Saturday, October 4, 2014

Okay, I Take That Back

About "Premier Staffing" in Fremont, Nebraska, that is.

You might want to read what would be considered Part One of this story, including the comment that I left: And Then Again...Strike 3

I wanted to be diplomatic and kind to this agency because I thought I would be working with them to find a job in the future, and I didn't want to "burn my bridges" so to speak.  I changed my mind.  I take that back.

I've been calling this agency once a week, with no results, unless I would have been qualified to be 1) a bartender at Appleby's, or 2)  a licensed physical therapist...neither of which I'm qualified to do, just to keep things clear and in perspective.

This last week is the last time I will call the morons masquerading as an employment agency. 

I asked my usual question:  "Do you have anything in that would work for me?"

Mind you now, this is a woman that I've talked with once a week for weeks.  This is a woman I've sat across the desk from and talked to for a half hour interview.  Keep in mind that this woman knows me!

Her response, in this idiotic overly-cheerful voice:  "Oh, we got lots of things in this week!" (my heart leaps hopefully)  "Let's see, we're looking for sand blasters, and welders, and the farmers are going to be starting their harvest and they're going to be needing some help in the cornfields."

My brain froze at this point.  I still hear her voice, but it sounds as though I'm hearing it from a long distance.  She's chattering on, something about sorting corn!

Morons.  The lot of them. 

No, it's not me driving either one of these farm vehicles; and good thing too. 
The rows would definitely not be this straight!



  1. LOL, me either...........I would deliberately make crop circles :) I know what you mean about Temp. Agencies..........they had my son going to work in one place one week and another one the next week....etc. When they didn't have anything for him he would call every day as well........SOS, not today just keep calling! It must be a nationwide bunch of complete idiots that cannot do another job holding these positions! Rant over :)

    1. Apparently this agency must cater to (most likely) males and man-oriented jobs-- I know this sounds so sexist, but I don't know any women who would be (or would want to be) sand blasters, welders, or farm hands...and all there is in Fremont is a few stores and some offices, so I don't understand why they wouldn't get in any retail or clerical jobs. This part of the country is retarded-- I'm telling you, believe me or not. I feel like I'm living in The Twilight Zone--

      Okay, rant over! lol!

  2. Hi Amythyst! I love your Blogs and this is an excellent post! Good luck and Muchas Estrellas!!!!!

    1. Thank you!-- I need the luck right now-- you've know idea, no one has any idea, stress is my best buddy right now! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog posts-- that's what it's all about in the end. :)

  3. Hmmmm. I typed in a whole response and it vanished. Sigh.

    Anyway, things will work out. You're special.

  4. A Head's Up-- hit ""copy" before you answer the notorious question on here: which identity do you want to post as, because once it leads you away from the comment box, with your unborn comment just laying there, it will pop you back and snatch the comment away.