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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Today's Daily Tarot Cards ~ Time to Let it Go

The Deck: Pagans Way Tarot

The Cards:  Princess of Swords, 9/cups (R), Princess of Wands

Two opposing forces... 2 women?  2 lovers?  2 very unique and very individualistic people from a unique relationship angle?

The first princess is the one who needs to have the last word, or she think's she did have the last word.  Let her think that.  It's to your advantage.  She may also have her minions about her, her little clique who will come to her defense, get in a huddle, put those wagons in a circle.  Ignore them.  They really have no clout, they're just for show.

If a difficult situation has come to a climax, move on.  Don't re-open channels just to make a point, to leave a last jab, to prove something.  Let it go, let it go, let it go.  Like ships passing in the night, warships that have turned off their radar, leaving no trail to follow.  Stealth is the key to success here.  Pass quietly into the darkness.  Leave it behind.  Move on... These are repetitive phrases that keep running on here with this card --  Putting these analogies to practical use, it's saying block a phone number, disconnect on social media, draw back and dislodge.  It's not worth opening old wounds, keeping a conflict alive, pouring salt in old wounds.  They tend to get pussy and infected.  

You will not appreciate where you are now if you have a nasty after-taste in your mouth from a previous life, or previous decisions and actions.  Rinse and spit.  You need a nice clear clean playing field to move into a bright future.

There's personal power in the ability to turn your back and walk away from something.

It does not mean that you're callous.  It does not mean that what once was important to you has lost all value.  It just means that your life has changed, your direction has changed, and your priorities have changed.

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