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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memoir: Thursday, January 17, 1991

He (John) is absolutely irresistible now. It’s hard, sometimes, to put him down and go do something I should be doing. He loves to be played with and smiles and coos, “talks” back to you and giggles out loud. He also growls like a little bear-- very low and sometimes loud. It’s a funny, masculine sound.

Anne runs and “hides” in her “cave” behind the rocking chair when I get ready to change her clothes now. I try to be patient. It's a great game to her and she laughs and squeals-- although she really doesn’t want her clothes changed!

John is fat and rosy and big. He has wide blue-gray eyes and smells vaguely of baby powder and milk. Anne is getting very tall and slender and plays “pretend” so sweetly, talking to imaginary people who almost seem real, wanting “lipstick” on sometimes and becoming jealous if Duane gives me a hug, squeezing herself in-between us, becoming embarrassed and excited when he dances me around the floor. She squeals and gets very loud.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Memoir: Diary-- Monday, November 18, 1991

At a stop light today:  I watched behind me-- a man in a business suit, framed in my rear-view mirror.  He was chewing gum and would pull it out from his mouth, a long white strand, then chomp-chomp on the strand until the last of it disappeared inside his mouth.  He did this over and over, until the light turned green.

It was so inconsistent-- the business suit and the gum.  I felt like a voyeur.  I was given a glimpse of the little boy inside the man inside the suit.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Facebook: Hide n' Seek

The latest FB oddity, and social networks are odd enough to begin with, is that you can request your friends to click on your profile picture and make any comments you leave on their page invisible to the rest of the world.

I had to think on this one...First, if you're going to leave comments that are included in public discussions and posts on someone else's page, why not let everyone see them?  Second, why make someone else responsible for the privacy of your comments that you are leaving on their public page?  And what if, just what if, your friends don't want to click on your public profile picture and follow through with this request?  What are you going to do then, huh?...refuse to post on their wall?  unfriend them?

And why would anyone make such a request in the first place?  Quite frankly, it makes you look sneaky.

You have to suspect that this request comes from someone who may want to leave snarky bitchy comments, and they want to wallow in their witty sarcasms with the safe and secure knowledge that their target is unaware of their actions.

Look at it this way-- if you really have something private to say to someone, you can send them a private message-- that's what this is for...hello?  Otherwise, stay the fuck off their public page.