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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memoir: Thursday, January 17, 1991

He (John) is absolutely irresistible now. It’s hard, sometimes, to put him down and go do something I should be doing. He loves to be played with and smiles and coos, “talks” back to you and giggles out loud. He also growls like a little bear-- very low and sometimes loud. It’s a funny, masculine sound.

Anne runs and “hides” in her “cave” behind the rocking chair when I get ready to change her clothes now. I try to be patient. It's a great game to her and she laughs and squeals-- although she really doesn’t want her clothes changed!

John is fat and rosy and big. He has wide blue-gray eyes and smells vaguely of baby powder and milk. Anne is getting very tall and slender and plays “pretend” so sweetly, talking to imaginary people who almost seem real, wanting “lipstick” on sometimes and becoming jealous if Duane gives me a hug, squeezing herself in-between us, becoming embarrassed and excited when he dances me around the floor. She squeals and gets very loud.

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