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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Memoire: "My Face is a Little Rougher"

John's 7th Birthday...

The night before: He gives me big hugs and kisses every time I turn around. (The last time, when I'm six," he says).

This morning he is exuberant, expectant:

"I think I look a little different this morning," he says.

"My face is a little rougher," he says, rubbing his cheeks with his hands.


  1. Sounds to me like you are quite blessed. :)

  2. BTW Your Gray Witch's Grimoire is just what i was looking for...it's knowledge is laid out in just a way the is very useful, quite helpful to me. blessings.

  3. Pete...yes, I am, in so many ways. My son will be 22 this year, a solemn young man with a full beard, avid reader, super intelligent, an associates degree in computer science at 19. He's responsible in all the right ways...but some days I still miss the little boy.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the book :)

  4. Having "three" boys I too miss the "little boys"..if one looks closely , you can still see that small boy in each boy just under the surface...

  5. oops....well really they are not" boys" now..sons..men..but always "our boys"

  6. I know what you mean, NW, I still see the little boy in my grown son-- like this weekend when he went fishing for the first time in his life (at 22) and walked half way 'round the cotton pickin' lake just to show us what he caught...priceless.