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Monday, November 2, 2015

Samhain @ Our House ~ 2015 (photos)


Welcome to our House and Samhain 2015:

We had a lovely, lively, intimate Samhain evening with the kids and family friends (a couple of whom we have unofficially adopted as our own).  The following photos are random, taken sporadically, and are completely unedited.

The Samhain Altar:
 Honoring our ancestors and family members who have passed.
My Halloween Baby:  18th Birthday!!!

The centerpiece for my table: it includes dried rose blossoms, mums snipped from my garden,
bittersweet and pinecones we picked up at the lake, and maple leaves from our yard.

The Divination Table:  I sat up a card table in the living-room this year,
instead of it's traditional location on the back porch.

Hot Dogs and Marshmallows destined for the Fire Pit.

Hot Apple Cider: my own recipe, included in my book, The Spiritual Feminist
Chili:  the traditional main dish for Samhain at our house,
also my own recipe.

The Kidz









Laura harvested her pumpkin and we weighed it:  30lbs.!
Patchouli Incense was my choice for the evening.

Until next year...Blessed Be!


(Note:  You can click on any of the photos to make them Bigger!)


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