Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Loner"...We're Not So Bad, Really

Someone on Facebook posted one of those very sentimental posters on friendship-- roughly, that even though we're not in daily contact with a particular friend, we can pick up the phone years later and take up right where we left off and still be best friends, etc.-- I wouldn't know. (And I even had the balls to post this very response-- "I wouldn't know"-- and that's the truth).  I am, despite my very 'out-there' website, blog, life, and activities, the proverbial "Loner".

It's always been this way, even in high school.  Hell, if I were in high school today, I'd be that quiet loner they so publicly claim they have to watch so she doesn't spaz out and shoot up the school.  Now wait a minute-- I sez to myself when I first heard this warning about 'loners', right on the heels of one of those horrible school tragedies.  I know they were upset, and the situation was over-the-moon bad, but listen-- do you realize what they did by saying that???

Every quiet shy unpopular kid in school just lost whatever they had left of their pathetic ego and self-confidence.  What a terrible image to hand over to all the quiet geeks who walk the halls, all the homely fat girls who will never go to the prom, all the outcasts and misfits who don't fit into any of the fashionable 'cliques'.  Can you imagine the outrage if they would've said something like:  "We have to keep our eye on every beautiful blonde cheerleader out there, she might be a loaded gun, she might be a threat to life and limb."...Honestly, sometimes people can be incredibly stupid.

Loners are okay, most of us, really...It's not that we don't fit in with the rest of the world; it's just that the rest of the world hasn't caught up to us. 

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  1. Or ....... we have absolutely no desire to fit in with the rest of the world.


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