Thursday, October 22, 2015

Free Tarot Reading ~ Pick-a-Card

Here we go again, off on another jaunt down the new-age, mystical, magickal path.  If  you've never received a tarot reading, give it a try.  These are three random cards that I interpreted using the intuitive method of tarot reading.  If you don't take this kind of thing seriously (though I do, I've seen how it works, and I've felt the energy and connection with the cards); you can view this as pure entertainment, something fun and different, which is how most of us readers have to promote our readings legally.  Someday the art of psychic readings, and especially the tarot, will be viewed in a more spiritual light, or at least accepted and respected as part of some peoples' spiritual path.

These cards, though interpreted individually, with the idea that most people are going to choose just one card, unexpectedly came together for a very cryptic and connected Three Card Spread.

Today’s deck:  The Rider/Waite Deck
Here’s your choices for today’s cards, posted on 10-21-2015
Use the Time Stamps to go directly to the card of your choice:

Card #1:  00.18 ~ Card #2:  03.25 ~ Card #3:  08.00
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