Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Memoir: "I Like..."

Memoir: February 2007

I like...
the smell of the air right before a summer thunderstorm.  I like dew on the grass in May, and I like that breathless moment just before dawn and twilight. I like feather pillows, and amaretto on chocolate ice cream, and being right. I like the smell of horses and newborn babies, and I like a dog's cold wet nose and being able to make a cat purr.  I like candles. and walnuts, and beer, and movies that take me somewhere else, and romance that is impossible and makes no sense.  I like books that push me to the limitations of my intellect, and I like people who like to write.

I like my mother's soft hands, and I still like her lap-- even if I'm 49 and she tells me that my scrawny butt makes her legs fall asleep.  I like seeing the mountains in the distance and knowing that is only the tip of what's there.  I like suddenly coming upon something wild and not having it flee.  I like the smell of corn cobs burning, and bonfires, and gardens that are messy and wild and fertile with magical possibilities.  I like feeling a horse's power beneath me and it's body tremble with restrained energy, and I like it's soft muzzle and it's breath upon my face.

I like being woken up on a spring morning by bird calls.  I like the way my youngest daughter still curls up in a ball when she sleeps.  I like apples and apple trees and standing beneath them to listen to the bees buzz above my head. I like a blanket of snow that's never been stepped upon.  I like autumn leaves and gourds and the feeling that autumn is the end of something...but the beginning of something else.  I like owls, and a shiny bag of marbles, and the smell of new books, and old boots, and tea cups, and incense, and dried flowers, and the color green.

I like old sweaters, and warm feet, and the smell of sage cooking with a turkey.  I like stones and rocks and sea shells and the smell of dirt.  I like being surprised by garter snakes.  I like my strawberry patch, and rolling hills, and music that is sad and far away and takes you to a different time.  I like lavender sachets and men's rough faces and never knowing what's just around the corner.  I love the city spread out before me, and I love country roads that are lonely and endless.

And someday I want to stand on a beach and look at the ocean...so that I can like that too.


  1. My name is George and i am writing this from a house near the sea where i live in Greece.
    Greece these days is in big turmoil as a result of escalating austerity and economic crisis.
    We live in bad times and hope for better days is not anywhere near.
    Your words in this post reminded me that life is a precious gift and that the little things which happen around us and to us every day are the essence of happiness.