Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Confessions of a Pagan Mom~ Confession #8

Confession #8...My Facebook Foibles :)

I love to look up People-I-Haven't-Seen-In-Years. 

This has been fascinating. Remember, I'm 57, I've had a long time to meet a lot of people.  What's really maddening is when I can still see a face from the past in my mind as clearly as if no time passed at all, but I can't remember a name!  I'm also highly amused at the times I've actually sent a message to a former classmate or acquaintance, only to discover that I've been snubbed, or blocked, or both-- I find this puzzling, but the human psyche is a mystery (and apparently they're not as excited about this as I am).  I've also been absolutely delighted when a chance encounter leads to an incredible connection in the form of FB messages, and in a couple instances, a phone call and a chance to reconnect.  It's priceless.

By the way:  I could've sworn that there was a FB page for Mitchell Senior High, Class of 1975 (Mitchell, SD).  In fact, I know there was, I remember my childish delight upon it's discovery, oohing and ahing over a slew of classmates that I discovered while immersed in a happy daze of nostalgia.  I'm afraid I went slap happy messaging several of these people, my messages exuberant and expectant.  It was fascinating to see how these people had aged, some really well, some not so much (unrecognizable-- I would've passed them on the street).  And to see children (and even grandchildren!), and what they were doing now, what parts of the country they had dispersed to, ad infinitum.  However, my enthusiastic exuberance must have been too much-- this page disappeared, but not before several of my former classmates had blocked me. 

     Karen-- I really wanted to hear the story behind your photo with Paul McCartney!
     Dan-- I remember gym class with you, the last year before Gym was segregated forever between boys and girls.  We were in a race, sitting on some sort of a board with wheels-- we were partners, and I think we won!
     Randy-- first boy I ever had a crush on (Junior High), interesting.  But I would've passed you on the street without recognizing you.  Not that you aged badly, not at all, you just look totally different. 
     LaDawn-- I absolutely idolized your athletic prowess, and the incredible way you could play that ball game and beat the shit out of everyone-- you know, where the ball is attached to a pole by a rope and you have to slap it and wind it up around the pole.  I never won, and I rarely lasted more the 5 seconds, but one day you were so kind, and you played very gently with me for about five minutes so I could get the feel of it at least.
     Mike-- grade school...remember the rule?  When the bell rings to come in, you weren't suppose to throw balls, games were suppose to stop.  You broke this rule and hit me in the nose with a football.   I still owe you one, buddy.
     Jenny-- it's been a wonderful experience to connect with you!  I wish we would've found a way to do this years sooner, to break the invisible high school boundaries of cliques and popularity.  We were kindred spirits and never knew it.
     Kay-- it was a delight, our catch up phone conversation.  You have the same sweet gentle voice that I remember.
     Mr. Miles-- I bought my last horse from you, the last horse I owned before I gave them up forever to stay at home and have babies.  She was our most cherished pet, your little black mare.

I try to connect on FB with local people who are "challenging".

I'm nice-- really, I am.  So I can't quite understand why someone I actually know in real life wouldn't want to be my friend on FB.  In fact (and this sounds so conceited, but I think it's true)...I'm actually interesting, in that I do unusual things and have unusual interests.  I would think their curiosity would be peaked at least.

I've tried more than once with three ladies in this area:  Michele, Amy, & Nancy.

I find this so challenging, and I must be a glutton for punishment, or I'm just really dense, but I gave it a shot again.  We'll see what happens.  Mind you, I don't expect to be Bestest Buddies, or anything like that, but it would actually be nice in some way I can't even define to be connected with individuals within the community.  (I'm not "Typhoid Mary"-- really.  You won't catch witchcraft fever, or develop any compulsive urges to cast spells or tell fortunes, or anything like that.  It's not contagious.)

So there is Confession #8...I'm a FB stalker-- for lack of a better word.

Watch out for me!!! muahahhahahah

This is a photo of my FB page-- taken during the writing of this blog post!
Edit-- I just thought of something else!... I've been married several times, the result being I have lots of Ex's-- sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, step-children, and oodles of other connections from those families and those times.  I find it fascinating to look people up from years past and catch up by reading their facebook pages...I don't know if anyone else does this, or it's just my own weird quirk.  I don't generally try to connect with these people, but if I knew they wouldn't be offended, I could happily reconnect and shoot the breeze with any and all of them.  I think it would be interesting.  I don't hold grudges and harbor no ill feelings. (See-- I told you I was nice!)


  1. Oh my dear.............I do a lot of the same things on FB. I have tried to reconnect with many old friends and as soon as they see that I am not "like" they are anymore...........I guess they saw no reason to continue our reconnect. So sometimes we disconnect for reasons I'll never understand. You are an awesome lady Amythyst, so don't sweat the small stuff........it's their loss they didn't want to reconnect or stay connected :)

  2. Awww...thank you so much, Deb, for taking the time to leave this message-- I love that you did that. You are so right about not sweating the small stuff. I guess, as long as we feel good about our lives and where we stand in the universe and The Big Picture, everything is cool. :)