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Monday, February 10, 2014

Memoir: Old Market

Memoir:  April 26th, 2007

I drove into the city and dropped my daughter off at college last night for student orientation, and then spent the next two hours wandering around Old Market in the cold mist and blustery wind.

I bought a blue lace agate ring at Namaste and then went to a shop called Souke and looked at the most unusual little wooden statuettes from the mid-east...couples in various sexual poses, some of the poses from the Kama Sutra, body parts and forms exaggerated and distorted and polished to a shine in the dark wood.  Fascinating. 

I bought fudge at a small candy shop that is handmade and so good it has to be sinful...chocolate/raspberry and chocolate/amaretto.  I probably ate two days worth of calories in 20 minutes.

I wandered through a dusty cluttered antique shop so full of stuff that you could hardly navigate, afraid all the while I was going to bump something with my large purse, and followed the whole time by three cats wearing silver bells who rubbed up against my legs every time I stopped to look at something.

I ended up at The Bistro and had a cup of coffee and warmed up-- I was so cold by that time.  Damn wind.  Very high ceilings and warm rust colored walls; intimate little tables for two scattered throughout the large old building; a table set up for a game of chess; men bent over their laptop computers, completely absorbed with the screen ahead of them, reaching out blindly to grasp their coffee cups from time to time.  Light classical music filtering through a sound system.  Cozy sofas and coffee tables tucked in here and there and large brown cushions across a long window seat ahead of huge windows framing the cobbled streets, and traffic, and hundred-year-old buildings, and wind blown pedestrians.

Once I was warmed up, I dreaded going back out in the cold and just made it back to the car with 8 minutes left on the meter.

Photo: The Passageway
The shop, Souke, is located in this building, along with several other shops and restaurants.

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