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Monday, July 18, 2022

Your Questions: Which direction is my life suppose to go?


Before we start...

Let's talk about "the future"...

Our future is not set in stone, it's fluid, and it keeps evolving according to choices that we make and directions that we take. Always remember this, that whatever answer you are given with any form of divination, there is always the probability that people's decisions and deliberate changes that they make in their lives, or ideas, or plans can alter the future. So often people seem to resign themselves to a divination outcome as being the last and final word on what's going to happen in their life. It is not. It only shows you a picture of how things are NOW, at this moment.

  • With that said, let's see what the cards have to say:

Your question:  Which direction is my future suppose to go?

As I said in the video, The Fool is all about somebody starting out, someone at the beginning of a journey and adventure,  There is the feeling of someone who is idealist, if naïve, someone who is open to life's incredible opportunities.  This character might be starting out without a game plan, but they make up for it with enthusiasm.

The cards are telling me that somewhere along the line on this journey, you became sidetracked, distracted.  This distraction came by way of an impetuous and spontaneous individual, or this represents you, yourself, and these are your traits.

The result of this new path, this detour, is that it changed you somehow, or it changed the circumstances and people you came in contact with enough to affect relationships with family and friends.  It may have created some defiance or stubbornness, leading to friction and maybe even confrontations.  In the long run this period would have been reflected by estrangements with certain individuals, or at least serious falling outs.

Your Question: Which direction is your life suppose to go?

The Answer:  Your life is going in the direction of a new relationship, a new connection.  

I most often feel drawn to a romantic relationship, a life partner, a soul mate, someone who's influence and presence bring everything into focus, someone who's energy radiates positivity.  Someone who changed your life and gave you a new perspective, someone who put you in a place to make wiser decisions, to take into account consequences -- both good and bad-- for any future decisions.

This does not always have to be a romantic relationship (though I'm leaning heavily in that direction for you); sometimes it can be a friend, an acquaintance, or a mentor who dramatically changes your life and permanently leaves their imprint.

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  1. Thank you so much!!!

  2. It is absolutely amazing how accurate your reading is. I just keep rereading it over and over. Thank you again for all your advice. We truly are blessed to have you share your gift with the world!

  3. You're very welcome; I'm just so glad that this reading connected with you, and that it's a positive experience.