Thursday, September 11, 2014

And Then Again...Strike 3

I've been calling Premier Staffing once a week religiously since I put in the application for the position-- the one where I'd get to write brochures and pamphlets for a company here in Fremont and take care of their internet social sites-- I even stopped there in person one week.  I learned yesterday that this position was filled. 

Boo!...sez I.

I told the lady, quietly and rather anti-climactically, "I can promise you that I'm better qualified for this position than whomever the individual was who got the job."  -- and I am, you know.  I write and I do internet social sites, both on a personal level, as well as professionally for promotion. 

I think this sucks.

Was it...

1) My age (56, going to be 57 the 24th of this month)?

2) No job history except for self-employment and publishing companies?

3) The pagan content on my own internet sites I gave them as an example of my work?

My rebuttal

1) I know that 56 going-on 57 might sound old, especially if you're really, really young.  But it's not.  When you turn 50 you will be surprised that you will still hike, bike, run, have sex, ride horses, play sports, fish n' hunt, and generally participate in life same as you did when you were 30-- really.  Yes, really, I mean it.  The only difference is, you will be a lot smarter.

2) No job history except self-employment & my publishers...If I were not a good employee, I would have fired myself.  Really.  I would have been ruthless.  I'd have come to my desk for work one morning, cup of coffee in hand, and I would've called myself right into the main office, sat myself down, and said, "I'm sorry Amythyst, this just isn't working out-- you suck.  You're Fired."

3) Pagan website content (meaning Witchcraft and all that occult forbidden-- but intriguing-- type stuff).  Hey, this is Fremont.  If you don't like football (and especially Nebraska Husker football) you are already considered odd.  I hate football.  My Freak Flag is waving bravely in the wind-- in big slow-motion ripples, with really cool special effects lighting and everything.


  1. I am so sorry you didn't get the position, but you are right! You would have been the best person for that job.................their loss <3

  2. Just a note about "Rebuttal", so there's no confusion: My conversation with Premier Staffing basically consisted of a couple sentences upon finding out the position was filled. The rebuttal to the three possibilities to not getting the job were entirely constructed especially for this blog...I felt it wise to maintain a professional attitude with PS because I most likely will be returning to them in the future. (Though I don't hold out a huge amount of hope for finding something appropriate for me to do through them, nor do I hold out hope of another job that seemed so perfectly tailor suited for me ever coming up again.)