Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Finally Got It Cleaned (a photo blog)

The Witchy Corner: upstairs hallway, all lit up.
I finally cleaned this infamous corner.  It's at the end of the upstairs hallway, and I swear I haven't touched it in two years.  This gave it a rather dusty-haunted-house-movie-set-look (I told myself.)  The old-black-magick vibes were so strong here, I claimed, "I won't even touch this corner!" (That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.)  I got enough dust and dog hair off the bottom shelf to make another dog.
The Witchy Corner: upstairs hallway,
all dark & mysterious (and out of focus).
The Witchy Corner: All the glass jars and bottles are shiny and sorted.  I went through
herbs, magickal potions, graveyard dirt, incense, and candles...choking on dust all the way.

We haven't seen this cat (Bast) since yesterday afternoon, nor have we seen her sister, Duchess.  Where did she go? She's almost 14 years old and has lived here all her life, she doesn't wander away.  One thought I had was that the neighbor lady, who had a rummage sale in her garage yesterday, might have accidently closed up her sale at the end of the day and our cats right along with it-- if they were silly enough to have been sneaking around in her garage.  If we don't see these old ladies by tomorrow, I'll ask.

We are up, more often than not, at the crack of dawn. I have no idea why-- We don't have any place we have to be at this time of day.  (And when Joe goes back to work, on 2nd shift, the switch in timing is going to kill us!)  Morning is my favorite time of day.  I look forward to morning coffee; morning news; mornings on the back porch-- when it's warm; and mornings are my favorite time to write.  Morning sunshine is one of my favorite things. Mornings are a threshold (dawn), a magickal time.

Sunrise: I was trying to capture the rays of the sun through this series
of spider webs at the top of the ceiling.  But the sun was overpowering,
& I probably don't have the right kind of camera.

My birthday was in September, my 57th birthday.  I woke up that morning to a table full of flowers, boxes, cats, and a cake.  (It was a grand day.)  My kids are good kids, my hubby is a good hubby.  I am a lucky woman, I am, indeed.  Autumn is my favorite season-- I'm glad it is the season of my birth, says this Libra.

Notice the "Hershey's Chocolate Bar?  This, and a Rockstar
energy drink, are my favorite breakfast.  It's a perfect start to the day.

We're getting ready for Samhain (Halloween) on the 31st (my daughter, Sara's, birthday); and then we will be winding down, putting things away, battening down the hatches, preparing for the frigid winter we know is coming.  I feel an uncanny urgency to get this done quickly this's an omen.  I feel winter coming, it's whispering in my ear.

"The Court" is so different this time of year.  In the summer months, this is a gathering place, a place for hot dog barbecues, early morning coffee, a gathering place to chat and re-group, a quiet place to read or write.  But all I can think of now is getting everything dismantled and put away before the North Wind hits and the Snow starts to fly.


  1. I really would enjoy seeing more little corners of your house. It inspires me.

    1. I've actually been thinking about doing more little photo-things like this...the "nooks & crannies", as you say. I found it oddly satisfying.

  2. In this house, we have chocolate bars for breakfast!

    1. lol!!!...I didn't even think of that until I read your reply!! -- chocolate for breakfast must be a natural thing, or a natural witch thing, huh. :)

    2. I'll bet there's a gazillion people who have no idea what we're talking about.-- It's a line from a very witchy movie (Practical Magic)..."In this house we have chocolate brownies for breakfast!"

  3. Great blog, very enjoyable. I hope you continue with it. Truly inspiring. BB