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Monday, July 23, 2018

What's in the August Newsletter?

The August newsletter video: As I was taping this episode the weather was becoming *Darker and Darker and Darker* and soon it began to rain, so during various sections of this video you may hear the rhythmic plunk, plunk plunk of water leaking around the sky-lights on my porch roof, you may hear the steady sound of rain, and occasionally the wind will rise. It's all good. There's a nice Q&A section at the beginning where I explain a little bit about my online coven experience and why I won't do it again; you'll also hear some court case questions, as well as other questions and answers dealing with Black Cat Oil and the use of Rosemary & Amythyst in the bedroom.

The second portion of this video deals with my personal experience with Independent Publishing. I really believe that this is a new wave for the future. There's also informal chatting about writing, deciding to write a book, and snippets of all kinds of ideas based around this topic. Hope you enjoy our visit though this video and the awesome summer weather!! Other videos include: Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way The Witch's Corner ~ Florida Water, Lode Stones, Love Magick Articles:
  1. August Moon
  2. August Moon Magick
  3. Pagan Holiday
  4. Lammas
  5. August ~ Crafting Your Magick
  6. Radio Interview ~ with Spaced Out Radio and host David Scott
  7. Tarot Lesson Today ~ Princess of Swords
  8. Binding a Gossip
  9. Plantain ~ Magickal & Mundane
  10. Money Magick ~ What else could it be?
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