Thursday, October 8, 2015

How do you know you're where you're suppose to be?

1)  It feels right.  There's no second guessing here.  It feels so right that the possibility of any other scenario doesn't even enter your mind.

2)  You're not missing bigger better more lucrative or beneficial opportunities by being where you're at.  The universe is smiling on you, and the blessings you're receiving are three-fold.

3)  Other areas of your life will also be positively affected on a variety of levels.  This may either come as a pleasant surprise, or a given.

4)  There are positive affirmations coming in every day through people, occurrences, or other synchronistic events validating this fact.

5)  You don't keep wishing you were somewhere else doing something else.  You will experience the rewarding sensation of contentment.

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