Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hit n' Miss

I was proud of myself this past week for all the sweeping/mopping 'housewifey' stuff I was getting done around home, and this makes it sound like I spent all kinds of time doing this-- I didn't.  I am, admittedly, a 'hit-and-miss' housekeeper.  Words like 'sporadic' would also be appropriate.  I'll try to ignore anything for as long as I can until I can't ignore it anymore.  The irony of this, an oxymoron even, is that I love my surroundings to be clean and tidy and beautiful, or at least interesting and unusual-- and pretty (this is the Libra in me).  And I keep declaring to the world that every nook and cranny of my house would be in a pristine condition 24/7, if I didn't share my house with oodles of kids and oodles of cats (and one stinky very sheddy dog).  It would be-- really.

On one of my wild hair-up-the-ass days, when I was struck by the sudden urge to dust, I was going to tidy up a shelf I have, which sits at the very end of a very long, very dark hallway, right outside our bedroom doors.  Surprisingly, my uber tidy and clean-freak hubby told me to leave it.  "Don't touch it", he says, "leave it just the way it is."




  1. Love all of your potions. Your hubby is right, besides, how would you find anything??? ;)

  2. Absolutely! :) My Grandmother's theory on dusting was 1) I always break something; and 2) a layer of dust adds to the authenticity of my antiques...that's what she said.