Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunday Drive (photo blog)

We just got home from our first jaunt of the year around Fremont State Lakes and some of the adjacent neighborhoods (lake homes).  We wound up our tour with chocolate ice cream cones from Runza.  I have a lot of photos of the lake taken during the "on" season-- late spring through summer; and I even have a set of beautiful winter photos of the lakes and that area; but this is the first time I've been out there this time of year-- no longer winter, but too early to really be leafed out and fresh...It's an odd "tween" time.

I don't know what these pretty lavender blossoms are but
this field is just a few blocks south of our house.

The Stump
(What is a stump doing on a sandy beach?)

Hooza!!!!...We've reached the Summit.
(on so many levels, in life, in love, in accomplishments, in experiences)

Some roads are not made of brick, and they are not yellow; but
they will lead you on just as many grand adventures.

Joe & Amythyst

There are cactus here, and I'm not sure if they are native to this area or not.
I know they are native to western Nebraska, but they look out of place here.
Never-the-less, they thrive.  I know there's a lesson here somewhere.

This photo is a study in contemplation and balance.

This is the only blossom I saw today-- an early dandelion, with a small bee in the center.


I stood on this shore and snapped several photos, trying to capture the black ducks
and the white cranes.  This is as good as it got.  It does not do them justice.

The Lock Ness Monster at Fremont State Lakes???

We got stuck at the train crossing just coming out of the lake area. 

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