Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Am Not a Lot of Things

I am not an intellectual. I don't know why it's automatically assumed if someone likes to write that they are going to be incredibly intellectual and knowledgeable on all the hot topics of the politically correct present day.

I hate politics, of any kind. I'm the most non-political person that you're ever going to come across. I know, I know. I can already here the sighs and the wagging pointy fingers declaring that this is something I should be up on, something I should pay attention to, something I should be at least minimally involved in. (But I'm not.) It is the driest, most boring topic in the world, and I believe that the whole political system is akin to the public school system and parents: they want you to think that you have a say and some influence on a subject, but really-- you don't.

I love my spirituality and my magickal path, but I am not an expert on all the ancient and infinitely numerous pantheons, practices, or theologies. I'm not into the enthusiasm of people who want to historically dissect some tradition and then try to reconstruct it letter by letter, moment by moment, archaic rule by archaic rule, outdated practice by outdated practice. This is just too much detail for my weary little brain; and besides, this is not ancient times, and there will be better, more modern, more practical ways to practice an ancient path in the present day, a way that will build and expand spirituality and enhance our lives in the modern world.

I am not detail oriented. I hate reading long boring historical tomes on witchcraft, or the tarot, or anything actually. It makes me cringe when I turn to a page in any tarot book (including my 1st one) and read “...the tarot was used in Egypt 5000 years ago.” First, I'm not so sure that this is true, probably because I don't take the time to read all the numerous dry history books on the subject, the ones that probably contain a few facts and a multitude of theories. And honestly, this sounds awful, but I just don’t care. (I can hear a barely audible gasp.) Is this so awful? No, not really. Using one of my husband's favorite quotes: “It need not pertain.”...and it doesn't pertain, to me at least.

I've had a few rare occasions on a radio program where I was asked some incredibly detailed intellectual type question on a topic. I know that I have given them more than a few seconds of dead air time as I pause, thinking in blind panic-- Do they expect me to know this off the top of my head? Do they really expect me to carry on a long dialogue on this very complicated detailed intellectual academic topic? Are they kidding? Head's up peoples-- this is what Research Books are for.

(Apparently, I'm a Big Picture kinda' girl.)

I am not necessarily a good housekeeper. I was at one time. I use to think that housekeeping was an “Art”...and then I had 7 kids. Housework quickly became something I was too tired to do, something that had to be put on the back burner, behind laundry, and baby bathing, and story book reading, and grocery shopping, and breast feeding, and home schooling. And then later in life, after the kids were grown up, I discovered that there was a whole bunch of Important Things that I needed to be doing, like writing books, and other cool stuff, so then housework got pushed even further down the line. Do not get me wrong. I repeat, don't misunderstand me. I'm a Libra. I love my surroundings to be clean and beautiful and totally Zen. It's just that now-a-days, sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. And when they aren't, I know that they will be eventually.

I am not a seamstress.

I'm not necessarily a good cook, though my kids would tell you I am because they don't know any better.

I am not business oriented. Finances confuse me, and reading a tax document is like reading a foreign language.

I am not mechanical...hooking up the DVD machine is enough of a challenge for me, and there's only three options, all color coded-- red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow.

I am not always a good judge of character, and I'm empathic, you'd think I would be. I tend to be naive and trusting. I wouldn't lie and steal, or exaggerate; so I automatically assume no one else will either.

I'm not a good wife, at least I don't think I am. I'm like some crusty old bachelor who's set in his ways and gets all scowly if someone rearranges the pantry. I like my space, and I don't want someone else's fingerprints all over it.

I am not good at remembering things-- Lots of things! Some people might think I'm rude when I forget to answer their messages, but I have a good reason...I just forgot that you sent me one! I make lists all the time: notes to myself about things to do for the day, notes about writing projects, notes about phone calls, notes about Very-Important-Business-Emails that can't be ignored; notes about what to do the next infinitum.

I am not a party girl. (Libra likes peace and quiet.)

I am not a team player. (Think tarot card: The Hermit)

I am not a good gardener...I grow fond of all growing things, and some of the growing things in my garden I grow fond of turn out to be weeds, and I haven't got the heart to pull them out, or cut them down. Houseplants-- forget it. I have a black thumb with houseplants, and the smart ones commit suicide before I ever get them home to re-pot.

As you can see, I'm not a lot of things.


  1. Loved it! It is probably my favorite I've read from you or anybody else. I am also not a lot of things and we are very much alike in a lot of those! ;-)

  2. Ah, but my dear.....there are so many things that you ARE!!! Loved the article Amythyst. One of the things I like best about you is that you are willing to share these things about yourself, instead of painting an "all is perfect" unattainable world. Blessed Be, my friend....Blessed Be.

  3. Love the post, Amythyst! You are so beautiful! Many Blessings to you, my friend.

  4. Thank you, Ladies!...I am what I am. And sometimes I have a feeling that I'm not at all what people think I am. Ms Julie-- you are the one who's beautiful-- you look amazing in your videos.

  5. This is great! I felt like I was reading about myself! You made my day! I think you are an awesome person and brilliant writer!