Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Life...Right Now

Love Life...I am relishing my time with my husband Joe.  I think that people who've had to spend more of their life searching for their Soul Mate will appreciate the circumstances and the coupling more deeply when they finally make that magickal connection.  It's not something that we take for granted-- having come through several less than satisfactory relationships to get to this point, I can tell you.
Do we fight? You bet your sweet booty we do.  We're both very strong and independent individuals.  But we love each other deeply, so we don't stay angry with one another for very long, and neither of us is happy with life when anything is off kilter between us-- it makes the whole world feel slightly ajar.
And then...making up is a lot of fun. :)
I've never felt so connected to anyone in my life-- this man calls me the moment he clocks out from work, as he's on the way home; we very rarely go anywhere one without the other; he is the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see before I go to sleep at night.  When he gets home from work, in the wee hours, we will spend two or three hours talking, watching a movie-- and laughing...laughing...laughing.  (The kids must think we're nuts.)  I've never laughed so much in my life with anyone-- it is absolutely the most wonderful thing.
I would tell my daughters-- "Don't marry a man who can't make you laugh."
It's a "forever" thing, My Joe.
Work...As everyone probably knows (and is tired of hearing about), yes, I'm still working on my next book.  I've never revealed what it's about, but I'll give you a teaser now:  it's a book specifically written for women, to inspire women, to uplift women, to help women.  It is the most important close-to-my-heart project I've ever worked on and is the most important thing I've ever written.
This is a book women will read to find inspiration and empowerment; and it's a book men will read to better understand women.
And that's all I can say on this subject right now.
I would love to do more tarot readings, but in our area there just isn't a strong market for this type of thing, and readings through other means (email, phone, etc.) comes and goes in spurts, which makes it undependable as income, even though it's a lot of fun and very rewarding.
There might be other projects coming up (and some in the works), but for now, at this moment, I've got to stay focused on The Book.
Kids...This summer my oldest daughter will turn 40, and my youngest daughter will turn 14.  Isn't that amazing?  Between Joe and I, we have nine (that's 9) kids.  It makes life interesting, to say the least.  Most everyone gets along with everyone, most of the time, but we do have our trials and tribulations, just as any family will.
One just got her first car, another a Learner's Permit; some have had changes in jobs; new apartments; a new managerial position in a local store; a new job in Omaha; breakups with beaus; wedding anniversaries; cross country trips, etc., etc., etc.
We have our calm and quiet times, and then again, we'll have some life crisis going on-- never a dull moment.  They're all good kids.
I'm delighted to have discovered another lady who enjoys the ghost-busting/house blessing venture; someone who can inspire me to pick up Reiki studies where I left off and who will move me on to the next level; someone who enjoys all the marvelous spiritual paths and magickal activities out there, and who loves to learn and study.  It's also just plain fun to find a kindred spirit, a "Sister" in this big wide world.
I'm waiting for something, been waiting for something, and am now tired of waiting for something.  When it finally does dawn, I'm afraid that it will seem anti-climactic now.
I want, more than ever, to start a little tarot & tea shop, and I've actually found the perfect building, which just happens to be for sale.  But there is the question of financing.  We're still trying to recover financially from my husband's broken foot last summer and the accompanying doctor & hospital bills.  Money is still very tight right now; so in order to take on this endeavor, I would need financial backers.  I'm in the midst of mulling this one over-- the building is just so perfect!
So far, for the summer...this is my life in a nutshell.

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  1. All photos in this post are my own, (by ARH)...taken at our home, which is by the way, registered "Wild Life Habitat" with the National Wildlife Federation...better known as "Hedgewytch Hollow"