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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Big O ~ Omaha NE (my photos)

Last week we had to make a morning dash into Omaha to pick up a daughter.  She had taken her younger sister to a rock concert and wound up with a flat tire.  All was okay though, the girls stayed overnight in Omaha with their big sister & brother-in-law, as they were planning to anyway.  But we had to go in the next morning and help her change her tire and retrieve her car.  I had my cell phone camera out and ready.  I love Omaha.  The energy is terrific and the city is beautiful and vibrant.
As I said, these photos were taken with a cell phone, on the move, and are completely unedited.

First stop, before we left Fremont: gas (and coffee!)...I love morning sunshine.

Headed down Douglas Street toward Old Market.  The Woodmen Tower is
is coming up on the right.

The World Herald building looming to the left.

Look into the distance...that's the bluffs you see, where the river is, and with
it the Nebraska/Iowa border.

The stoplight at 10th and Douglas...looking at the bridge that takes
you over the river into Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Old Market Area

I just caught Howard Street as we were whizzing past the intersection,
can you tell!  This is my favorite section of Old Market with some of my
favorite shops found in The Passageway, at the end of the block

Headed home, west on West Dodge Road.

A delicious pasta salad with Italian dressing that my daughter made &
sent with us.  We nibbled on it all the way home.

You can click on the pictures to make them


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