Sunday, October 12, 2014

Things I'll Bet You Didn't Know

1.  I didn't know this myself until a couple years ago, when my neck started bothering me, and I thought, "Hmmm, wonder what's wrong; I better get this checked out."  And the doctor took an x-ray.

Over 30 years ago, I was thrown from a horse and landed on my head, snapping my neck sideways.  I didn't go to a doctor, being young and foolish, thinking that if I could get up and walk away, it was all okay.  I was wrong.  Come to find out, I had broken my neck!

The doctor looked at my x-ray and said, "Wow, you must have been in an awful accident!"

The top two vertebrae were fractured horizontally, over half-way through.  There's a bone chip from each of these vertebrae laying in front of them.  The next three vertebrae, as a single unit, is tipped backward slightly from the top two.  My spinal cord doesn't run straight through my neck, it takes a little curvy detour at the point between the top 2 vertebrae and the bottom 3. 

Yes, I baby my neck.

Yes, I do appreciate how lucky I am.

Yes, I know that this old injury could cause some pain and discomfort as I age.  (It already does.)

2.  How to tell if someone is a witch:

A writer, Stacy Conradt, wrote a wonderful article with a list of ten ways you can tell if someone is a witch.  These were actually used for the "Are You a Witch Test" during the witch trials in Salem!  (I would've been so screwed!)  I'll list the 10 ways, and you'll have to follow the link to Stacy's article for the explanations, it's interesting and to the point-- it's a great read! 

1. Make a witch cake.

2. Weigh them against a stack of Bibles.

3. Check for moles, birthmarks, scars, or extra nipples - they're marks of the Devil.

4. Observe them talking to themselves.

5. See if they can say the Lord's Prayer.

6. Ask a hard-of-hearing elderly woman if she's guilty while her good ear is turned the other way.

7. Observe the number of pets she has.

8. Take their sarcastic comments seriously.

9. Ask if they've had dreams about Native Americans.

10. Check to see how many times they've been married.

(I would've been screwed with 3, 4, 7, & 10.)

Follow this link to find out just how all this was used
to determine a person guilty of witchcraft:

click  Here

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