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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Let's Keep the 'Christ' in Christmas"....Ummmm, Whatever

The other day, while looking for a friend here on Facebook, an old acquaintance unexpectedly popped up-- same last name, different family.  I was delighted!  I hadn't seen this person in forever; we had lived beside her parents for *Years*.  My kids considered her mother 'Grandma' at one time.  Anyway, remembering the pleasant conversations we had whenever this woman was visiting her parents, I left her one of those "Hi, long time no see, how are the folks" messages, along with a friend request (just for shits and giggles).  I went back today to discover that this woman must have blocked me out and privacied up her Facebook page, all except for one post:  "Let's keep the 'Christ' in Christmas, if you agree, repost."

Wow. I'm so amazed at the narrow-mindedness of the mid-west in the first place; how absolutely scared shitless they seem to be of anything that is not an immediate part of their world, anything outside the box, anything that is a new concept, or anything that is just plain 'different' than what they're use to.  They are all *Pussies*, sez I.
Come on, you mid-western people, grow some balls, learn some manners, discover tolerance, and start practicing some of those supposedly wonderful attributes that your Christ taught you.
PS...and here is where I transgress:  To my few Christian friends who realize that one's spiritual path is a personal choice, to my few Christian friends who show an amazing willingness to accept others without trying to change them, to my few Christian friends who have actually absorbed and fully embrace the Buddha-like teachings of their Christ-- go find this woman and throttle her for me, will ya'?

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