Saturday, November 24, 2018

Spiritual Enlightenment Doesn't Require Abandoning Friendships

This is so sad, and I'm really trying to understand it.  A lady that I knew for years on the internet, at one time part of an online coven, suddenly and without warning, dropped her pagan spirituality like a hot potato.  That was sad.  The part I'm trying to understand is her husband.  From the photos and the stories she told, the activities they were into, the drumming circles they participated in, the holidays that filled their year with family dinners and pagan traditions, her husband seemed as happy on his pagan path as she was.  When she made her jaw-dropping jettisoned return to mainstream religion, her husband seemed to follow suit without a breath of protest.

Was he, or is he, just following blindly along as far as spirituality is concerned to keep his wife happy?

Doesn't his feelings and personal beliefs and desires count?

Did he have a choice, or is she domineering, and he chooses to do what will make his life comfortable without making waves?

Her own 180 degree turn about was mind boggling in itself.  I understand that an individual may experience many types of spiritual enlightenments and spend a great deal of their life exploring this realm on a variety of levels.  But it's usually a gradual thing, an interest sparked, an internal debate ensues, there will be signs and conversations, there may be gradual changes on someone's social sites, and a myriad of other signs that something is about to morph.  But with this woman, it was just out of the blue, and it left friends and coven sisters shocked.

Believe me, I wished this woman well on her new old journey, and held no animosity against her.  I was prepared to go on being friends and keep in contact because she was/is a sweet lady and one whom I enjoyed chatting with.  However, as most people do when they make a big change in their life in this department, she wound up unfriending and abandoning many of the people that she knew and had developed close and warm friendships with in her pagan life. 

Why can't people continue to be friends even though there are some major differences in certain aspects of their lives?  This I don't understand.  I have friends of many faiths.  I have friends of various political persuasion.  I have friends with polar opposite life styles.

How can someone who claimed to be your friend, who seemed to like you immensely, just one day decide to cut you off because of a shift in their spirituality?  I liked this woman when she was a pagan, and I was perfectly willing to go on liking this woman as a Christian.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Week Ahead Tarot Spread ~ Cards & Interpretations

Hello, World!... I'm going to be spending less time re-posting between Magickal Connections and Every Cat Has a Tale. This was suppose to be the blog I shared more of my Personal Stuff on, and I'm going to swing it back to that mode.  For blog posts on witchcraft and tarot, you'll have to travel on over to Magickal Connections.  And if you're not already, you might want to sign up at MC so that you'll receive an email when I post a new article.


The Week Ahead Tarot Spread ~ Interpretations

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Witch's Corner ~ October Newsletter & Video

The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~

Video Contents ~
Court Case Spells/DUI & Consequences
Samhain Special/Talking about Black Cat Oil
Tarot Card for the Day/Cutting things out of my life
My Sedona Crystals/and my ley line experiences!
Final Footage/Hiking trail in the Grand Canyon

The Witch’s Corner ~
Court Case Spells ~
Oils, Potions, n’ Powders/more information on Black Cat Oil, scroll down! ~

In-House Readings ~ My Last Public Readings

I’ll be giving tarot readings at Next Millennium Friday, September 28th 3-7pm. This will be the last time I’m giving public tarot readings. Thank you to Next Millennium for hosting me all these years! In the future, I will be providing Audio or Video readings only, and those can be purchased at my tarot website:

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have come for readings over the past years, and especially to those of you who kept coming back!  It’s been my pleasure reading for you.

If you haven’t experienced an audio reading, visit The Tarot Parlour and give it a spin.  You’ll discover that these are a fast and easy way to obtain a uniquely personal reading.  I read for people all over the world, and through the magick of technology we’ve made some amazing tarot connections.

Blessings, Amythyst

Saturday, September 8, 2018

What does a witch do on a summer afternoon?

A Post Before My Trip

In the wee hours of Sunday night (or early Monday morning), some of my kids and I will be headed for the Omaha airport where we’re flying out to Arizona.  There are connections there now that I feel will grow with the years.  I’m going to take advantage of this trip to immerse myself in Sedona for a few days and then go on to the Grand Canyon.  I’m such an incurable home-body that this is a step away from my usual existence, ensconced in my old house and the busy rooms, enjoying the woodsy wild back yard, and just being surrounded by and appreciating our multitude of pets (mostly cats, 6 of them black), and all of this in perfect contentment.

But destiny calls.

                                                     My Kitchen

I’ve been going through checklists of things to do, things to get, things to address, before leaving.  The house-sitter is set with a loaded pantry and fridge and an abundance of pet supplies.  Financial things are done, and strangely enough most of my monthly household bills have come in and been paid, so that’s one less thing to think about.  I have to pack today (Saturday), and I have one more work-as-usual day coming up (Sunday).  And then, we’re off!

I’ll be posting regular updates, photos, and video clips both at my Instagram and at my main Facebook page:

I’ve managed to get a few last minute witchy business things done, which were also on my list, including my Samhain Special at The Witch’s Corner:  follow this link and scroll down, it’s right there

I’ve put together a charming little bag to celebrate Samhain and draw in the spirits, spirits of the season and spirits we wish to communicate with.  Samhain is traditionally a time to connect with our ancestors and especially loved ones who have passed.

Honor your ancestors, and honor the spirit of Samhain,
with these magickal items.

The Samhain Special:

a white spirit dollie,
a bottle of Black Cat Oil,
and a black votive candle


*Note:  The Black Cat Oil included in this offer 
is safe for your skin, so feel free to wear it!  

It’s my own recipe, and it
smells wonderful!

From The Tarot Parlour ~

Audio Readings

With Samhain right around the corner, the end of the year coming, so many of us are questioning so many things about our lives.  There’s relationships and the changes that come with them, the doubts, the questions, the mystery of it all.  Some of us have reached pivotal points where jobs and careers are concerned.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is this it?  Is this all there is to my life?  Is this where I’m suppose to be?”… you’re more than ready for a reading to find some answers.

Follow this link and scroll down to order 
an Audio Reading

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Magick, Mysticism, The Tarot Parlor ~ & some changes

If you visit The Tarot Parlour, you’ll notice that a lot of options for readings through several types of mediums are no longer available. I’ll only be offering Audio Readings (in a wide variety of spreads & prices), and Video readings ($85) for a 9 card spread. You’ll also find a video on this page that was taped for a client so that you get an idea of what a personal video reading is like.  (It’s a lot like sitting across the table from me, but you’ll be watching it on Youtube.)

I think this is called “semi-retirement”.  I want to share my gift by doing what I love, and I love taping audio readings for my clients in the privacy of my home, usually ensconced at one of my patio tables in my wild and woodsy back yard.  This is the most profound way that I connect with the cards and the cards connect with me.  It’s magickal.

The video below is a promotional video I created for The Tarot Parlour, and I must admit I had a hoot playing with the special effects.  Have a magickal day, and if Spirit is calling to you, book a reading with me so that we can get a clearer picture.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

"You're Doing it Wrong" ~ How do you respond?

So, when someone tells you that you're practicing witchcraft the "wrong way", doing something "wrong", whether it's about what herbs you're using to make a particular oil, or what stone to use for what purpose, how do you respond?

Have you ever told someone that they're doing something the wrong way?

This blog post takes a hard look at superiority and opinionated ideas within the pagan community.  It also takes a look at how a lot of us learn and practice the Craft.  This blog post has a special place of honor at my OTHER BLOG, and that's where you'll have to go to read it.  (click on the link in the big loud in-your-face caps)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Enchanted Bracelets ~ Make a wish!

Enchanted Bracelets

Included with your enchanted wish bracelet:

A white tea candle anointed with essential oil to set
your wish in motion and three incense cones to seal the deal.


Choose Your Enchantment
& Make Your Purchase HERE

Earth Wish
Scent:  Peppermint

For prosperity, abundance, and good health.

Air Wish
Scent:  Nag Champa

For mental clarity, connection to your creative muse,
and opening up channels of communication

Fire Wish
Scent:  Rose

For passion in life, to draw friendship,
love, and soul mates

Water Wish
Scent:  Frankincense

To heighten your intuition, increase your
psychic abilities, and open your third eye.

Jupiter Wish
Scent:  Lavendar

For success with business ventures,
good luck in court cases.