Monday, November 3, 2014

My Hal'ween Babee

My gorgeous Sara turned 17 on Halloween (aka Samhain) this year.  We celebrated, as we do every year, with our traditional chili and hot apple cider-- amongst all the other goodies brought by siblings and friends.  Sara's birthday is so equated with this holiday and its celebration-- from the moment she was born and the nurses tied little "Trick or Treat" bags to the bassinets!
I want to wish Sara a bright and shiny year ahead, much love and joy, fun and adventures. 
I love you, Sweetie!!
(Just Mum)
ps-- her makeup is from a video character in "The Incredibly Slow Murder with the Extremely Insufficient Weapon" 


  1. What a treat to be born on Halloween. Or is it a trick? Hmmmmm .......

    1. Until she finally slept through the was a trick! :)