Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Tarot Reading for The Moon

Greetings, World!...I woke up on this Christmas Day, 2016, to pouring rain and thunder!  It's not suppose to do this at this time of year in Nebraska USA.  It should be snowing (doing the White Christmas thing).  Anyway, since my family is not doing the holiday dinner gathering until later this afternoon, I took this time to snuggle down in bed (once again) with my computer and morning coffee.  The result is the following one card tarot reading that you'll find at my "other blog"...Magickal Connections.

I did a tarot reading for a tarot card.  I know, that might seem like a weird thing to do, there a message here that might be just for you???  The tarot works in mysterious ways.

To view this reading for The Moon, go to ~


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