Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memoire: An Outline for Life Experiences

I've spent most of my life writing, and although I threw away a good chunk of diaries and copies of letters I've written over the years, I've also saved a few notebooks and spiral binders.  I dug them out today, wreaking of that very musty 'old-paper' smell.  Some entries are so personal and raw they make me cringe, others make me laugh at my own naiveté and inexperience...I didn't know what all was coming my way yet, what was coming down the pike, and I tended to be very idealistic. 

The following outline was written on December 21 (the winter solstice), 1987, when I was 30 years old:

Phases of Life
1.  Childhood
2.  Adolescence
3.  Adulthood...single/married
4.  Child-bearing
not experienced yet:
5.  Middle-age
6.  Old-age
1.  Childhood:
A.  Innocent
B.  Carefree
C.  New...perceptions, images, ideas,
feelings, experiences, sensations
D.  Frightening...fantasies, worries, fears
E.  Happy
2.  Adolescence:
A.  Deceptive...feelings
B.  Rebellious...moods
C.  Confusing...emotions,
situations, expectations
D.  Unhappy
E.  Self-conscious
F.  Conflicting...morals, ideas,
motives, actions
3.  Adulthood
A.  Single...lonely, relaxed, quiet
B.  Married...fulfilling, intense
C.  Focused...intentions, principles, work,
care (house, husband, children)
D.  Complex...feelings, emotions
4.  Childbearing
A.  Awesome
B.  Frightening
C.  Wondrous
D.  Intimate...emotions,
physically, sensations
E.  Tiring
F.  Painful
G.  Fulfilling

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