Thursday, September 18, 2014

Home School Kidz, Part 2

The Scott Aquarium
The Scott Aquarium is visually overwhelming; I'm going to mostly just let the photos speak for themselves.  People find the Undersea Tunnel fascinating, and you'll see individuals just sitting quietly in awe.  It's actually very peaceful:
(Sara & Emma)

You get the opportunity to touch!!  The girls were chicken, but Joe was more than willing.  He said the creature he's touching here was "spikey & sharp".


It gives me a funny feeling in the tunnel at first, but it's cool.  There is constant movement within the tank, it seems, and people's voices murmuring and chattering, all echoing in the tunnel.  And it can be very crowded!

This is one Big eel.
 We are such wimps-- we go through two exhibits and stagger out to the tables for a Sugar Fix.  We brought our own drinks and snacks, which Joe had been toting all through the zoo in a black backpack.  One thing about the zoo food-- it's outrageously expensive, and it's not all that good.  My advice...bring your own, which you see people do all the time.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You guys looked like had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  2. Thank you, Bella!-- we buy a seasonal family ticket for the zoo, so it's really pretty cheap entertainment, and it's one of our favorite haunts-- my favorite is exhibit is the Lied Jungle.