Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Desert Reading ~ 4 of Swords

4/swords (R) ~ Some of us need to try harder. It’s so easy to become complacent when we’ve either tried and failed too often, or been brain-washed to believe that we can’t succeed in the first place.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Desert Reading ~ One Card for Today

10/swords ~

I'm not feeling the sense of "burdens" that this card is usually connected with.  There's more of a feeling about everyone being on the same page for some major transition, project, or job.  It's going to be important for some of you to have co-workers, a spouse, friends, or family all looking in the same direction, all working towards the same goal.  You will at least need their support and positive energy, as negativity or a lack of support will only make your task more difficult.

For those of you who find yourself at the threshold of something new, a decision to make, or a new transition coming up, make sure that you have your ducks in a row, that you have the necessary information you need to accomplish what you're setting out to do.  Some of you may also want to look around and see where the stumbling blocks lay and get rid of them; whether they are individuals, or circumstances, or personal weakness.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Desert Reading ~ Cards for Today

Six/wands (reversed)

There's a feeling like you're just not quite there... almost successful, almost reaching out and being able to touch a goal; but your success (or your idea of success) doesn't quite match up to your reality, or your expectations. Some of you are being particularly hard on yourself, placing the bar too high, unrealistically high. Some of you are actually quite successful, but you're being fed negativity by those around you who may be jealous, spiteful, or just cruel and critical. Eliminate these people from your life, and if that's not possible, then minimize the contact you have with them.

King/pentacles (reversed)

Some of you have lost control of your own life, control of yourself, control of the decisions that you're making. Some of you may feel that you're racing through life without a game plan. Some of you may feel uprooted, or suspended and stagnant, or vulnerable. There's the idea that a few of you may not be looking in the right direction for exactly what it is that will satisfy your needs. Which way do you have to go to honor your inner voice? What choices do you need to make to gain control of your life? (Some of these choices may be difficult, even painful, but the end result will be worth the effort.)

Four/wands (reversed)

Your foundation is not solid. Find the weak spots, rebuild from the ground up, start over, start again, re-do, repeat; and keep this up until you feel that your life is on firm footing and anything you build, plan, or start from this point will be sturdy, strong, durable, long lasting... and successful.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Great Migration

Some of you may have noticed that this spring, and this year in fact, has seen me very quiet on my websites and blog.  I even temporarily took down services and merchandise during this time at The Witch's Corner and The Tarot Parlour with very good reason.  My beloved life partner Bob and I sold our houses in Nebraska and moved to Arizona.  This undertaking involved weeks of working with realtors; cleaning out two houses of belongings; finding resolutions to an issue standing in the way; coordinating the sale and closing dates for two houses in two different cities/counties, as well as the purchase of a new house at the other end of the country; and dealing with all of life's normal daily activities and issues along the way.

This was the biggest most exciting adventure of my life.  It was physically and emotionally exhausting, sometimes frustrating, often scary and overwhelming.  It involved two flights to Arizona, house hunting, and decisions that had to be made quickly and logically for everything to fall into place and magickal timing to manifest realities.

It worked.

In the end we had three houses in three different cities and two states that wound up with the closing dates for all three On The Same Day.  We literally packed a U-Haul, left Nebraska, and drove directly to our new house!  It was incredible, and the coincidence (or synchronicity) was not lost on the realtors involved (fantastic ladies!)

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Spiritual Enlightenment Doesn't Require Abandoning Friendships

This is so sad, and I'm really trying to understand it.  A lady that I knew for years on the internet, at one time part of an online coven, suddenly and without warning, dropped her pagan spirituality like a hot potato.  That was sad.  The part I'm trying to understand is her husband.  From the photos and the stories she told, the activities they were into, the drumming circles they participated in, the holidays that filled their year with family dinners and pagan traditions, her husband seemed as happy on his pagan path as she was.  When she made her jaw-dropping jettisoned return to mainstream religion, her husband seemed to follow suit without a breath of protest.

Was he, or is he, just following blindly along as far as spirituality is concerned to keep his wife happy?

Doesn't his feelings and personal beliefs and desires count?

Did he have a choice, or is she domineering, and he chooses to do what will make his life comfortable without making waves?

Her own 180 degree turn about was mind boggling in itself.  I understand that an individual may experience many types of spiritual enlightenments and spend a great deal of their life exploring this realm on a variety of levels.  But it's usually a gradual thing, an interest sparked, an internal debate ensues, there will be signs and conversations, there may be gradual changes on someone's social sites, and a myriad of other signs that something is about to morph.  But with this woman, it was just out of the blue, and it left friends and coven sisters shocked.

Believe me, I wished this woman well on her new old journey, and held no animosity against her.  I was prepared to go on being friends and keep in contact because she was/is a sweet lady and one whom I enjoyed chatting with.  However, as most people do when they make a big change in their life in this department, she wound up unfriending and abandoning many of the people that she knew and had developed close and warm friendships with in her pagan life. 

Why can't people continue to be friends even though there are some major differences in certain aspects of their lives?  This I don't understand.  I have friends of many faiths.  I have friends of various political persuasion.  I have friends with polar opposite life styles.

How can someone who claimed to be your friend, who seemed to like you immensely, just one day decide to cut you off because of a shift in their spirituality?  I liked this woman when she was a pagan, and I was perfectly willing to go on liking this woman as a Christian.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Week Ahead Tarot Spread ~ Cards & Interpretations

Hello, World!... I'm going to be spending less time re-posting between Magickal Connections and Every Cat Has a Tale. This was suppose to be the blog I shared more of my Personal Stuff on, and I'm going to swing it back to that mode.  For blog posts on witchcraft and tarot, you'll have to travel on over to Magickal Connections.  And if you're not already, you might want to sign up at MC so that you'll receive an email when I post a new article.


The Week Ahead Tarot Spread ~ Interpretations

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Witch's Corner ~ October Newsletter & Video

The Witch’s Corner Newsletter ~

Video Contents ~
Court Case Spells/DUI & Consequences
Samhain Special/Talking about Black Cat Oil
Tarot Card for the Day/Cutting things out of my life
My Sedona Crystals/and my ley line experiences!
Final Footage/Hiking trail in the Grand Canyon

The Witch’s Corner ~
Court Case Spells ~
Oils, Potions, n’ Powders/more information on Black Cat Oil, scroll down! ~

In-House Readings ~ My Last Public Readings

I’ll be giving tarot readings at Next Millennium Friday, September 28th 3-7pm. This will be the last time I’m giving public tarot readings. Thank you to Next Millennium for hosting me all these years! In the future, I will be providing Audio or Video readings only, and those can be purchased at my tarot website:

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have come for readings over the past years, and especially to those of you who kept coming back!  It’s been my pleasure reading for you.

If you haven’t experienced an audio reading, visit The Tarot Parlour and give it a spin.  You’ll discover that these are a fast and easy way to obtain a uniquely personal reading.  I read for people all over the world, and through the magick of technology we’ve made some amazing tarot connections.

Blessings, Amythyst