance, with food and company. Let’s celebrate our diversity, embracing all womanhood, all cultures, all religions. Don’t let our differences divide us, this card reminds us. Womanhood united is so much stronger than womanhood divided.

  • Four: 

The character on this card is standing, vulnerable and naked, caught on the beach between the tides, surrounded by four cups. Traditionally this is the card that forces us to face unpleasant issues and personal demons, and that’s shown here where our vulnerability and delicate nature is highlighted in a breathtaking and shattering way. Which way do we turn, which direction do we take, what if we make the wrong choice; how often are we frozen by inaction, caught in the ebb and flow of life, unable to move forward or backward? The hesitancy and dilemma of the human condition is the focal point of this card. We’re left to question all that we are, all that we’ve been, all that we trust, in order to move on with our lives.

  • Five: 

We all retreat within our own shell. Whether single or married, mother or not, in solitude we discover our inner being, our strengths and our weaknesses, our promise and our vulnerability. And as we metamorphose throughout this lifetime, sliding from one stage to another, often barely noticing the transition and at other times jolted by the shock of it, we must change shells, always seeking a larger one. This card is a card of personal growth and discovery, transmutations that lead us to the soul’s final incarnation.

  • Six: 

Three women on steeds are riding the trough of a wave to shore, holding aloft flaming torches. The six of cups are all about the highs and lows of life; about overcoming obstacles and sticking with life till you come out on top. It’s all about learning from our mistakes; it’s about taking the negative experiences of our lives and using them to our advantage. It’s about holding our own in this world, till we gain victory over everything that bogs us down.

  • Seven: 

This card is traditionally a card of decisions, and Motherpeace affirms that decisions we make must be made from our own feminine intuition and convictions. This card also speaks to us of responsibility– for decisions that a woman makes affects so many in the world-wide circle around her…families, husbands, children are all impacted. The seven of cups also reminds us that, although we should trust our own intuition when making decisions, there is also a higher power from which we can draw strength and wisdom. The image on this card includes a woman in the center with a cup and a dove on her head, indicating that all decisions made will send forth energy and reverberations through her life and the world, and it will also bring this energy back to where it originated, coming full circle. Think carefully, decide wisely.

  • Eight: 

The eight of cups in Motherpeace is an octopus, tentacles outstretched, and each one filled with a piece of pottery, a coffee cup, a pitcher, an empty vessel of some kind. How well this pertains to a woman’s life! We are multi-taskers, juggling husbands, work, children, and a myriad of other possibilities in the palm of our hand (and inside our full and busy brain). “You are super-human”, society tells us, our culture tells us, and sometimes we tell ourselves. But wait. This octopus, floating in the calm blue waters of the ocean, needs to be able to let go of everything it’s holding, to let go of everything it’s holding back. This card is telling us that we need time, still quiet time to ourselves, in order to regain perspective, in order to find our center.

  • Nine: 

Enjoy…reap the rewards you deserve. This is a beautiful delightfully hedonistic card. It depicts several naked women around a pool, obviously in the throws of enjoying life at its leisure. Each woman is immersed in the unabashed joy of living, the joy of personal rest, the joy of desired activity, the joy of daydreaming, the joy of solitude, the joy of company. You deserve those things you wish for, those things you’ve worked for, those moments of human bliss. Graciously accept this gift from the universe, with no strings attached.

  • Ten: 

This card portrays a group of naked women caught up in a frenzy of music and dance. It highlights community and working together, it highlights sisterhood and group worship of the feminine divine. The ten of cups, in ordinary decks, represents ‘burdens’, but in the Motherpeace deck, we realize that as long as we have sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends, there is nothing that we can’t tackle and be victorious over. It is within the worldwide community of womanhood that strength and power, joy and hope, accomplishment and poise are raised to new levels and realized.

Court Cards

  • Daughter: 

The character upon this card is washing herself in a pool of water beneath a waterfall, arms and legs extended, delighting in the purifying coolness. The Maiden and beginnings seem to be highlighted, the excitement of fresh starts, the satisfaction of clean slates. This maiden is washed clear of regrets, able to look forward and to start at the beginning of a new journey. Her hand rests upon a large placid turtle, and perhaps it’s this creature that will remind her to take her time, move slowly, think long and hard before making decisions, so as not to repeat past mistakes. On the bank of the shore, a lone tree is growing, bending in towards the pool and the Maiden. This is the Tree of Knowledge, or perhaps the spirit of a guide, who will offer wisdom to the Maiden as she begins this new journey.

  • Son: 

The Son of cups wreaks of new relationships, and not necessarily conventional relationships. It speaks of growth, fertility, self-analysis, and enlightenment. It brings you at once to a place of inner peace, and it’s this inner peace that will affect the fabric of the numerous relationships we have in our lives. This card also asks us to take a stark look at the male figures in our lives, how we relate to them, and what type of energy is generated through this association. The essence of this card is ‘Discovery’…discovery of ourselves, the intimacies and intricate patterns of the personalities around us, and how we weave this all into our persona and our daily lives.

  • Priestess: 

This Priestess encourages us to embrace our natural gifts, our natural abilities. This card celebrates the element of Water and all that this means. Be still, it says, listen….shhhh. What do you hear? The small sounds of the world; the sound of rain in the trees; the sound of a cat purring; the sound of a sleeping infant’s breath; the sound of that still voice in your head, the voice you may have heard all your life but avoided, the voice you may have heard all your life without a full realization of exactly what it was. It is you. Be still and listen, says the Priestess of Cups.

  • Shaman: 

Pisces; seeking; inward journeys; dreams; and intuition…This Shaman represents our eternal quest to understand the unknown, to see the invisible, to experience the world of spiritual miracles and impossibilities. This Shaman takes us on an inward journey to find ourselves and to become familiar with the entities that inhabit this plane of existence– old ghosts and new personas.

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Motherpeace Tarot Deck ~ Suit of Wands


Through the Motherpeace Tarot Deck, the feminine is highlighted, ancient mysteries revealed, and the wisdom of the Mother Goddess is imparted to us on our own spiritual, psychic, and astral quest for knowledge.


  • Element: fire
  • Energy: projective
  • Direction: south

  • Ace: 

Aces are beginnings, and they usually appear as a doorway that you can calmly walk through to begin at the beginning of whatever. But this card, in the Motherpeace deck, is different. It’s explosive. The image of this card is a blue egg that has cracked wide open in a firey blaze, and what has hatched from this egg is an individual. This image has it’s back to us, arms and legs splayed out, thrown with such violence from the egg, she was. This card challenges us to leave all that makes us feel safe and protected behind; it dares us to break new ground, try new things, and to explore the world in brave abandon. This card, the Ace of Wands, says…”Look out world, here I come!”

  • Two: 

The two of wands speaks of mutual cooperation with our fellow sisters, of working together to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. This card tells us to not only look within ourselves to find the answers, but to look to our older and wiser sisters, to look to those who hold the knowledge and experience that we need. The two of wands in this deck reminds us of our ancestors, the wisdom of the ancient ones, the sisters who have passed before us. It wreaks of lineage, tradition, and continuity within ourselves and the feminine community.

  • Three: 

A woman has many irons in the fire, this card tells us. It represents the busy life of a woman in the midst of raising children, balancing work, spouses, goals, aspirations, and responsibilities to the world at large. This card reminds us that as we drain ourselves of energy for all these tasks, all this responsibility, we must also replenish ourselves. The three of wands is a card chock full of energy– ambition, determination, a sense of accomplishment, and pride. Revel in it.

  • Four: 

Jubilation, celebration…“The Gathering”. The image on this card, a band of naked women in garlands, ceremoniously trailing more garland throughout four poles, is reminiscent of the images from Z Budapest’s infamous women’s gatherings. It bristles of unbridled joy, emancipation, a total abandonment of conventionality and self-consciousness. It wreaks of feminine power, happiness, joy, and celebration. The small blue hummingbird, streaking across the top of this card, whispers…Freedom.

  • Five: 

This card is a warning to all womanhood. “Don’t bicker among yourselves.”, it says. “A divided house falls.”, it reminds us. “Stick together; support and encourage one another.”, this card admonishes us. Women tend to be catty with other women– you hear this all the time, and so often it is painfully true. In behaving this way, in not supporting or even undermining our sisters, we are turning our back on all womanhood; we are sabotaging ourselves. Women need other women; and we need them to be supportive, loving, encouraging, and faithful. Stop the catty behavior, the five of wands tells us– “Unite, women of the world.”, this card says.

  • Six: 

The main message of this card is to fully accept ourselves as women, to embrace our stark raw female sexuality– which most of the conventional world, ruled by patriarchal religions, does not understand and often even fears. The character on this card invites us to look at ourselves from new perspectives, maybe from intimate views and vantage points that might make us uncomfortable– we’ve been told so long that we shouldn’t go there; we’ve been told what is acceptable as part of being a woman, and what is not. This card invites us…no, this card *Dares* us to explore our femaleness, to revel in our strengths, to banish any weakness, to grow, to learn, to reach.

  • Seven: 

It’s all about gathering and organizing. The group of women on this card have obviously come together for a purpose. The center figure seems to be in charge. The seven of wands is all about organizing ourselves as a group, being able to pick out women who make strong leaders; it’s about getting our ducks in a row to accept life’s challenges; it’s about being prepared for the unexpected. But not all women have the luxury of being close to a group, and in this there is the sense that even as an individual without a good support system, you can still organize yourself to handle whatever life happens to throw at you. Perhaps this card is trying to emphasize that within us all resides the spirit of our ancestors, the spirit of survival, the spirit of the warrior.

  • Eight: 

The eight of Wands is always about movement, movement and energy. The energy of this card urges us to shoot off as much as we can…work, projects, ideas, activities. The eight of Wands wreaks of movement and unbridled energy that needs to be focused; it speaks of too much for one person to do, of goals that might seem unattainable yet help us to reach new plateaus of creativity and success. Sometimes, when so many people are telling us we can’t accomplish something, we have to believe in ourselves and forge ahead with bluster and bravado, having faith in ourselves when no one else seems to.

  • Nine: 

In quiet contemplation, you will find your strength. The female figure on this card, sitting naked and cross-legged ahead of a row of flaming wands, a coiled snake on each side of her, is calm in the face of adversity, versatile in the midst of life’s unexpected situations. This card emphasizes the importance of our inner calm, our inner voice, the balancing of our energies (the chakras). This card, though awash in a red background, alight with the flames of nine torches, represents wisdom and grace, and quiet dignity.

  • Ten: 

This card portrays a group of naked women caught up in a frenzy of music and dance. It highlights community and working together, it highlights sisterhood and group worship of the feminine divine. The ten of wands, in ordinary decks, represents ‘burdens’, but in the Motherpeace deck, we realize that as long as we have sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends, there is nothing that we can’t tackle and be victorious over. It is within the worldwide community of womanhood that strength and power, joy and hope, accomplishment and poise are raised to new levels and realized.

Court Cards

  • Daughter: 

This card carries the energy of wild abandonment in the midst of carefree youth. The energy of the Daughter of Wands is a reminder to us not to lose this wild, sometimes frenetic, extremely powerful energy with age; we don’t have to lose it, really! Exuberance, expectation, enthusiasm are timeless; it is this very energy which gets things done, accomplishments met. This is a powerful card filled with movement, from the geese in the air, streaking along with intention and purpose, to the unicorned goat racing beneath them, and the female figure, arms flung above her head, bounding through time and space.

  • Son: 

The energy of the daughter is carried over to the energy of the son, but it’s different, it’s not as solitary and singular, it encompasses community and family. It is the springboard inspiring cooperation. “Dance this dance with me.”, says the Son of Wands. The figure on this card is dancing for the female figures of the family, enticing them to join him, acting as a motivational inspiration. In the midst of life, this card reminds us, we don’t have to do everything alone; there’s strength and power in numbers, where goals are set and met…”But life can still be fun.”, says the Son of Wands.

  • Priestess: 

From the rainbow above her, to the large silent cat beside her, this card speaks of the Priestess as ‘caretaker’, a guardian of the earth and it’s creatures. In the Priestess of Wands is quiet dignity, compassion, the iconic symbol of the ‘mother’s touch’. But she is not burdened by these roles, in fact, this Priestess finds quiet strength in caring for others, in giving of herself. She is the epitome of “Mother”, sacrifice is her way. It’s the energy of this card that will bring you peace, comfort, happiness, solace in times of grief, serenity in times of unrest.

  • Shaman:

 The Shaman of Wands is all about control, keeping it, losing it, suffering the consequences of it. This Shaman has all those things he loves gathered around himself, kept close and tight, thinking that he’s protecting his precious belongings and people. However, just the opposite is true. The Shaman of Wands tries so carefully to keep that which is important to him close and controlled; he often winds up smothering the very things he’s trying to protect. This Shaman is resilient. The Phoenix rising from the ashes behind the figure on this card is very fitting. The Shaman of Wands will bounce back, recover and recoup from the most devastating experiences– though he’s not often found in these types of situations, he’s too careful, and he thinks long and hard before making important life altering decisions.

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Motherpeace Tarot Deck ~ Suit of Swords


Through the Motherpeace Tarot Deck, the feminine is highlighted, ancient mysteries revealed, and the wisdom of the Mother Goddess is imparted to us on our own spiritual, psychic, and astral quest for knowledge.


  • Element: air
  • Energy: projective
  • Direction: east

  • Ace: 

A diamond in the rough. Beginnings. The figure on this card is sitting in a lotus position within diamond shaped boxes, light radiating from behind her. All that you touch will turn to gold, but unlike Midas and his curse, your touch will not turn anything to stone. Your touch will ignite a passion and flurry of communication, discovery, creativity, and power. The magickal sword, Excalibur, is yours for the taking, this card tells us. You simply have to reach out and believe in yourself.

  • Two: 

What magickal energy– the female figure on this card is standing in a yoga position (the tree, I believe). She’s holding a white feather in each hand, creating the symbol for infinity in the air all about her. Beside her stands a stork, also on one foot. They are on a shore, beneath the full moon, discovering their balance, testing themselves, finding their point of origin, their center. Birth; fertility; unspoken communication; learning about oneself in a moment of solitude; preparing and applying ourselves for the big picture, not just the moment or the immediate future; thinking ahead; gaining perspective. That’s what the two of swords is all about in Motherpeace. We learn best, this card tells us, when we listen.

  • Three: 

The three of swords is a card of scattered and ‘dangerous’ energy. It warns of conflict, pain, betrayal, and emotional anguish at various levels. Betrayal may be the worst of the disclosures here. Being mentally stung and struck by someone whom you had complete trust in ruptures our ability to recognize just who we may or may not trust…it collapses all trust, like a house of cards with no solid foundation. When this card appears, a chain– a connection, is broken, often irreparably. The sense of betrayal will have to be worked through, and everyone will have a different idea about how to do this. The most important thing is not to allow this betrayal to contaminate other relationships, other connections, or the possibility of new connections.

  • Four: 

The female figure seated in the center of the pyramid is meditating on nature’s balance within her body, a balance that translates to the mind and spirit. She’s in touch with the essence of an energy connected to her chakras; and you can see behind her, speared on a golden rod, the circular color-coordinated spheres for these energy centers. Four is all about balance, but in this case, it is the supreme object in the four of swords. It’s about balance of body, mind, and spirit; it’s about balance between all seven of our main chakras; it’s about carrying this balance through into all areas of our lives; it’s about stopping to center ourselves, to heal ourselves, to nurture ourselves; it’s about making sure that we take care of ourselves in order to take care of others…as most women do. “Find your center.”, calmly says the four of swords.

  • Five: 

The image on this card is a pentacle constructed of swords, and within the center is a wasp. The wasp is as trapped upon this card as the individual for whom this card speaks. We can be trapped by many things, and most of those things involve conflict, which leads to chaos, which leads to confusion, which leads to ineptitude and lassitude. The wasp on this card finds herself sitting inert and impotent in the center of this pentacle, trapped by the swords…harsh words, cutting comments, selfishness, thoughtlessness, the inability to compromise, stubbornness. You will need to find that still center of yourself that speaks in whispers and ethereal images. You will need to find that still center that has the power to reach out and still the chaos that surrounds you…only then will you be free of the trap.

  • Six: 

This card reels with the energy and idea of freedom. “Let loose,” the six of swords says. Try new things, break new ground, stretch yourself to discover new potential and to develop your talents to the utmost. The essence of the six of swords is freedom in wild unadulterated abandonment. It is the collective energy of our sisters, connecting the universe and harnessing its incredible energy for sheer happiness. Within this card we learn that our individual strength is expansive, explosive, magickal; but when women come together and work for something in unison, the universe will not be able to stop or contain the strength of our will. This card connects you to your sisters, your ancestors, your peers. The six of swords implies that we can do great things in large numbers; it implies that everything we do touches everyone we know, including those who are connected to us indirectly. The six of swords challenges us to soar.

  • Seven: 

The seven of swords is a card that inspires us with wisdom, hindsight, determination, strength, and the idea that we, as women, are responsible for protecting ourselves. Not every woman has a knight-in-shining-amor stored in her hall closet, not every woman has someone to stand up for her, not every woman has the love and support of a family. But every woman has the ability to defend herself successfully. Grow some balls, this card says, don’t just stand around like a deer in the headlights when action is needed for defense. Make sure your boundaries are strengthened, your space secure, and your guard is up. This isn’t about being paranoid and defensive, it’s about doing necessary things to protect yourself.

  • Eight: 

Progression is still progression, no matter the speed at which you are advancing, no matter the speed at which you are completing your tasks. Once in a while, along life’s path, our journey may be temporarily halted by unexpected obstacles. So often we feel that this stop, this temporary cessation of moving forward, is the signal of defeat. On the contrary, once the obstacle as been resolved or annihilated, forward progression will resume at it’s previous pace, or maybe even at a faster pace, because we’ve learned something along the way, we’ve come up with a solution, we solved a problem, we created a positive outcome.

  • Nine: 

So many of the swords have to do with confrontation and protection. In a way the nine of swords is advising us to be prepared to defend ourselves, a theme which seems to run through this series. But there’s more here. This card highlights our path in life, all the twists and turns, the detours and the dead-ends. This card tells us that life is unpredictable, and that 80% of it will be perfect and happy, or ordinary and safe; but the last 20% is what is going to catch us off guard, and this is what we have to be ready for. This card warns us against getting so wrapped up in the small percentage, the little things, the glitches and bumps, that we miss the big picture. We won’t appreciate what we have, we won’t meet our full potential because we get side-tracked. Stay on course, as much as you can, the nine of swords says. Wander just enough to discover, be distracted just enough to learn.

  • Ten: 

In all decks, this card has dire meanings attached to it. In Motherpeace it’s even more significant. This card is a warning, a warning to all women everywhere: “What effects one woman impacts All women”. Remember this. Remember this when your tongue gets ready to turn a black word against one of your sisters; remember this when gossip runs amok, when there’s favoritism involved; remember this, that there’s two sides to every story; remember that there’s safety and strength in numbers; remember that as women we owe loyalty and an allegiance to woman all over the world, not just women we have personal contact with. This card is a reminder, a reminder to all women everywhere. We have to stick together, we have to support each other, we have to respect each other, we have to love one another.

Court Cards

  • Daughter: 

The image on this card highlights a female figure standing on a rock, bracing herself in the wind, hair flying, sword poised to strike, a group of animals huddled below her, under her protection. It confirms to us woman’s dominion over the animal kingdom– the magickal, nurturing, spiritual, mystical connection that so many women just naturally share. It highlights, with the image of a Holy Stone, woman’s connection to the world of fairy, and the spiritual connection that so many of us have with the paranormal, with magical creatures and disembodied spirits. It reminds us of the significance and power that comes with intuition and psychic ability. The Daughter of Swords reminds us that we are the protectors and keepers of Mother Earth; it reminds us that the ability to nurture is what adds to our mysticism, our heart, our femininity. This card reminds us that we are strong, lest we forget.

  • Son: 

The lone male figure on this card, a hunter coming home with newly caught game in his hand, surrounded by a ring of red and white roses, epitomizes the men in our family, our husband, sons, and brothers. It reflects on the honor of good men, those men who are endowed with the wonderful instinct to protect, cherish, and love the women in their lives. It celebrates their ambition, their sense of purpose, their stability, and their loyalty. It shines the light on the valor of good men and the principles they stand for.

  • Priestess: 

This Priestess of swords is standing in a pure white world and appears to have released a white owl into the barren landscape. The Priestess is sending wisdom forth into the world, and the wisdom that she’s sending forth brings back blessings and magick upon her. This card wreaks of calmness and simplicity. The Priestess of swords is sure of her own power and that of the higher energies she invokes. She’s comfortable in her solitude, whole within herself. She carries the essence of the Crone within her and all the shadows and intuition that follow the Crone upon her journey through the third stage of life.

  • Shaman: 

The Shaman of Swords is all about the voice…learning to find it, to use it, to hone it, and to create an instrument of profound communication with this gift. This card is also a warning, a warning that what can be used to build up can also be used to tear down. The voice can be misused as an instrument of destruction, and if we are to succeed in our endeavors, if we are to build our world and our life in the process, we must learn to use the gift of our voice wisely. This card is tapping us on the shoulder, reminding us that what we say may come back to haunt us, telling us gently to use discretion and kindness, wisdom and restraint.

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Motherpeace Tarot Deck ~ Suit of Discs


Through the Motherpeace Tarot Deck, the feminine is highlighted, ancient mysteries revealed, and the wisdom of the Mother Goddess is imparted to us on our own spiritual, psychic, and astral quest for knowledge.


  • Energy: receptive
  • Element: earth
  • Direction: north

  • Ace: 

This card is all about discovery, and it’s about discovery of the most personal intimate aspects of ourselves– through mind, body, and spirit. It reaches to the depth of our most secret selves, and it involves the process of learning to share this aspect of our persona with those we love. The Ace of disks demands that we strip down, literally and figuratively, and learn about ourselves at very basic levels. This card encompasses self-love and approval; fertility; and an integration of the masculine into our lives in uplifting and positive ways– embracing the energy and strength we find there. This card is about bonding with and accepting our wild side, that irrepressible nature that means survival and success.

  • Two: 

Woman is the epitome of balance. In modern times she most often inhabits both worlds: that of the outside, involving work and community; and that of the inside, the world of the hearth and home. We look to Woman for stability and reassurance. As the wheels turn and life progresses from one stage and phase to another, so she moves with it, balancing creativity (and sometimes children) on one hip, while she holds responsibility on the other. It is from this balance which she creates that those around her are able to live and work, love and play on an even keel, with feet planted firmly on solid ground.

  • Three: 

Climb the ladder to success, this card tells us. “Be all that you can be.” The three of discs is traditionally all about work, your employment, your job, your career. But this deck, as usual, takes it so much farther. The Motherpeace three of discs is giving womanhood a thumbs up; it’s telling us that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to; it’s telling us to dream big; set high goals; set high standards– we can do it– we can accomplish it, we can meet it, we are smart and strong enough to take our place at the front of life’s class.

  • Four: 

Sometimes we have to set boundaries, and this is not only okay, but necessary. Sometimes we have to protect those things we find precious, those things that belong to us; whether this be material items, relationships, ideas, or personal freedoms. The four of discs tells us that it’s okay to say ‘no’; it’s okay to keep what belongs to us, even if the rest of society is telling us we must share, telling us we must give and give and give. This card warns us not to give so much that we deplete our own resources. This card tells woman to protect that which belongs to her, that which she has worked to create, that which she holds precious, that which gives her strength.

  • Five: 

Fortitude and ingenuity, it’s these traits that will get you through a difficult time, and it’s these traits that will strengthen your resolve to be successful. Having the self-confidence and self-esteem to know that you can accomplish what you start out to do, to know that you are capable of taking care of yourself- even under adverse conditions, to know that you will come through a trial stronger than you were when you began the journey is a lesson in personal empowerment. This card teaches us independence, as it enables us to depend upon ourselves.

  • Six: 

Woman’s ability and responsibility to care for others is highlighted in this card, but so is her exquisite gift to accomplish this. The image is that of a caretaker, bending to place her healing hands on the body of someone in need, someone in need of magick, someone in need of Woman’s gift. As the six discs surrounding this image vibrate with energy, appearing to spin and weave with the universal web, we can feel The Gift. We can feel the healing energy, we can feel woman’s destiny and all that she contributes to the world and the individuals around her. Caretaker, Mother, Goddess, Healer, Witch, Wise-Woman…they are all us.

  • Seven: 

The pregnant female figure, languidly resting amongst a vine of plump ripe watermelons, says it all. Reap the harvest, enjoy your bounty. You are rich and fertile; you are ripe and luscious– physically fertile, as in the material world and all that you have gained; emotionally and mentally fertile, as in alive with ideas, plans, and creative projects. The universe is yours, the seven of discs says. This card also tells us to relax and enjoy: Stop and take the time to assess your success.

  • Eight: 

Laboring, whether the solitary woman laboring to give birth, or a community of women laboring for a single cause…they will accomplish a miracle. Within this deck, the eight of discs is a card highlighting effort, cooperation, single-mindedness, determination, and divine inspiration. It emphasizes woman’s life work, it spot-lights her creativity, talent, and ingenuity. It emphasizes both our personal apprenticeship to life, as well as our community responsibility.

  • Nine: 

Contentment, wisdom, experience, a coming-of-age is the theme for the nine of discs. The beautiful figure in the center of this card, crowned with abundant gray hair drawn gracefully back, is surrounded by magickal objects and tools. She’s practicing her Craft, working her magick, conjuring the spirits, moving energy through the universe. She is calm, self-assured, self-reliant, self-contained. She is who she is…”I Am Who I Am”. At this point in life, she is not seeking answers, but instead finds other women coming to her for advise, knowledge, and instruction. The Crone has arrived, says the nine of discs.

  • Ten: 

On this card you see a circle of women, a wide variety of women, from many cultures and ethnicities. In the center of this circle is a naked woman giving birth, the child just emerging from her body. On both sides, she is supported by a woman, held up in their arms. The traditional meaning for the ten of pentacles in a standard deck is wealth, usually familial wealth. The idea of wealth still holds with the ten of discs in the Motherpeace deck, but it’s a different kind of wealth. This card tells us to embrace the wealth of our sisters in the form of their knowledge, compassion, wisdom, and connection to the sacred feminine. This card magnifies the unity of the women of the world and the power and strength generated by this familial connection.

Court Cards

  • Daughter: 

The female warrior, the strength of youth and feminine vitality are highlighted by the Daughter of discs. In the Motherpeace deck, this is a card of affirmation, it’s telling us to remember that we are a fountain of strength and possibilities. The image of this card is that of a young and naked warrior priestess within a sacred circle. She’s holding aloft a staff which is emanating power and magickal energy. She is the one directing this energy, she is the one in charge of herself and the situation. Remember this, the Daughter of discs tells us: You are in control!

  • Son: 

 The warrior is also highlighted as the Son of discs, but in a different way than the Daughter; there is a different nuance here. The energy of this card suggests self-sufficiency, the idea of providing for your material needs, the idea of perfection in all that we do which comes through practice, determination, and our own unique talents. This card is telling us to fine-tune our craft, whatever that may be for each of us, hone your skills. The Son of discs tells us: “When you think you’ve done something to the best of your ability, you’ll find out that you can do even more.”

  • Priestess: 

This Priestess is rooted to the earth and the Earth, both the physical body and the element. She represents reproduction, creativity, and fertility of womanhood in all aspects of her life and her being. She is life come full circle, completion, accomplishment, and will-power. This Priestess is calm in the face of adversity. This Priestess is the foundation of the family. She speaks to us in the language of the old fertility goddesses, embellishing the story of creation from the feminine aspect. All who are lost, discouraged, weary, or sad can find encouragement and new energy with the Priestess of Discs.

  • Shaman: 

The shaman on this card is seated on his steed, slowly making his way between desert rock formations. At his back is a sunrise or a sunset. To his right is an eagle, and in his left hand he holds a shield. This card carries about it an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. The shaman is making this solitary journey with no fear or trepidation, open to all that he will experience and willing to learn from it. As he journeys through the beautiful but barren landscape, we are reminded that this is how we should journey through life. Whether the sun at his back is rising or setting, he’ll meet it at the next horizon.

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Motherpeace Tarot Deck ~ Major Arcana


Through the Motherpeace Tarot Deck, the feminine is highlighted, ancient mysteries revealed, and the wisdom of the Mother Goddess is imparted to us on our own spiritual, psychic, and astral quest for knowledge.

The Major Arcana of the tarot deck are most often referred to as the cards of ‘Fate’. These cards will force you to face that which you’ve been denying, avoiding, or trying to hide– either from yourself or others– Life’s Lessons 101 , with no opportunity to cram for the exam.

At a deeper level, when used for personal meditation and introspection, these cards will open the deepest recesses of your subconscious, revealing the lush world of color beneath the mundane and ordinary surface– much as Dorothy opened the door of her black and white world to reveal the Technicolor of Oz.

  • 0 Fool:

The character on this card is doing handsprings along a running stream, surrounded by a vulture, a cat, and an alligator. At the end of the stream, right in the midst of it, stands a blossoming lotus. This card tells us not to be afraid of the future, to live life with gusto and joy. A satchel is balanced on her foot, along with a peacock’s feather, reminding us to take with us into life all that we need, be prepared; and hold tight to a sense of high self-esteem. You’re not alone, The Fool tells us. Although in essence everyone’s journey through life is solitary, it’s punctuated and altered by all those we meet and those who touch our lives, if even for the briefest moment. Discern who are your friends and who would wish you ill. Keep your eyes open on this journey, but don’t let fear or indecision stand in your way.

  • 1 Magician:

Stealth, illusion, power, and mystery are encased within the figure on this card, a female figure wearing the skin of a leopard. “You shall see what I wish you to see.”, says this mistress of magick. The four elements are held in the palm of her hand and directed by her will: the passion of fire, the visions of water, the wisdom of air, and the balance of earth. They rule, and she rules them, teaching us that the power is ours, hidden within ancient ancestral memories, buried beneath centuries of oppression, it has been set free…and so have we.

  • 2 High Priestess:

She encompasses woman at her most base level, and you’d think she wouldn’t, but she does. The High Priestess should be all spiritual and above the physical world, but she isn’t; it’s all entwined together for us…for women. Each new physical experience, from first menstruation, to sexual awakening, to childbirth, elevates us to a new spiritual level. It is the way of woman. The squatting primitive figure on this card, sitting with open outstretched hands and spread legs, is drawing into herself wisdom from the past, from her sisters, from her ancestors, from the divine feminine. She is imbued with power and inner strength, she’s open to the energy. That’s what this card is all about– being open to the energy.

  • 3 Empress:

This card is wide hips and breasts full of milk, knowledge, history, and strength. It reaches into the past, far beyond the clutches of Christianity, to a deeper time when we were more connected to the earth and nature’s natural cycles. It dances the joyful dance of femininity, the dance of the wise-woman. The Empress luxuriates in all that is hidden and cloistered within our sub-conscious. She is our base raw sexuality, she is the essence of the witch, the female shaman, the matriarch in all her old glory. Through her lineage all women are connected, and one day the world will turn once more to the Divine Matriarch and set destiny upon an old new path.

  • 4 Emperor:

This card is all about male energy, so how can we incorporate this card on a spiritually feminist journey? Easy, this card is all about accepting the stronger aspects of your personality; it’s about embracing the masculine side of yourself, learning to grow with it, learning to run with it, learning to configure this energy into your daily life when necessary. So many women shy away from this side of themselves, perhaps because it goes against what they feel is expected from them as females– to be all soft and nurturing, forgiving, loving, and gentle. The Emperor helps us embrace the idea that sometimes we will come to periods, or situations, in life where we will need to draw on the masculine side of ourselves to be gritty, to be strong, and even ruthless.

  • 5 Hierophant:

Spirituality– this is the card that wreaks of spirituality. In traditional decks it is stamped with ‘conformity’, but not here, not in the Motherpeace Tarot. From the bare-breasted priestess with arms extended and palms raised sky-ward, to the scrolls and other religious symbols portrayed among a group of women, the energy on this card completely envelops our spiritual side. It acknowledges the varied spiritual paths available to us, it acknowledges the fact that each individual must follow the spiritual path that feels right for them, and it acknowledges the fact that many of us will spend a lifetime (or several lifetimes) experimenting before we find our way. The male figure in the background, a sword in both hands raised in reverence and worship, reminds us that the Goddess is also mother to our fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. Help the men in your life embrace the feminine divine.

  • 6 Lovers:

More than physical love and passion, this card is about ‘balance’ and the spiritual connection between two souls. The yin/yang principle is illustrated with two abstract figures that highlight the center of the card, and this theme of duality is carried throughout with other images. The Lovers card in Motherpeace reminds us that in order to achieve a real connection with someone, which involves focusing on all that encompasses human development– emotional, mental, and physical aspects, we often have to overcome obstacles and build a relationship one stone at a time, from the ground up. It’s this type of foundation that lends itself to magickal connections that last a lifetime.

  • 7 Chariot:

With freedom comes movement, with movement comes choices, with choices comes decisions, with decisions comes responsibility. The Chariot is telling us that in the end we are responsible for plotting our own course, for turning the direction of our lives around, for making changes within the arena of daily living that sweeps us to new levels of awareness. And The Chariot of the Motherpeace deck reminds us that as women, the movement we precipitate affects not only us, but all those around us…the bystanders– children, mates, friends, and family. Freedom may ring loudly and boisterously, but in the background responsibility sits quietly and heavily, riding upon our coattails, even as we run barefoot through the meadow, pretending we are completely carefree.

  • 8 Justice:

There are three figures on this card, one with her hand on a horned stag (truth and justice through the god), one holding her hand in the running water of a falls (truth and justice through the goddess), and one seated beneath a tree holding a turtle (truth and justice will come with time, you can’t rush the process). And so it is. This card tells us that instant revenge, instant retaliation, are not always wise, in fact are the wrong way to view a situation, or to deal with life’s issues. As the three figures on this card wait and watch, with patience and fortitude, they know that the universe will right a wrong, they know that justice will prevail, just not as we humans might envision it.

  • 9 Crone:

The Crone emphasizes that this phase of a woman’s life isn’t a culmination or a climax, it’s a journey; it’s everything in-between that it took to get to this point in your life. On the card in Motherpeace Tarot, the wise old crone in the forefront is looking back, perhaps with a hint of wistfulness and a sense of appreciation to the two figures behind her representing the maiden and the mother. You see, you can’t get to where you’re going without acknowledging where you’ve been. But make no mistake about it, this card highlights the wisdom you gleaned along the way; it highlights the round of applause you deserve for getting through life, and getting through it in spite of adversity, doubt, self-deception, self-sabotage.

  • 10 Wheel of Fortune:

This card tells us that energies are aligned; accomplishments will be celebrated. The center of this card shows planets aligned all in a row, and this is how our life will come to be ordered when the Wheel of Fortune shows its face. The characters around the edge of this card are ancient magickal archetypes for the feminine in all its shapes and forms, attitudes and traditions. This card challenges us to view ourselves in sheer undistorted honesty; this card challenges us to accept ourselves in all our shapes and forms, and stages of life. This card says bluntly, “I am, what I am.”

  • 11 Strength:

Through woman all living things find comfort, healing, warmth, and sustenance. The touch of the Feminine Divine has created this world and it is Her spirit which sustains all life and assures its continuity. It is the nurturing aspect of woman that is honored and emphasized on this card– the picture, a woman sitting naked in a field of green, as animals of all kinds come to her, to be renewed and strengthened by the touch of her hand, by the power of her magickal energy. And it is this archetype that is embraced within this major arcana card, to be passed on to us, that we may embrace this strength also, that it shall become part of us.

  • 12 Hanged One:

The Hanged One is an analogy of woman’s life– most important is self-sacrifice; illumination and revelation through self-analysis; spiritual enlightenment through solitary meditation and magickal practice; and self-discovery. It also represents a suspension of time, a suspension of forward movement, the idea of being forced to come to a standstill and listen…listen to our inner voice; to the Divine that’s trying to connect deep within our psyche; to our ancestors; to our sisters; and most importantly, to listen to ourselves– our real selves, not the image we show to the world. When we learn all we were meant to learn, only then, will we be freed from the tether, to plant our feet firmly once more on Mother Earth.

  • 13 Death:

On this card lay skeletal remains at the base of a white birch tree, surrounded by a fluttering of golden autumn leaves and a snake. This card speaks of transitions, of natural stages opening and closing, one into the other. It speaks of wisdom and spirituality following us on our journey through this life and afterward. It speaks of a time to rest and retreat from earthly concerns, a time to go inward– reaching to a deepness we may never have attempted before, or a place inside ourselves where we may have been afraid to go.

  • 14 Temperance:

Unlike the traditional image of Temperance on other decks, the figure on this card is a far cry from the staid angel. The female figure on this card is a bare-chested grass-skirted wild woman, shaking her body, shouting her affirmations and proclamations, stomping the ground in bare-footed liberation. She stands, masked and primal, on a beach, facing the daunting ocean wave in flippant disregard. This card tells us that it’s more than okay for women to make noise, stand their ground, make a point, kick butt, and confront their adversaries and the world with courage, self-confidence, and conviction. “You go, Girl!”, says Temperance.

  • 15 Devil:

That which we worship, which we feel is most important in life, often binds us. This is the message from this card, stark and clear. As women we are chained to so many of life’s cubbyholes, society demanding that we be successful in all of these areas and in all of our endeavors, maintaining standards that are not realistic or attainable for most of us. The Devil warns us about living life as though we are reciting a poem by rote. This card challenges us to break the mold, to cross the line, to take risks, to dare to be who we really are. And who we really are so often goes against the norms of a patriarchal mostly Christian society. The Devil warns us about going with the grain, digging our own ruts and then complaining about them as we stumble along. This card is a mirror of what our lives will be like if we don’t undo the chains that bind. It encourages us to seek freedom– freedom of thought and expression, desire and will.

  • 16 Tower:

Is she going to jump, or is the female figure perched on the edge of the Tower, surrounded by lightening bolts, going to leap…not to crash to the ground but to soar through the stormy sky with a cocky victorious “I-knew-I-could-do-it” attitude? This card reminds us that when adversity strikes, we are not alone, whatever the decisions we make, there below it we will see our sisters gathered together to show their support, offer their encouragement, carry us when need be, and allow us to soar solo when this is to our benefit. The Tower card in Motherpeace tells us that no matter how bad something looks, we can successfully deal with it.

  • 17 Star:

The female figure on this card, submerged peacefully in a natural pool, surrounded by stones, morning glories, a hawk, lotus blossoms and a gentle rain, speaks to us of peace and satisfaction, of learning to become comfortable with ourselves in a variety of settings and situations– whether we are part of a couple, or whether we are alone, whether we have the support of a close family, or whether we face the world independently and on our own terms. The hawk encourages us to continue life’s adventure and seek wisdom; the morning glories– beautiful as they are– remind us not to get embroiled and trapped so deeply by life’s problems and responsibilities that we lose the essence of our identity; the lotus blossoms highlights the feminine within us and around us, through divinity…and the gentle rain cleanses us and consoles our soul.

  • 18 Moon:

Intuition; mystery; the feminine mysteries; the element of water and all it encompasses– dreams, visions, second sight, the ethereal; the spiral dance; the psyche caught in never ending cycles of highs and lows, discoveries and enlightenment. The Moon in this deck touches on the basic feminine instincts and the Goddess. It is a meditative journey in and of itself, and in the end, it leaves room for self-discovery and growth.

  • 19 Sun:

This card is overwhelmed by the color yellow, and with it the impression of a party, a happy gathering of souls, an endless beach in an endless summer. It wreaks of magickal moments frozen in positive energy: The Garden of Eden; your 17th summer; a single moment of successful group cooperation; a magical joining of hands and ideas to push forward practical positive changes. The traditional meaning for this card is happiness, and that’s exactly what Sun emphasizes in the Motherpeace deck– happiness for the sake of happiness, one moment from a lifetime that is accepted without question and enjoyed for what it is, perhaps stored away for future reference, when the clouds come to cast their shadows.

  • 20 Judgment:

The mystery of the Egyptian ankh overwhelms this card. It’s image hovers over that of the Earth, radiating the colors of the rainbow, the colors of the chakras, encompassing the world. Unlike traditional decks, Judgment at Motherpeace feels like a soothing balm, bringing a return to balance, a sense of equilibrium that may have been lost and is found again. It’s like a balancing of the chakras for the entire world population, and for the physical Earth itself. This is a healing card in Motherpeace and the only Judgment card that I’ve ever liked.

  • 21 World:

The image on this card is a woman in a loose fitting yellow dress and head scarf, clutching a tambourine in one hand and a flaming torch in the other. Around her is a ring, a circle, the symbol of that which is eternal. This ring is made up of one naked figure after the other, each connecting with the next one. This card speaks to us of our lineage, our heritage, the ancestors. It centers on the idea of completion, but not completion with finality, more a sense of the eternal and unending cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. And in the center of the circle, the woman is smiling… “This is how it’s suppose to be”, she is telling us.

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Today's Tarot Cards ~ Let it go


  • Yep, it's regrettable, what you lost. It's sad, and you have probably gone over all the morbid grisly details in your mind a million times, needlessly getting a little weepy and morose at the reflection. But there it is, like a bad tattoo. You can't get rid of it, you'll never be able to hide it, and there will be many things in life that may be a reminder of this fiasco. However, it would be a crying shame if this past event and the regret that goes with it shadows and taints your future.

  • It's in the past. It's behind you. But you might feel as though it follows you wherever you go... into every new relationship, into every new venture. The thing is, life goes on and you'll be making new connections and new memories to go along with it. How awful it would be if every new memory is tainted with a past memory, laced with regret. If this is the case, new-found happiness will always feel shallow and incomplete, and you will never feel fully satisfied. You can't be happy with one foot in the past, longing for what you lost, guilty for the way things turned out. It is what it is, it was what it was.

  • Give it a rest. Let it go. If you won't or can't do this, don't expect your future to unfold in grand and wonderful adventures of bliss and happiness. If you can't or won't move on... you'll be cursed to carry the mold and stench of the past with you on your journey through life. And how unfortunate for anyone you may decide to start a new connection with. They'll be forced to carry the mold and stench with them as well.