Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pass Me a Jack Daniels

My week, this week, is starting out on a string of notes, most of them off key:

1.  Monday: a visit to Premier Staffing, looking at a position-- writing promotional materials for a company and overseeing their social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blog, etc.)...Me to Joe: "They *Pay* people to do this???"  Joe:  "Yeees!".  Geesh.

I leave them my card and make a fast trip home to switch out vehicles-- when I go back, I'm thinking that they will have time to have brought up my website, blog, twitter, etc.  I'm thinking that the best thing I have to show them that this position is right down my alley (I do this All-The-Time for myself) is to allow them to view my own work.  But there's a catch.  After viewing all this They-Will-Know-I'm....Different. 

When I return, I'm asked in almost immediately for an interview and a few clerical-type Can-You-Do-This-and-This-And-This type questions.  Follows a lively 20 minute chat with the lady.  I can tell she likes me, and I believe I've answered the verbal questions to her satisfaction ("Do you look at The Big Picture, or do you concentrate on The Details?)...Ummm, you have to give The Big Picture a passing glance so you know how to whip the details into shape-- you have to know where you're going to figure out How You're Going To Get There.

Her parting words: A cheery, "If you don't hear from me by Friday, Call Me!"

2.  Tuesday:  blah.  Preparing for Wednesday.

3.  Wednesday:  Joe's surgery at OrthoWest in Omaha for Trigger Finger (This means that Joe will be off work for the next 2-3 weeks, on temporary disability, which hasn't even been approved yet, and is a fraction of Normal Pay-- *gulp*-- Who needs electricity anyway, it's probably highly over-rated)...yet to do.

4.  Thursday:  Pyewacket into Dr. Kent's for an allergy shot. (If it isn't The Dog, it's one of The Cat's)...yet to do.

5.  Friday:  Call the lady back at Premier Staffing...yet to do.

So there's our week...in a nutshell.
Pass me a Jack Daniels.

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