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Saturday, March 14, 2015

On a Saturday Afternoon ~ photo blog

What do you do on a Saturday afternoon in Nebraska?...We piled into the car, Joe-- the girls-- and me, and we headed into Omaha to spend the afternoon with our Daughter (Beth) and her Significant Other (Dustin). We spent time at their apartment, shooting the breeze, doing makeup (Laura doing mine), trying to make friends with the New Cat, and taking pictures. 

On arrival!...Sara, Emma, Laura, Beth

A beautiful sentiment adorns the kitchen wall.
Pretty things in the Kitchen & Living-room:

A white Christmas tree remains up, in a corner of the living-room, complete with lights (which create a nice glow in the evening).  It's adorned with all sorts of very unchristmassy stuff, including familiar items from Dr. Who.
The Bathroom:

Somebody's Rubber Duckey!
The Den:

The Cats:

Pooter, a sweet Little Man

Astrid, the New Cat

It was a lovely afternoon, which included a shopping trip, and lunch, but the day was passing, and it was soon time to head home.
The area around the apartment is a tree-lined
terraced hill, full of squirrels and birds.
The sun was going down as we were headed home.  The following photos were taken while we were west-bound on West Dodge Road, Omaha NE.

West Roads Mall...Von Maur

We're below the expressway, coming back up-- just because we missed
the expressway exit.  No big deal, you just wind up on the street below.
You can click on the photos
to make them BIGGER

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  1. I just made an Edit!...I forgot a couple photos, including the White Christmas Tree adorned with Dr. Who items. :)